Thursday, January 22, 2009

where is my hand?

i woke up this morning and it felt weird. i was lying on my right side. i was trying to move my right hand, to click on the laptop. but i couldn't, worse of all, it felt like as if my right upper limb was gone!

in the dark, my left hand was feeling for my right arm. did i shed an arm while i was asleep, or did someone chop it off me? i almost scream in the dead of morning until i finally found my right arm.

thank God, it was still attached to where it was supposed to be attached.

but it was numb. from the shoulder to the tip of the fingers. my left hand can feel that it was holding my right arm, but my right arm was like a piece of log, no sensation at all, no movement at all. it was as if i had a phantom limb, trying my level best to move something that can't be moved.

see, that is my problem. when i sleep, i am a sound sleeper. i don't move much, i don't snore. i sleep like as if i were dead. this is bad actually because it impedes my blood circulation, especially where the pressure areas are. so, many times at night, i will wake up mainly due to the ischemic pain that i feel, and then i will change my position. less than 2 hours later, repeat.

the advantage is, i can share a single bed with nana. i'll be at the same side and same position most of the time, while she'll be swimming back and forth on the bed. that is why i always sleep with her when we are on hols.

i hope i don't literally loose my limb due to this sleeping still habit of mine.


Mighty Jacksparrow said...

conventional heat treatment should do. apply heat and avoid prolong pressure on the arm. couldn't be CTS so it might just be RSI.

redSeptember said...

can't be CTS as the numbness starts from my shoulders and there weren't any pressure or swelling of the wrist.

can't be RSI either as it is not a repetitive movement that i do everyday.

it is just too long pressure at one area/position.

conventional heat treatment is useful if the numbness still persists after the pressure was alleviated.

in my case, after i moved myself, the numbness started to ebb away.

thanks maiti!

alhaqimi said...

huhu... kerap sgt tulis blog kot :P

Mighty Jacksparrow said...

could be something to do with the pipeline. go check it out.