Monday, August 31, 2009


one of the pictures that i got via mms from SL.

thank you roz, kings, and jenna

yesterday, i was invited by these 3 lovely ronggengs of mine to go to a meet, where young muslims gather and talk about anything and everything. roz and i were late to arrive, jenna and kings got there first. as soon as we arrived, asar was done while waiting for the others to come. right before we head for downstairs, roz said to me:

"alia, you should be thankful that nothing major happened to any of you during the accident. you should thank Allah that you are still alive. you should think, why Allah still wants you to live. what is it that you must do, what is your task as a khalifah. think about it alia and just be thankful. everything has it's hikamah"

we went downsstairs to see more people had joined us for the meet. yes, the guy sitting on the chair is an ustaz, he really does not look like one.... :). we were talking abd discussing about surahs in the Qur'an and about being a khalifah in this world.

i learned something during the meet and i thank God that i attended it.

reading surah Al-Kahf (XVIII) will calm your emotions when you are troubled by something. as soon as i can, i will read it. i need to be calm, i need to let it go but not forget it, as this is a lesson for me.


Sunday, August 30, 2009

the second coming (part III)

i was still standing in the rain. i saw the police running from the other side of the road. i turned my back away from them, facing the divider that i hit. staring at it, wondering all the "what if"s. then suddenly....


another accident occured, just about 20m away from where we were. a bus hit a car perpendicularly on the driver's side. we were all in shock, me, my frens, the onlookers, everyone. the traffic was building up. still no sign of the ambulance. people got busy. some trying to held the other victims of the second accident, some trying to mobilize the passengers of the bus to another bus, some trying to manage the traffic. i was just there, looking, staring at the whole incident. it is like i was in a movie, where all these accidents are done by stuntmen, well-coordinated and no injuries. but this is not a movie, this was real.

the traffic got slower, more and more incoming vehicles clogging the highway. the sound of an ambulance could now be heard. but of course, it took some time for them to reach us. as soon as the ambulance came, we alerted the paramedics that she had sustained a broken clavicle. the paramedic made a triangular sling and put it on her. we took her out of the car and moved her to the ambulance. unloaded our belongings from the car and some of went with her, some of us went with the other car that was there to help me through this.

on the way to the hospital, i looked ahead, not blinking at all. even the tow-guy was trying to talk to me. i remained silent. still in shock. as soon as we reached the hospital, everyone registered to get themselves checked, except for me, i went to a quiet corner and waited for mama's call. as soon as i heard her angelic voice again, i cried.

~there's always a silver lining in each cloud. we must learn to see it~

it is 3 days post accident. i am getting more stabilized emotionally. my body aches because of the accident and i am running an intermittent fever due to the cold.

i should be ok, insya'Allah.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

under the rain (part II)

as i stared at her, motionless at first, then finally coming to when we called her, my mind went blank. yes, my mind just went blank. i talked to her, told her to stay put and closed the car door. took out my phone and the first person that i called was mama, the wings that i can never be away from.

i couldn't control myself. i was panicking, i know, i shouldn't have. i thought i was talking, but instead, she said that i was blabbering incoherent sentences that she can't understand. i didn't even realize i was doing that. i was standing under the rain, with only a layer or clothing on my back. i didn't bring any clothes with me,as i was going home. as i was pacing back and forth down the stretch of the road, the chill hit my bones. 2 of the other passengers were with me, under the rain. one of them went back in the car, one of them stayed with me.

onlookers started gathering at the side of the road. some helping, some giving ideas, some handling the traffic, most of them, they are just there, doing what they do best, ONLOOKING. we tried to call for an ambulance and also the police. as the phone lines got busy, i saw a police on his bike. i was waving frantically for him to stop, but he didn't. mama had told me to call 999, which i did. i told them exactly where we were and i thought, i seriously thought that they are going to call in the nearest ambulance and send one to us, but instead, this was what i heard....

"hold on ya miss, i am putting you through to the ambulance"


i waited a good 5 mins on the phone. no ambulance!!! i hung up. the onlookers called for an ambulance. my friends are still in the car, trying to make sure that she is as comfortable as she can. we called our ortho doc, they called their parents, called their people to tell them of the situation and to come and fetch them. i was looking for the PLUS emergency phone booth. i even wanted to run the stretch to make the emergency phone call. but there was no sign anywhere that says that the booth is anywhere near. so, i stayed put. urging the onlookers to help call as many ambulance as they can and wait for the very first to come.

i stood under the rain. scared. cold. guilt-ridden. the perfect cocktail of misery. mama keeps on calling to calm me down. WYY came and hugged me. SL did the same. but my panic was adamant. it stayed put. it didn't want to budge. although my mind was blank to think of the right things to do at that moment, the images of the split-second incident still ran clear like a frame-by-frame movie stills.

as i was waiting under the rain and intermittently checking on her, more and more onlookers parked themselves by the road. the rain got heavier. i got colder, all drenched with rainwater. my fren loaned me his jacket, which helped to wan off the cold that was biting my bones. the wait for the ambulance seemed so long. the tow people were already around to help.

as soon as the police arrived (God knows who called them), something else happened, all in the span of about 30mins from the time our accident occured.


i'm sorry (part I)

R-day + 5: the day that my life went spinning to oblivion.

