Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Shame on you KDU!

I went to the SCHOOL OF HOSPITALITY, TOURISM, AND CULINARY ARTS of KOLEJ DAMANSARA UTAMA, today and expected them to be full of courtesy as they are educating people to be in the line that has a lot to do with dealing with people. But the kind of reception that I had duly received today was so off, I thought I had mistakenly walked into a jail house where all the people working in there are just so damn vile ( I wouldn't actually know but I assumed so after watching Lady Gaga's "Telephone").

The School's admin and its examination division is just side by side. But they do not COMMUNICATE with each other AT ALL! When I went into the school, the receptionist said: "I don't know, we don't deal with this. Go ask next door", while she sat her fat ass on her chair. And after awhile, when I had to deal with her again, to see someone that I have no idea how she looks like, the receptionist was in such a hurry to go out to lunch to feed herself so that her fat ass gets fatter, that she just told me off to go into the office and ask someone else.

I did a little runaround and they tested my patience, yes they did. But my Ma did not teach me to be rude. So, I complimented their hostility with a smile and good manners.

They should be rightly name as SCHOOL OF HOSTILITY, TAUNTS, and CUNT ARTS.

In the dark

The notice has been up for a few days but only today that it dawned on me: we are going to be in the dark for a solid 11 hours on Sunday, July 4th 2010.

The WHOLE of Taman Tun Dr Ismail will be cut off from electrical supply from 8am-7pm.

Any idea where i should be heading to spend my Sunday?

The hospital perhaps? Gawwwssshhhh!!! I need to get a life!

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Was surprised to read that the floods has gone to Singapore's high-end shopping district.

Can't imagine buying a tux from Mossimo Dutti, that is covered in mud and gunk.

But what surprises me most, is the fact that Singapore is supposed to have the best of everything. Which means, they should have the best drain system and that their drains are not clogged with crap because they are the most clean country in Asia or something like that.

Thank God we had our trip day a month before :)

No smoking

In the pursuit to make Malaysia a non-smoking nation, the Ministry of health Malaysia has come up with this poster.

When I first saw this poster, I was doing my Community Medicine posting. I felt really disturbed when I saw this poster. Instead of trying to read the prints, I was thinking to myself: "Is there a freak show circus going on this town that features this creature?"

I didn't think at all to read that the poster was how a human's body could end up after many years of smoking.

And when Little Aleya saw this poster in the hospital the other day she asked me:
"Ni manusia ke apa ni? (Is this human or what?)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I was driving on the way back from hospital today after a long rather busy day and I rolled down the windows and blasted the radio on, just to release some steam. As usual, the stations are always full of blahs rather than real music that could sooth a soul.
But I kept my patience for the songs to be finally played after some time.

At one point, one of the local radio stations were reading out some of the highlights of the news today. I don't usually listen to news, neither do I to those snippets. But one particular topic seemed to have catch my attention, although I was on the verge of slipping into a coma while listening to the snippets.

Apparently, according to some Malay Language Office (or whatever), it is RUDE to call your superior that you work with in the office, "BOSS". So, what do you address that particular person as actually?

Your Highness, perhaps?

Mental note: start calling my specialist DUDE, from tomorrow on (and see how far does that bring me, eh?)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Call me conservative, I don't care

Saw this in OneUtama shopping mall. it is at the topmost floor in its new wing.

Really? This is allowed now?

What has Malaysia come to now?

Who are we to judge?

"Buat baik biar selalu, buat jahat jangan sekali"

Recently, I got an opportunity to join the Soup Kitchen organized by YMP and Pertiwi. I volunteered myself as a helper in giving out food to the homeless around some specific points in KL. The task wasn't that hard, but what the eyes see, is rather unbearable.

I am one of the lucky people to have a roof over my head and food whenever i need them. So, when I see the homeless, sleeping along the corridor, my heart just goes out to them. Although you might see them all dressed up, clad in clean clothes, carrying handbags and all, yet, they are homeless, and definitely in need of food.

Of course, they are not all locals. There are also foreigners that come around to get food from us. I don't blame them. Having traveled very far from homeland, they might have been conned or something, and now they are stranded and without a single cent in their pockets, what can they do for food?

Yes, you might day, these people, some of them look well and fit enough to work. But the stigma that is overwhelming our community is that these people might be drug addicts, prostitutes, they might be HIV positive, they might steal from you and all, therefore, they are not hired for work, any work at all. It is not that they don't want to work. Some of them really do, it is just that they weren't given the chance

It is unfair for us to judge them. They are in need of help and we should help. Just imagine, God forbids, if one day this kind of things happen to us, who will help us? Who can we depend on?

So, as long as we can help, just do that, help.

Hanya Tuhan yang lebih mengetahui


Kaulah Segalanya Lyrics


Mungkin hanya Tuhan
Yang tahu segalanya
Apa yang ku inginkan
Di saat-saat ini...
Kau takkan percaya
Kau selalu di hati
Haruskah ku menangis
Untuk mengatakan yang sesungguhnya...

