Sunday, January 11, 2009

Males, read this.

Lily Bass: "tell me something rufus"

Rufus Humphrey: "what do you want me to say?"

Lily Bass: "tell me something that you know that i want to hear"

Rufus Humprey: "i never wanted to let you go lily. but i was afraid. afraid that i couldn't give you what you want. i have always loved you"

*taken from Gossip Girl Season II. this is not the exact script but it is something like this la....

so why am i quoting the lines from GG S II? well, for one, i find this conversation rather close to home. something that i am familiar with. i remembered that i have used that line that lily said to rufus: "tell me something....something that i want to hear"

i am sure the guy is oblivious to what exactly i want to hear. there are many things that i want to hear. but looking at the situation, it does not take an Einstein to figure what is that particular "something", eh?

the words of love, the words of want, the words of need are the "somethings" that a girl want to hear from him. i know ego and awkwardness has always been building a barrier in between saying it or keeping it in. but let me tell you males out there, it is so worth it once you tell her that "something" that she wants to hear. most of the time, i can assure you that the feeling will end up being mutual. the girl is just too shy to let her feelings known, afraid that he does not feel the same. but deep inside, she is suffering to be held close to him, in his arms.

so the next time you males hear that line, ok, play around a little. prod and ask, what is it that she wants to hear. in the end, if you love her / like her / need her, let me let you in a little secret: just effing tell her already.....

would you rather take the risk and put your heart out on a platter or would you rather loose her without even trying?


uShop said...

sy maybe kelihatan serius [iye ke??], but i'm proud to say, sy x perlu tunggu si dia tanye sy soklan itu..
kalau hati sudah mahu, mengapa nk melayan ego lagi kn Red?? heheh xD

redSeptember said...

betul ushop. i agree....

so, betul la ushop ada gf kan kan kan? hheheh tere arr REd kekekek

as for me, still here, still waiting. ;)