“alia, hari ni I dengar you jadi pilot, betul ke?”

“hehehe… yeah. we are all driving back in my car”

I was eagerly waiting to get back to KL. we were [mirically] granted a very long (read: 5 days) weekend. that is like almost close to paradise in the life of medical students. especially clinical medical students in AIMST.

the journey started at 5pm, right after class. before I started the journey, mama had called and told me to be careful while driving and also to check all the necessaries before I began my journey. it was raining, rather heavily. I went to the pump and filled up the tank, and asked the very helpful people at the pump station to help me with the checking since I am not very versed in car language (read: I just know how to drive). as soon as that was done, I went to fill in the air for the tyres. everything was checked, everything in order, everything was ready. all I need now are my passengers and a 4 hours stretch of road to get me from SP to KL.

it was still raining. continuously. some stretch heavy, some stretch super heavy. but I was not driving fast, I can’t. I must be responsible for my passengers. since it was raining, one of the passengers wanted to make a toilet break. so after missing one stop area, we made a stop at the Juru rest area. everyone suddenly wanted to go to the toilet, except for me, which I thought was kind of weird cause I was cold and usually, I’d go. but I didn’t. I waited outside the car. I waited under the rain. they told me to get in the car, but I refused. I don’t even know why. I just wanted to stand outside and look at the car. I was just staring at the passenger’s window. nothing on my mind, nothing at all.

as soon as everyone was done, we continued our journey. the rain wasn’t letting up. everyone was settled after the toilet break, everyone was just joking about the ETA.

“don’t worry, we’ll be there by 10-ish pm”, I said.

“yeah, that’d be just nice”

“or maybe 9pm” someone joked, I can’t quite remember who.

“or if you want, I can try 8…heheheh”, I joked back.

“ no, alia, take your time….”, she sounded serious.

“I know, I know…. I can’t drive fast also”

I was just driving straight. the passengers that were happily chatting suddenly became quiet, all of them, all at the same time. my eyes were on the road. my mind was concentrating on the rain. then suddenly……

we hit a pool of water, yes, WATER!! the car swerved at first and I tried to stabilize the steering wheel. but the power steering got the better of me. it went back the other way and we moved from one lane to the other. with both hands trying to still stabilize the steering wheels, which was actually pointless at that time, my eyes are open, my ears are clear. all I heard was screaming. all I saw was a spinning road. we hit the divider on the left side of the road. thank God for the divider, if not, we would have fallen into the drain. the impact from the divider made the car bounced back on the road and spun 360d, several times. I wasn’t counting. but who was?

until finally, it stopped. the time suddenly stopped, to me at least.

the first thing I remembered saying was “I’m sorry, I am so so sorry”, which I know was meaningless. sorry is so not going to cure anything. without thinking, I straight away opened my door and ran into the street, I didn’t think about the oncoming cars, I just wanted to check the passengers. everyone was in shock, obviously. but the most critical one was her. she laid there motionless at first, I remembered seeing her that way, so fragile.


Thursday, August 27, 2009

tiga dara pingitan

orang dulu-dulu, pakai baju bulu-bulu.

orang zaman kini, pakai baju berbikini.

orang masa depan, pakai kain kafan.

nota kaki ayam: langsung tak masuk akal peribahasa ni. ini la akibat terlalu bosan di department radiology.

Monday, August 24, 2009

from a grandpa to a grandson

grandson: "grandpa, were you a hero in the war?"

grandpa: "no, grandpa wasn't a hero, boy. but i served in a company of heroes"

Major Richard 'Dick' Winters
Band of Brothers

P/s: i strongly recommend watching this original HBO series. i have watched it close to 7 times, the whole series, and yet, i always feel the emotions at the end of the series.

makan daun-daun dan bunga-bunga

R-day + 2:

dah la ngantuk, posting kat radiology department serupa macam posting kat atas katil, sangat bosan. lagi2 bulan ramandhan ni, tak banyak patient yang datang untuk buat pengimejan diagnostic because some of the procedures require them to drink or put some kind of liquid in their bodily orifices (not in a bad way ok).

so, the doc gave us some films to look at. while we were analyzing some of the films....


i retreated to the back of the group in pain. this is a normal thing for me. yes, i suffer from gastritis and it is amazing how for all these years that i have been fasting, i survived the attacks. yes, now that my stomach lining is thinning (that was the result of the last endoscope), the pain is much much more excruciating. memang kawan2 dah risau, dah suruh aku berbuka. siap saras quoted from the Qur'an lagi (yes, masa kat sekolah dulu, dia duduk dalam klass agama islam sebab she was the only non-muslim in her class), "kalau memudaratkan, diharuskan untuk berbuka". ceeeyyy....

aku cakap, takpe... takpe... i can still hold it. dalam diam2, ganesan berbicara dalam bahasa tamil dan di-direct translation oleh saras kepada aku: "kesian alia, dah la dia ni jenis makan daun2 dan bunga2. mesti la gastric kan?"


ada rupa zirapah ke aku neh??

