Thursday, July 29, 2010

Kedai jual badan

Jika anda mempunyai pinggang yang ramping, anda bolehlah membeli PINGGANG PELASTIK dari kedai kami dengan harga yang berpatutan. Selain dari itu, kami juga menjual bahagian badan yang lain. Jika anda mengalami kecederaan pelvis, patah tulang, kami juga menjual pelvic bone dan tulang temulang yang lain. Semuanya diperbuat dari pelastik. Sangat murah. Ada discount jika membeli secara bundle. Sekian, terima kasih.

Fail! @_@

Monday, July 26, 2010

Pergi beli number cepat!

Aku serious tak boleh bayangkan macam mana kemalangan ni boleh terjadi. Kalau korang perasan, bahagian depan lori tu sedang menentang arus dan dia terbalik. Hari tu tak hujan, so jalan memanglah tak licin.

Jadi, mungkinkah si pemandu terlalu laju atau terlalu mengantuk atau terlalu mabuk?

Kejadian berlaku di highway Gurun.

Kalau number kena, jangan lupa kasi royalty kat aku sikit ^_^y

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I totally don't understand people who wear their sunglasses indoors. First of all, it is called SUNglasses, it is meant to protect the eyes from the harsh UV rays of the sun. But where in God's name do you have sun indoors??

It really makes me wonder if these people are blind or they have sore eyes, or worst of all, cross-eyed. It can't be that they are blind as the guy in the picture above is so engrossed using up Jewbucks Wi-Fi, and the lady is clearly having a conversation at her table. I mean, it is really rude to speak to someone indoors with your sunnies on. Seriously, don't they teach you that in etiquette school or something?

What I don't understand even more are people who wear their sunnies in clubs. Dude, ain't it dark enough already??

Monday, July 19, 2010

Aidil, Adha, Fitri

For those not in the know, the 2 men above are brothers and they are national soccer players.

The single person standing there, is another person, not related to them at all.

But they all look alike and what a coincidence that their names are Aidil, Adha, and Fitri.

The one thing that they all have in common is that they are all gorgeous!!


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Biar betik?

Dah lama dah aku nampak banner ni. Tapi tak pernah terfikir nak tangkap gambarnya. Tapi hari tu, aku bercadang sangat nak tulis pasal iklan ni sebab dia siap tulis kat banner tu "*terbukti" dan "*jaminan ada". Wahh! bukan main yakin lagi si tuan punya business ni.

Tapi yang pelik tu, kenapa "*terbukti" dan "*jaminan ada" ada asterix? adalah ada terma dan syarat disebaliknya?? Ish... business macam ni pun nak kena berhati2 sebab mereka dah pandai nak guna fine print.

Aku rasa nak call la number ni. Aku nak minta tolong mereka ubatkan penyakit yang tengah menular sekarang ni. Penyakit suka naikkan harga barang tak tentu pasal. Gila apa??

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Parking wars

Recently there are many articles in the local newspaper about people ranting on cars that are double parked and blocking their path. Some cars are seen parked in alleys where they shouldn't be. Some, the more daring ones, are parked right underneath the sign "No parking".

Yes, with the increasing number of drivers and cars today, there is no wonder that this is the current problem that is faced by all drivers, me included. I just can't stand double parkers. They get on my nerves and I wish I have a long metal stick with a pointed end so that I can scratch those cars from the comfort of my driver's seat, while driving pass the double parkers.

But then again, I don't blame them as much either. With people that are parking like this:

living in the country and also fruit sellers that think they pay for the parking spot where a car should be parked, like this:

and the cost of parking in a proper parking space is way too absurd to be fathomed:

the only thing I can say is, more power to the double parkers and don't be surprised if I join the bandwagon


Friday, July 9, 2010

How would you like your octopus?

Who doesn't know Oracle Paul. He has become famous for predicting six of the World Cup 2010 games correctly and all consecutively on the spot. According to mathematicians, the probability to be predicting 6 games correctly consecutively is less than 0.5%. How amazing is Oracle Paul?!?

Actually Oracle Paul has been doing this predicting stunt since the Euro Cup in 2008 where he got 4 out of his 6 predictions right. How he does it is pretty simple. His handlers will place 2 boxes that has the same type of mussel in each of the boxes, into his tank. Each boxes is also clad with the flag of the teams that are competing. Then, Oracle Paul will pick the box of which he predicts will win the game. Simple as that.

Oracle Paul wasn't born in Germany, but he is currently residing there. Germans love him to bits when he predicted their wins against Argentina, England, and Ghana. But now, instead of love, Oracle Paul is receiving death treats from the Germans when he correctly predicted that Spain to win the last game. The Germans urged the Oberhausen Aquarium to kill Oracle Paul and serve him in the restaurant.

Not only that, the Argentines also do not fall short from wanting to kill Oracle Paul. They even had the hope to one day kidnap him from his tank, kill him, cook him and then serve him with potatoes. All this hate was because Oracle Paul had predicted Germany to win over Argentina in their last game.

