Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I totally don't understand people who wear their sunglasses indoors. First of all, it is called SUNglasses, it is meant to protect the eyes from the harsh UV rays of the sun. But where in God's name do you have sun indoors??

It really makes me wonder if these people are blind or they have sore eyes, or worst of all, cross-eyed. It can't be that they are blind as the guy in the picture above is so engrossed using up Jewbucks Wi-Fi, and the lady is clearly having a conversation at her table. I mean, it is really rude to speak to someone indoors with your sunnies on. Seriously, don't they teach you that in etiquette school or something?

What I don't understand even more are people who wear their sunnies in clubs. Dude, ain't it dark enough already??

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~(*v*)~ily~(^v^)~ said...

i did sometimes bile terlupe nk tanggalkan...coz mine tak gelap sgt (even org nmpk mcm gelap)...meraka perli gak...but seriously i can see clearly...maybe bcoz silau kot,so comfortable bile pakai...