Sunday, August 23, 2009

petang petang

R(ramadhan)-Day + 1:

i wasn't in the best of health today. it was basically raining almost the whole day. so, i stayed in. didn't even go for my jog in the evening. i finished reading one of my novels which was due to be read. now, i am into the second one. while i was reading, that was around 1730hrs, i fell asleep....

and as soon as i woke up...


my Chokia showed '7.26'. i wasn't sure whether it is AM, or PM. but i was thinking AM and i was like, whoa!!! i slept the whole night, and to continue fasting for more than 24hrs? way too cool!!!

but when my senses got to me, i realized that it was 1926hrs, just in time for break fast.

lagi sekali, kurang markah puasa. petang-petang dah nak buka pun mau mencarut mulut neh...


Saturday, August 22, 2009

pagi pagi buka periuk

seriously, i almost did that pagi tadi.

maklumla, aku dah terlalu biasa ngan rutin: bangun pagi, buat breakfast, makan, siap, then pergi hosp.

pagi tadi aku terjaga dalam pukul 10am then aku terus nak ke dapur nak buat breakfast. perut macam lapar.

sekali aku terkata: dabel-yu-ti-eff!!

nasib baik tak terbatal puasa.

tapi, kurang markah dari 100% la sebab pagi2 dah mencarut neh....


Thursday, August 20, 2009

of all the places for this to happen....

this picture was taken in the HSAH library, i repeat LIBRARY.

can you see the mistake? i have seen this mistake since i first stepped foot in this library about 2 years back. and i can't believe that until now, nothing has been done to correct it. or maybe, they think that is the correct label there?? and i was wondering, what kind of sports do you do in the library?

well, this is one of the many evidence that learning in ENGLISH is vital. especially that math and science debate that got everyone boiling. don't you now agree that those should also be thought in english so as to avoid all these petty mistakes?

well, my english is not that perfect either but please, this mistake is so gross!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

kalau macam tu, ramai juga orang yang nak kena kuarantin sebab ech-wan-en-wan ni. mau banjir hospital dengan pesakit nanti.

tadi masa tengah tunggu doctor untuk buat ductography kat seorang patient, kedengaran satu pengumuman dari PA system hospital. pengumuman tu adalah info tentang H1N1 dan tanda2 awal yang kita patut berhati2.

yang paling aku tak boleh tahan tu, part dia kata:

"jika anda mempunya tanda-tanda berikut seperti.... bla bla bla bla bla.... berkelakuan aneh... bla bla bla bla...."

adakah maksud dia buang tebiat?

aku gelak takleh control punya. ada patient ke takde patient ke. adoiyayy....

aku, suami orang, dan dot dot dot

ok, tajuk topic sangat panas ok.... tak gitu?

anyway, bukan apa. aku bukan orang ketiga, dan aku bukan perampuk suami orang. tak main arr...

ceritanya begini, pagi tadi ketika aku berjalan ke arah toilet favourite aku, dengan tujuan untuk membuang ayaq kecik, bak kata orang2 di sini, aku ternampak dia. sangat happy ok aku, tapi aku tak tunjuk kat muka aku la yang aku teruja tengok dia. bukan apa, dah lama aku tak nampak dia.

tiba2 masa bagaikan terhenti....ceeewaaahhh... sangat drama neh! kami berborak panjang. borak yang kosong aja, bagaikan ais kosong yang aku tak jadi nak order masa aku makan kat ananda bhavan hari tu. dia tanya kenapa aku senyap sekarang. bukan aku tak nak bercakap, aku bz. dia kata dia suka tgk aktiviti2 yang aku libatkan diri. dia kata aku sangat berbeza. iye, aku mengaku, bila aku bekerja, aku beza, bila aku diluar, aku beza, secara luaran, tapi hakikatnya, aku hanyalah satu. takde multiple personality maupun personality disorders yang sedang di alami oleh orang2 yang berkenaan.

pada waktu yang lain dalam hari yang sama, aku pergi menghadirkan diri pada suatu demonstrasi. sila amik perhatian, ini bukanlah demonstrasi politik ye, aku tak amik port pasal tu semua. ini adalah demonstrasi alatan yang digunakan. tiba sesi berinteraksi, dia memanggil nama aku. seperti biasa, nama aku memang dia suka panggil. aku tak perasan ok. kalau kau tak caya, kau tanya la orang2 yang berada bersama aku.

owh.... indahnya.....


ok ok, balik pada realiti. bukan la aku ada apa2 ngan dia, cuma aku look up to him la sebab dia tere sangat dalam bidang dia and dia sangat tak kedekut ilmu dan sangat selamba and simple. seriously, tak ke korang rasa kagum ngan orang macam ni?

well, i do...

owh, you are so wrong....

seriously, i wouldn't think that you'd stoop so low.

but, dabel-yu-ti-eff you know. as the song said, I will survive....

