Saturday, January 10, 2009

MUHIBBAH = get together

i just arrived from sungai petani. the day passed by me in a rush. no, let me rephrase, in a blur actually. from the beginning, until dinner at MUHIBBAH SEAFOOD RESTAURANT, i wasn't sure if the day was just another bad dream or reality. but i finally realized that i wasn't sleeping when it hit me: this dinner is actually a farewell dinner. something that i was hoping to occur not too soon, but it has already passed.

i have been eyeing and curious about this restaurant since the day that i first saw it, that was the day that i first came back to our new house in TTDI. yeah, yeah, go confuse yourself, "like how many new homes does her family have?". the answer is 2: one here for me and my sis to stay while we finish our studies, and one in Wien for the rest to start a new chapter in our future lives.

my curiosity was killed that night. it was a tasty murder, i would say. the set up of the resto is very typical chinese seafood resto style. but mind, it is HALAL. the style of cooking is mainly chinese style with some addition of thai style, namely the tom yum.

i could see many families or groups of friends were having their dinner there. it is a family-friendly resto as patrons are seen comfortable with the owners as well as the waiters. kids are given particular attention, and they are very accomodating to special needs (i.e. high chair, spacious area around table for families with kids).

pott and narisha joined us that night. we haven't even ordered when pott and mama started a "debate" on work-related stuffs (read: the HR manager vs the creative director). narisha didn't say much, while nana and i zoned ourselves into our little private conversation. when the "debate" almost reached its climax, we were saved, not by the bell, but by the watress. phew~~

caution: these pictures contain elements that will make you drool. be sure to keep a tissue box near you while browsing through.

steamed senangin with garlic (my order)

standard must-have at a seafood resto: buttered prawns (pott's order)

another standard must-have: kangkung belacan (mama's order)

not-so-standard, but super delish: beef with ginger and spring onion (shad's order)

steamed tofu with oyster sauce (nana's order)

chicken cashew nut (narisha's order. she does not take seafood that much and plus she loves chicken)

drool much? yeah, i thought so....

so, if you ever come by to the resto which is in LORONG RAHIM KAJAI 14, TTDI, let me know yeah. maybe you can stop over at my place and have dessert? seriously, i can see people dining at the resto from our balcony. that is disturbingly near ;)

sedap tak?: 4/5 (sedap giloss~~)

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