Wednesday, January 21, 2009

condolences and Al-Fatihah

as usual, while i was doing my evening routine, i hooked myself on "kisah pagi di era" was on. at first i thought it was a made up story. thank God there was a repeat on the story. i want to share this with all of you.

one day, while daniel haziq, a standard 6 school boy was alighting from his school van, he fell off the van and sustained some injury. i wasn't clear of what exactly that he sustained. but whatever it was, he needed to be hospitalized for a few hours at the A&E department. on that day too, his mum was driving through puncak alam when she met with a terrible accident. her other 2 children was with her as well. one who is 10 years old, and the other, i am not sure of the child's age.

the accident was so terrible that the car burst into flames, killing the mother and one of the child that was trapped inside the car. the 10 years old child, thank God, was thrown out of the car when the accident occured.

imagine, all these happened in ONE day.

i don't know who are these people. but what i do know is that the lost and the pain is so great for anyone to take.

so let us all be in a moment of silence and recite the Al-Fatihah for the late wife and child of encik kamarulzaman.

currently, daniel haziq is out of the hospital but his father has not the heart to tell him what the situation is right now. they are going through the funeral slowly and letting daniel and his other surviving sibling understand the situation in their own time.

my heart goes out to them.

may the mother and the other child be placed amongst the ones that are most loved by God.


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