At first I was afraid
I was petrified
I kept thinking
I could never live without you by my side
But then I spent so many nights
Just thinking how you'd done me wrong
And I grew strong
I learned how to get along
So now you're back
From outer space
I just walked in to find you here
Without the look upon your face
I should have changed my f-ing lock
I would have made you leave your key
If I'd have known for just one second
You'd be back to bother me

Oh now go,
Walk out the door
Just turn around now
You're not welcome anymore
Weren't you the one who tried to break me with desire
Did you think I'd crumble
Did you think I'd lay down and die
Oh no, not I
I will survive
As long as I know how to love I know I'll be alive
I've got all my life to live
I've got all my love to give
I will survive
I will survive
Yeah, yeah

It took all the strength I had
Just not to fall apart
I'm trying hard to mend the pieces
Of my broken heart
And I spent oh so many nights
Just feeling sorry for myself
I used to cry
But now I hold my head up high
And you see me
With somebody new
I'm not that stupid little person still in love with you
And so you thought you'd just drop by
And you expect me to be free
But now I'm saving all my loving
For someone who's loving me

Oh now go,
Walk out the door
Just turn around now
You're not welcome anymore
Weren't you the one who tried to break me with desire
Did you think I'd crumble
Did you think I'd lay down and die
Oh no, not I
I will survive
As long as I know how to love I know I'll be alive
I've got all my live to live
I've got all my love to give
I will survive
I will survive
Yeah, yeah

Monday, August 17, 2009

mooooo..... kau dengar tak bunyi lembu tu?

hari tu, lepas interview entrepreneur kat jalan sekerat, aku dan geng aku pun berangkat ke ananda bhavan, kedai makan india kat jalan ntah apa ntah, aku pun tak tahu. aku punya tahan perut hari tu pasal nak makan roti naan dan ayam tandoori kat AB malam tu. mengikut kata kawan2 aku, the tandoori chicken and roti naan di sana memang THE BOMB!!

sesampai kat kedai, aku pun order apa aku nak. minum pun air limau ais kurang manis, nak budget la juga kan. kang minum air kosong, tak standard pulak. si arul kawan aku neh, dia memang suka dairy products. macam2 minuman ke, makanan ke, yang dibuat dari susu lembu, dia memang pasti akan lahap punya. jadi, sebagai minuman dia untuk malam tu, dia order susu lembu segar.

dia suruh aku rasa, aku pun rasa la. mmm.... got milk? sedap juga la susu segar ni. pastu arul dok cerita la yang kat belakang kedai AB tu, derang ada bela lembu. so, bila customer nak, derang akan perah susu lembu tu freshly from the cow, panaskan susu tu untuk bunuh bacteria and serve it straight away to the customer. aku punya la tak percaya. aku rasa dia nak kelentong aku. siap dia soh aku bet lagi, kalau betul ada lembu kat belakang kedai AB tu, aku kena belanja satu table (mind, satu table tu ada 5 orang, makan pun boleh tahan). kalau tak, aku punya makan, derang belanja. mula2 aku dah nak amik bet tu, tapi bila arul macam dah nak panggil anne yang kerja kat AB tu and nak tanya pasal lembu tu, aku dah mula cuak. mau kopak poket aku kalau aku kalah bet. aku tak amik bet tu, aku yakin, memang ada lembu kat belakang kedai AB.

itu adalah 2 bulan lepas.

weekend lepas, masa encik tetamu aku datang, aku bawa dia pergi makan kat AB. punya la risau dia yang tempat tu tak halal. adoiyayy encik, takkan la aku nak bawa kamu pergi makan tempat tak halal kott. chillex lerr... so, anyway, lupakan kisah tu. aku pun cerita kat encik pasal apa yang arul cerita kat aku, pasal lembu tu. encik punya la gelak kat aku, kononnya aku kena tipu la apa la. aku cakap mana ada, memang iye, ada lembu kat belakang ni, derang bela untuk susu segarnya. encik pun ngada2 perli aku: "eh, awak dengar tak?"

