Thursday, January 1, 2009

T - 9: 1st jan 2009, just another day.


hey, welcome 2009!! sorry.... your welcoming party has reduced to....ONE, that is me. erkk, you caught me at a bad moment. i thought no one would come by. well, at least i am awoken by the SMSes (just SMSes), and the continuous calls from some people that i don't feel like talking to right now. oh look! it is 0000hours already!!


hear that 2009? they are celebrating you. why don't you go and join them? i don't mind being alone at home right now, really. infact, i am glad that nobody is home with me. at least i don't have to pretend to be happy. actually 2009, i think your arrival to me, is rather premature. i mean, yeah, chronologically, you are due to come. but according to my calculations, you should (or i wish you would) come a month later maybe? hehehe i know, i know it is a stupid wish, but hey, no harm in being hopeful eh?

it seems that you are catching up too fast 2009. you are a meanie you know. now, come count with me, how many days do i have left until they fly off? 10 days but technically i have a day and a half to be with them before they go. thanks 2009, because of your rush, my time has been cut short.

hmmm....this must be the only time that i am not at all in a celebration mood. infact, the plan was for me to sleep the point where the day turns over from 2008 to 2009. well, that plan faltered as we all know. ermm... are you sure you wanna stay, 2009? i mean, i could be really boring you know. i think i might just go narcoleptic on you.

ok 2009, you do what you want to do. i won't plan much this year. i will just let things fall through. my motto this year (which i hope to stick with): be contented. help yourself with whatever is in the fridge (nothing much really, most of them aren't mine. but they allow you to take if you want to). owh, you wanna toast first? awww, you are so sweet 2009. but mind, i don't take alcohol. never did. will pepsi max do? ok, cheers!!

now, let me get back to my books and maybe fall asleep while reading.

have a great year everyone.


David said...

Nice blog.. :)

redSeptember said...

thanks David. glad i made you smile today ;)