*Kaulah segalanya untukku
Kaulah curahan hati ini
Tak mungkinku melupakan mu
Tiada lagi yang ku harap
Hanya kau seorang
Kau takkan percaya
Kau selalu di hati
Haruskah ku menangis
Untuk mengatakan yang sesungguhnya...

*Kaulah segalanya untuk ku
Kaulah curahan hati ini
Tak mungkin ku melupakan mu
Tiada lagi yang ku harap
Hanya kau seorang

*Kaulah segalanya untuk ku
Kaulah curahan hati ini
Tak mungkin ku melupakan mu
Tiada lagi yang ku harap
Hanya kau seorang

Thursday, June 10, 2010

No wonder you are lonely.

Have you wonder why people just don't acknowledge your presence anymore? Do you ever feel that people just don't love you as much as when you a bubbly little girl who will just snuggle up to anyone for comfort.

Please don't wonder anymore. Because it is clear that people didn't change, but you did. You became oblivious what does living in a community means. You think your friends are there and that is enough. But do think again. They might be around just because you are living the life, and not because they truly want to be your friend.

Anyway, what were you thinking when you were caught up in your own world, listening to God knows what, while everyone else, even the younger ones were wishing for only good things to happen? Oh, let me guess. You must think it is cool do be hooked on your gadget that, by the way, everyone else has it too. Or you might think it is cute and adorable to be the odd one out?

Dude, you are so damn rude, I could easily find your name under the definition of RUDE.

Sunday, June 6, 2010


I spotted this button in a shop in One Utama. If my mind serves me well, the shop is called BONITA.

And they sell these kind of buttons, that I think personally, is religiously incorrect. Is being an atheist such a trend now that believing in the existence of God is a tagline in jokes?

The shop also carries buttons that uses the word "FUCK" on it in BOLD letters.

OMG, what has it come to now?

Saturday, June 5, 2010

We are here for you....

To get the news last night, was like jumping in ice cold water. A shock that can't be settled, a news that can't be fathom, a life that is changed forever.

No wonder you have been quiet lately. No wonder you have not been as cheery as you were before. I thought you were tired. I thought you have changed, morphed into a different person living in your own cocoon. OMG, I am so wrong.

Now that I know you are carrying a heavy burden on your shoulders, I feel bad for thinking the thoughts that had no evidence. I am sorry. But don't you worry, we are all here for you, praying for you, willing for you to recover as soon as the next sunrise.

We love you and hope that our love is enough to keep you strong to go through this.

As the late MJ would say, and I quote: "You are not alone"

Friday, June 4, 2010

Saya mahu!!!

Semalam saya jalan2 di The Curve dan saya lalu kedai buaya darat tu (CROCS) dan saya nampak sesuatu yang saya nak sangat.....

Kasut CROCS limited edition for world cup. Saya mahu yang Brazil punya!!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

How to lose a client in one sentence

I must admit, I am a sucker for anything that is either free or on promotion.

So I was watching Astro and then I saw that New York Skin Solutions was doing a promotion. They ask us to SMS our name and we will get a free treatment. Of course I want it. The active word there is FREE! So, I SMSed my name and waited for their call. Eventually they did call me and we set up an appointment for me today.

Happily, I went there. It was a really good facial treatment, I could really see the difference. And of course, nothing is ACTUALLY free in this world. After my session, the supervisor was coaxing me into paying for further treatments and stuffs. Even gave me a students' price and package. I was really roped into taking the offer but obviously, as someone who is currently not earning for herself, I need to consult Ma, who will undoubtedly be paying :P

And that Bitch of a consultant, I think her name is Stacy, this was what she said to me: "Why you have to ask your mother. You cannot make decision on your own is it?"

Hey Bitch, I am not earning and she is paying for my life right now. Unless you want to pay for me, then you can say that. Or else, shut that fake face of yours.

New York Skin Solutions at the Curve has no manners at all and no customer satisfaction!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Keep on waiting....

This guy fell asleep while waiting for his girlfriend.

Let it be a thousand years
I will wait for you

Let it be a million years
I will wait for you

Let it be forever
I will still wait for you

Because I believe
When something is fated to happen
Waiting is just a mere task
A task so trivial
That in the end
I won't feel the wait

All I will feel is you

All I ever want is you

All I ever need is you

Just wait.


p/s: saje je....

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Menggedik di Menara Alor Setar

Kalau aku tak silap la kan, aku rasa ini adalah bangunan yang tertinggi di Kedah. Tapi apa yang sedih tu, menara ni, kalau susun aku barang 25 kali secara meningkat, mungkin akan menjadi lebih tinggi dari menara ni.

Tapi apa yang best pasal menara ni, tiap2 petang, tempat ni akan menjadi tempat bersantai untuk kawan2, couple2, and family. Kiranya it is a family-oriented place la.

Dan juga, sekarang ni Jabatan Belia dan Sukan Kedah memang aktif dalam mengadakan macam2 aktiviti di seluruh kedah. Salah satu darinya adalah mempromosi kesihatan. Jadi team aerobics bawah bimbingan Aunty Kim akan beraerobics pada setiap petang sabtu di kaki menara tersebut.

Cuba teka siapa paling muda kat situ?