REd: "apa?"

encik: "bunyi lembu"

REd: "blah la!!"

lepas makan, kami pun pulang. aku masih yakin kat belakang kedai AB tu ada lembu.


hari ini: pergi town ngan geng baru, tapi arul masih ada dalam geng tu. aku pun buka mulut tanya budak2 lain, betul ke ada lembu kat belakang kedai AB tu.

memang jadi bahan gelak la aku tadi.

jaga kau arul!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

i have it, do you?

faith: believing in something without evidence

some might call it ridiculous, some might call it stupid. but i call it courageous to have such strong belief on something that is physically not there.

so, i am NOT that ignorant.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

kalau nak perut kempis, sila pergi tengok filem SETEM. tak payah nak bayar ribu2 kat sendayu tinggi. betul neh!

pernah tak dengar yang orang kata that laughing is a good excercise for the abdomen? tak pernah? well, sekarang korang dah tau kan, sebab aku bagitau ni kan.... tak caya? ok, baca ni.

ok... sila angkat kaki sesiapa yang ada perut boroi atau dipanggil dengan nama manja Roy, yang sebenarnya bukan sebab nama itu manja tetapi anda telah kerap kali ditanya, "bila engkau due?", sedangkan anda adalah seorang lelaki. sila... sila... jangan memalu (sambil angkat kaki belah kiri sendiri).

kelmarin, aku memang la bz tahap tan sri najib tun razak (alah, dia bukannyer bz pun, berlakon je tu). kejap2 aku pergi campus, kejap2 aku balik rumah, kejap2 kang aku pergi balik campus. kenapa aku berbuat kerja sedemikian? sebab aku ada 2 presentations, aku ada tetamu, aku ada translation, dan obviously, aku ada fun untuk dienjoy. so, lepas aku habis semua perkara kat campus, aku pun ajak la tetamu aku untuk pergi tengok wayang. sebenarnya nak tengok GI Joe, seperti yang dijanjikan. tapi, lepas dah tengok waktu movie kat internet, we decided to watch SETEM first, then maybe later tengok GI Joe. tapi bila sampai kat mall (kalau kat sini, central square tu dikira mall la ye. kalau kat KL central square tu orang panggil tahap kedai runcit je), kami beli tiket untuk SETEM je dulu. GI Joe, pending. sebab nak pergi pasar malam la konon lepas tengok movie tu.

mula2 macam skeptical juga la. sebab panggung pun tak ramai orang. we were like "eh, tak best ke apa? takde orang neh??". but as soon as the movie started, people start piling in.

aku tak pernah pun tengok trailer movie ni. cuma masa tu, aku nampak poster dia kat one utama and then, eliea ada mention nak tengok movie ni. tapi tak sempat nak tengok while i was in KL. so, semalam la yang sempatnya.

aku tak nak cerita panjang. sebab nnt korang tak pergi tengok. nnt saper nak beli tiket? nnt saper nak bayar these people for their great movie?? tapi kan, baik korang pergi tengok la. i was laughing even after the movie ended. teringat kat the scenes, aku boleh gelak tak henti ni. encik yang teman aku tengok movie tu pun dah ingat aku tengah high ke apa... huhuhuh....

tak tipu.... lepas aku tengok movie ni, perut aku rasa ketat macam baru lepas pakai tali pinggang getar2 daripada OSIM tu (atau mungkin perut aku ketat sebab aku lapar sebenarnya??).

kabir bhatia, if you are reading this, i am giving you a gazillion out of 10 for this movie of yours!!! kudis kudos!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

boleh pakai ke concept ni?

perbualan antara 2 orang yang berlainan agama. salah satu dari mereka adalah muslim.

Mus: "i nak tanya, in your religion kan, are you allowed to drink alcohol?"

nonM: "nope"

Mus: "but you still drink?"

nonM: "yeah, sometimes"

Mus: "how come?"

nonM: "in religion, we can't talk bad about others also right? because it is sinful. but we still do. so what is the difference if i drink alcohol"

Mus: "owh, if you think of it that way...."

nota: ada agama lain juga yang sebenarnya mengharamkan meminum arak, selain dari agama Islam
nota: kalau macam tu, membunuh, merompak, berzina pun boleh la dilakukan kott since "it doesn't make a difference"?

apa punya concept ni?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

bukan salah aku, salahkan e-mail

aku bukan nyer hutang kau rm20,850. lepak la.

aku bukan nyer tak nak bayar. aku takde masa nak masukkan duit dan aku tak tahu exactly berapa nak bayar kau sebab email yang kau "hantar" takde yang sampai pun.

kau nak ASAP sangat kan.... haaaa amik la asap kau tu.

chillex la.

aku cuma hutang kurang 15sen dari rm21 je.

dah aku dah bayar. sila pergi beli sebuah rumah bungalow dengan duit hutang itu.

langsir yang bersifat langsuir. takde kena mengena dengan lang legar. sila bertenang.