Today, Oracle Paul, under much demand, has predicted that the Germans will win third place and that the Spaniards will take home the Cup this year. Oracle Paul has yet to receive death treats from Uruguay and Netherlands for his predictions.

Anyway, I was just thinking, if every football enthusiast is too busy depending on Oracle Paul to know who will win any game, I guess World Cup 2014 will not take place in where it is supposed to be but instead, fans will be overflowing in the Oberhausen Aquarium, waiting on the edge of their seats for Oracle Paul's predictions, while top chefs from each of the loosing country will be ready with a menu all consisting of Oracle Paul's remains, once they get their hands on him.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

No wonder Germany lost.... U_U

No wonder Oracle Paul chose Spain over Germany for the semis. Paul must be disgusted by Joachim Low's antiques.

Iewww.... SERIOUSLY??

Especially for you

This morning, my BB Devil signaled that I got mail. When I checked the mail, it was a notification that I have a comment for one of my entry in this blog. So because it was such a special comment, I have decided to make an entry out of it.

This was the comment:
"If you have any problems pertaining to the school, why don't you speak to me personally. Why are you tarnishing my name for your convenience. How will feel if someone does that to you when you are working. Put yourself in other people's shoes and feel it yourself. Your attitude need to change too. You should not even think of damaging other people's reputation as we are all humans and your Islamic teachings has also taught you this if I am not mistaken. Try to more calm when blogging. "

And here is my comment for that comment:

Dear fissure in ano AKA anonymous,

First of all, did we even speak when I was there? I have no friggin' idea who you are.

I do not have a problem or problems pertaining to the school as I did not and do not go there. The problem that I encountered was the hostility that was conveyed to me by the people that are working there. Well, to be honest and fair, not all of the people are as hostile and vile as the ones that i mentioned in my earlier post. For example, at least the Bangladeshi guards were nice enough to let me park at the preferred parking area while I go about business in the school. Also, the lady at the reception at the lobby, she was really nice to me to guide me to where I wanted to go. See, I don't trash them, because they are NICE.

Excuse me for saying this, but honey, it is really not convenient for me to trash anyone in my blog, let alone trashing you. It does take some time to write and wait for ideas to come to compose entries in blogs, you know. Convenience is further than the North Pole for me in this matter. Considering the fact that I get off work late and tired and out of ideas, this, my friend, is hard work.

Anonymous, it is easy to tell me to put myself in other people's shoes, or your shoes in this matter, to know how it feels. Well, let me ask you of this little favour, why don't YOU put yourself in MY shoes on the day that that incident happened in your school, and feel how I feel being treated like TRASH. It burns right?

Of course I need to change my attitude every now and then to make myself a better person. YOU must too. Oh, wait, you NEED to change YOUR vile attitude.

Oh, come on now. Don't use that RELIGION thing here. I am sure your religion, whatever it is that you are practicing, even if you are an atheist, will teach you that it is not right to treat others like you are so superior. Or are you actually suggesting that your religion allows you to be so arrogant? I doubt so. It all finally boils down to: "Do unto others what you want others to do unto you". I am sure you have heard or read that somewhere?

I am as calm as the summer's breeze.


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tudung terbaru

Sekarang ni, pakai tudung tu dah datang dalam pelbagai gaya untuk menyerlahkan lagi keayuan si pemakai. Macam2 nama tudung yang ada di pasaran. Yang paling famous sekarang adalah tudung yang main sarung je tu, yang siap ngan awning lagi. Jadi, sangat convenient untuk si pemakai la kan.

Tapi ntah kenapa, ada pula yang suka ada sanggul tinggi2 dalam tudung tu sebagai satu fesyen. siap lagi kat KLCC (according to my aunty la) ada jual lagi benda yang untuk menampakkan seperti si pemakai mempunyai sanggul yang tinggi dan lebat.

inilah cara pemakaian tudung yang aku maksudkan. aku seriously tak faham.

pada aku, bila aku tengok orang pakai macam ni, aku terfikir pasal gambar di bawah:

Adakah mereka menyorokkan sesuatu dibawah tudung itu?

Aku bukan la kutuk orang pakai tudung. Aku saje je pelik.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Came across this 24hours convenient store in Terminal Bas Shahab Perdana, Alor Setar.

As you can see, the name of the store is 10 Eleven. The theme is of the board is almost the same as 7-Eleven's design. To top that, they even used the 1Malaysia symbol as their logo.

So there you go, another great copy fail of Malaysians practicing 1Malaysia.

When you test my patience.....

.... your picture ends up here and i diss you through and through.

This car belongs to an egoistic bitch (no, the egoistic bitch is not me). She thinks she owns the road and she road raged me and bullied me into a tight wedge between her and another car. In actual fact, she was behind me in the queue of cars but I guess she must be in such a hurry to kiss ass, therefore she became real bitchy while she was on the road.

This is an egoistic, know-nothing bitch that works in the exams department of KDU in Damansara.

No she does not own the car above. Maybe she does not own a car because they don't pay her well, therefore she becomes bitchy.

Or maybe, she does own a car, the kind that bitches drive.

There. My anger's all gone (^_^)y