aku punya langsir yang menutup tingkap yang menjadi tempat hangout stalker tu, memang sejak aku pasang sampai weekend lepas, aku tak pernah basuh (read: ada 6 bulan atau lebih rasanya). jadi, dengan rasa terlebih rajin (dan juga sebab dah sangat berhabuk), aku turunkan langsir tersebut dan mencucinya.....

masalah langsir tersebut adalah dia menutup tingkap aku cukup-cukup aja, tu sebab bila buka kipas, angin akan meniup nya dan kemudian dia akan terselak membuatkan bahagian bawah tingkap itu ter-exposed untuk kemudahan stalker gila itu.

sekarang masalah besarnya....

lepas langsir tersebut dah wangi dan dah bersih, ia menjadi semakin senteng (it effing SHRUNK!!!) dan membiarkan gap sebanyak 3cm di bahagian kaki tingkap aku. wahh... lepas ini sure kenduri besar la stalker tu.

untuk menenangkan otak aku, aku amik some thick papers, aku tampal kat bahagian kaki tingkap tersebut. nnt2 bila aku ada masa, aku akan cari material and buat langsir yang custom. lebih labuh dah yang takkan shrink lepas cuci.

biol punya langsir!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

pung pang pung pang.....ZZZzzzzz....OMG!!!

situation: on the way back to SP from bahiyah.

vehicle: mercedes mata buta.

pilot: saras schumaki

co-pilot: alia

bosses (tuan besar la sebab duduk belakang): anita. arul.

la la la....

pung pang pung pang...

bla bla bla...

tetiba the conversation started to slow down and the sounds that are heard are from the radio and from the hum of the car. aku masih lagi tengok2 jalan. arul dah separa lentok. anita, well, anita is always somewhere else hehehehe.... saras kat sebelah aku dari high mood, tetiba senyap. kereta pun makin slow, aku diam je.

saras: "OMG, alia!!!"

REd: "what?"

saras: "aku tertido!!!"

REd: "saras, stop the car by the roadside, NOW!!"

....berhenti kereta tepi jalan, aku terus keluar to take over the wheels.

arul: "what happened??"

anita: "eh, tayar pancit lagi is it?"

gila ahhh... ada ke boleh tertido. saras kena arr sedas dua tadi. told her to sleep while aku continue the ride home. semua dah cuak dah dalam kereta tu.

yang peliknya....

tak pulak tido si saras bila jadi co-pilot.... adoiyayy.... =_="

Saturday, August 8, 2009

isn't it great when....

you ask someone: "what do you want exactly?"

someone answers: "i don't want anything. i just NEED you."

Friday, August 7, 2009

pernah tak anda tikam diri sendiri? aku pernah. sakit woo....

yes, aku tikam diri sendiri. bukan sengaja ok. aku bukan seorang yang suicidal. ni semua sebab change of timetable la neh. atau mungkin aku terlalu preoccupied dengan something ke menda ke... ntah arr....

lepas balik umah dalam pukul 1800hrs (sila ambil nota bahawa aku kuar rumah pukul 0612hrs ok. so buat la kiraan ilmu hisab anda and tgk arr betapa gila nyer schedule aku sekarang), aku punya tahap penat, dah takleh nak rate dah. memang penat tak ingat punya. tapi aku takleh nak tidur, as usual la. aku lepak2, aku lapar pun iye juga. tadi sebelum balik SP, aku sempat pergi beli betik, buah kegemaran aku. jadi, lepas aku dah settle down tu, aku pun ke dapur la untuk kupas betik.

sudah kupas tu, aku kemas la worktop tu. aku angkat pisau dan peeler untuk masuk kan ke dalam sink. mana tau, pisau tu ada nyawa sendiri ke apa, dia melompat dari tangan aku dan *pelepap!!!....

....jatuh terpacak kat kaki aku.

sedap je hujung mata pisau tu tikam kaki aku ok. haaa... amik kau, berlinangan darah. macam tumpah darah pun dah ada juga tu. nasib baik tak kena apa2 major. apa lagi, self treatment la jawapnya. malas aku nak gi doctor. aku kan ke dah nak jadi doctor pun... ceeeyyyy..... ;)

moral: sila jangan kupas betik masa tengah penat.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

5-8-09: dari pukul 5pg sampai 12t'hari adalah 7 jam lamanya dan macam-macam yang berlaku dalam tempoh itu.

entry ini patut dah up semalam. but sebab aku terlalu penat, jadi entry ni aku up hari ni. tapi aku akan tulis macam benda ni berlaku tadi, padahal berlaku kelmarin ok. faham tak? tak faham kalau, sila pergi tikam diri sendiri.


pagi tadi aku bangun pukul 0455hrs. aku tgk jam, aku pusing2 dan aku decide untuk tido balik. aku sepatutnya bangun pukul 0530hrs. iye la kan, nak kena siap awal dan keluar awal sebab nak travel ke bahiyah. aku pun lelap la balik. ntah macam mana, pukul 0511hours, aku tetiba je buka mata, dan apa yang aku nampak masa aku buka mata tu, aku memang terpaku....

the stalker yang kerap menghendap bilik aku, he was standing right at my window and looking at me. kali ni, aku memang nampak susuk badan dia. aku tak nampak muka dia sebab dia membelakangkan lampu. aku sangat terkejut masa tu, tak boleh nak menjerit, tak boleh nak buat apa. aku sangat takut. so, i pretended to sleep back. tapi hati aku tak tenang. aku angkat fon and buat2 macam aku call someone. bila finally alarm aku bunyi, aku terus bangun. aku cuba2 tengok kat luar, but he wasn't there anymore. yang paling disturbing tu, aku tak dengar pun bunyi dia panjat masuk and masa tu hujan. sanggup neh, dia datang pagi2 macam ni. psycho....

sekarang, tahap takut aku, aku pun takleh nak describe macam mana.

walaubagaimanapun, aku memberanikan diri keluar rumah subuh2 tu untuk pergi carpool ngan kawan2 aku. the journey started late, but smooth. hujan masih tak henti. kejap2 lebat, kejap2 renyai. tetiba, bunyi yang amat pelik kedengaran masa tengah pandu kereta tu. aku dah suspek, mesti ada masalah tayar ke apa. aku cek tayar belah aku, takde apa2. aku soh budak lain cek tayar belah derang, but they can't see. so ok... jalan lagi. makin lama makin pelik and kuat bunyi tu and kereta pun takleh nak lari walaupun dah press habis. we stopped the car, and got out.

sah, tayar pancit.

kereta saras lengkap. ada jack, ada spare tayar. so, bermula lah sesi penukaran tayar dalam hujan tu. we all tak henti2 gelak because it is just so damn funny to have this happening so early in the morning. takde kereta nak henti tolong pun. aku dah jack kereta but takleh nak buka rim cover tu. aku tak berani nak tarik kuat2, kang patah lak kan. cuba punya cuba, tetiba ada anne naik motor neh henti to lend a hand. thanks anne!!

alhamdulillah.... sampai pun bahiyah...

we were late, but we made a grand entrance. lagipun, sampai awal2 pun tak guna. doctor tak sampai lagi...huhuhh....

lepas pung pang pung pang posting kat dermatology clinic, we went to acute and emergency (bahagian kecemasan) untuk pickup our last carpooler. dia tak sudah lagi masa tu. dia punya team tengah resuscitate a patient. aku pun masuk la sekali nak tengok. lepas sorang, sorang perform CPR kat patient tu. aku pun start palpating for his pulse, aku masih rasa lagi nadi dia and he was still warm to touch. staff kat sana dah panggil medical officer untuk asses the patient. aku tengok patient tu dah tercungap2, memang literally macam nyawa2 ikan. bila medical officer datang, they stopped the CPR. no pulse felt, no heart sounds, no breathing movement, pupils are fixed and dilated. he is dead.

tapi, kat hujung2 jari aku, aku seperti masih boleh rasa denyutan nadi dia, or maybe aku terlalu berharap. aku tak nak kehilangan patient just like that. hari ini, a patient died, and i saw his death....

itu lah perkara2 yang berlaku dalam the first half of kelmarin. how was your day?

p/S: gila apa. satu hari kuar rm9 just to travel to AS. tu tak masuk duit makan lagi...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

apa, cikgu bahasa yang mengajar askar2 tu mati kena sambar petir ke apa?

kalau iye, inna lillah hiwainna illahi roji'un.....

kalau tak....

...takkan eja "battery" atau "bateri" pun tak tahu kott??

apa biol naa??

korok mung!!!

seriously??? ada nama tempat macam ni???

blah la! macam setan!

on the way balik from bahiyah tadi, ada la satu kenderaan berat dan panjang dan lebar ni, yang dipandu bagai orang mabuk todi. memang membahayakan. saras dah takut dah, aku pun sama naik cuak ngan kenderaan tersebut. pastu, kan ke ada papan tanda yang display number bebas tol untuk dihubungi jika pemandu membawa kenderaan tersebut dengan reckless kan? aku tak pernah cuba call number ni. tapi tadi, memang aku actually called the number untuk report tentang pemandu kenderaan tersebut yang memandu secara bahaya.

*ring *ring....

"nombor bebas tol yang anda hubungi telah ditamatkan perkhidmatannya. sekian terima kasih"


habis tu, buat apa setiap kenderaan berat ada nombor tersebut??? LPKP, sila beri penjelasan la weii!!!

nama kawan aku ialah amirthai saras (AMIR-DAI SA-RES)

Question: which dinosaur does not lay eggs?

Answer: amirthai saurus

p/s: whoever does not get this, deserves to be shot T_T

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

mencari jodoh zaman sekarang sama dengan mencari pasal pada bila2 zaman pun.

masa aku cuti hari tu, aku dapat gambar ini dalam forwarded email aku. it was forwarded to me by one of the ronggengs....

masa aku tengok gambar ni, aku ingat it was just an email saying that what kind of jokers are out there. aku memang dah mempunyai perasaan bahawa benda ini sangat dodgy and of course sangat bahaya. takkan la doctor nak cari pasangan hidup macam ni kan? ok la, maybe not the doctor yang nak cari sangat, it is his mom yang nak cari jodoh untuk anak dia. tapi takkan la macam ni kott? serious macam poyo pun ada juga. aku ingat ini lawak antarabangsa ke apa, untill....

"alia, we are meeting that kak puteri tomorrow. i need you to come along, i takut. takut kena pukau and that this is all a scam. i teman *Rin because dia called up and wanted to check it out. i think you'd better come along."

aku punya la terkejut that Rin actually called the number. so, i agreed to meet them kat OU the next day. sanggup neh derang amik long lunch just for this matter.

before the meet, i had a heads-up about these people that run this 'mencari jodoh' program. i got the info from *Lin. as according to them, company ni handle about 500 customers. banyak success rate, meaning the couples that they jodohkan end up in marriage. pastu, they are a trusted company.

yeah right....

and so, esoknya, aku jumpa la ngan derang kat OU, as per plan.

as soon as aku tengok muka derang, aku dah tak caya satu benda pun. kata ramai customer. the charge is rm500 for registration tau! tapi korang tau meeting kat mana? kat KFC je dowh! apa hal? pastu, aku ingat, kalau dah pung pang pung pang successful sangat company neh, takkan minum pun takleh nak belanja kott? what happened to client's best interest? takkan tak nak jaga kan?

at least, aku ada la harap, derang akan keluarkan laptop and tunjuk their profile ke apa ke. ni tak, keluarkan plastic folder tu, pastu tunjuk la keratan2 akhbar yang derang pernah appear in, as an advert. yang paling best tu, the papers that they presented, aku langsung tak pernah dengar. at least, kalau masuk "sinar" atau "harakah" pun, aku leh nak terima lagi. ni ntah apa2 paper, dari mana pun aku tak tau.

pastu, kuarkan lagi satu folder, tunjuk pulak lesen perniagaan derang. tapi yang pelik tu, the notis on the wall tak letak pulak nama company derang. nama company pun ntah apa apa ntah, takde langsung kena mengena ngan theme mencari jodoh. dalam folder yang sama, ada pulak profile wanita2 yang sedang mencari jodoh ngan derang. and paling gaudy sekali, the profiles were HAND-WRITTEN ok!! tak type, tak print. macam scrap book budak sekolah pun ada juga.

derang ni suami isteri. datang bawa anak sorang. anak tu nak makan. yang si father ni kasi duit ntah rm berapa ntah kat anak tu dengan pesanan: "nak, kau amik duit ni, kau beli apa kau nak makan. duit lebih pulang balik". lohh... kata company ada 500 pelanggan, takkan duit ciput macam tu mau berkira ngan anak sendiri kott?

aku baru duduk lima minit dalam "meeting" tu, aku dah tak suka dah. aku mmg bila tak suka neh, aku tunjuk direct je. siap aku cakap depan2 lagi. i was talking about them infront of them, i spoke in english. langsung derang tak faham. kata, customer pun orang besar2, mak datin la, dato' la. takkan tak faham english kott. everytime bila aku cakap ngan Rin, cuba nak nasihat dia supaya don't get caught into this, yang zainuddin tu mesti nak potong line aku. seolah2 tak nak kasi Rin dengar apa yang aku nak cakap. nampak sangat dia takut kan? because dia memang tahu aku tak suka kat derang neh.

lepas 30mins, aku dah tak tahan. lagipun aku nak kena balik, ada hal. aku cakap kat Rin, aku kena pergi. aku bangun, aku terus blah. takde salam2 ngan kak puteri tu, takde cakap 'excuse me' pun kat derang. aku cuma cakap bye kat Rin & Lin je. bukan aku kurang hajar, but they were the one yang tak kasi aku cakap ngan Rin kan? i guess they must be happy to see me leave.

malam tu, aku dapat tahu, Rin actually signed up for this. omg....

*nama kena tukar arr.... gila apa nak xpose.
**gambar2 derang yang aku tangkap neh, diambil secara spy leman punya style. tere tak aku?

Monday, August 3, 2009

it took me sometime to realize, but i finally found out that you are a bitch.

.....sekian, terima kasih....

p/s: aku tengah demam neh. decompression syndrome, caisson's disease. eh, seriously, aku mmg tengah demam neh. selsema.