Monday, March 31, 2008

FIRE vs WATER (and the winner is.......?)

today is fairly a good there apart from some hitches here and there. it started out well as i got a call from my 2 fav guys. they were awfully funny and of course, i tot won something.... aisshhh... see, see... nothing oso ('_')

i went to the hosp today with an open heart. after what had happened, i think i can go through any crap that they are gonna gimme. i know for sure that mr. pelik will be doing his rounds today, and boy, was i on the dot! as usual, S/N batuapi is always there. with that kind of attitude and mentality, i don't think she can make it any further.

so i entered the ward, as prim and proper as i could. no doubt i was anxious. i guess this is cause after the breakdown session i had, i felt so blahdy vulnerable, it cracked my self-esteem a little. thank god i managed to put it back together with belief. anyway, as the team (inclusive of mr. pelik and S/N batuapi) were rounding, i was looking for interesting cases and trying to clerk them. i did my best to not be anywhere near them as i do not want to "provoke" their crazed minds. the funny thing, today, they seem to be sedated. i could hear their LOUD voices tho.... but seriously, they seem really sedated (as compared to their usual self).

i tot i needed to wear this to the ward today as they always notice me even when i am doing (or wearing) nothing out of the ordinary. although the tension that was in the air felt that it could cut an umbilical cord, mr. pelik and S/N batuapi did not lash at me at all. but poor thing, i heard one HO got some lashings from mr. pelik. i pity him because today, he is the "sitting duck".

maybe yesterday, mr. pelik and S/N batuapi got a good sitdown session with the godfather. i actually went to see the godfather regarding this matter because i want it to stop. i don't go there to tell on them. i went there simply because they have to know their limits. i guess now after the session (that i assume they had) with godfather, they know not to mess around and act like uncivilized people (or simians, as i have noted earlier).

mr. pelik and S/N batuapi were doing their rounds while holding this board up (or so i imagined).

all this while, i tot docs are most patient people in the world as they have to handle many things. but for mr. pelik, and all the other docs that are following his foot steps, i could (MUST) make an exception.

as i was saying, i chose not to be an unhappy person in this situation. i felt lost when it happened. now i am back on track. i don't want to be like them, full of vengeance and hatred. i want to have my own individual personality, i just want to be me: HAPPY.

PP/S: on another note, thanks to mr. rogers, we got to practice doing laparoscopy today. it is tougher than you think!! well, at least i tried! weeeee.....!!

me, trying to get the thing right on target.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

ancient going on childish

30th march, 2008: i went to the hospital today. all prepared if they were going to give me more shaites than what they had given me last thursday. i dressed as simple and as decent as i could.

i buttoned up my labcoat. made sure that my steth were in place. made sure that my ID was showing. made sure that i have all my instruments for examination of patients.

wore the right shoes (as long as it is covered right?). but then again, i saw many other staffs, doctors, students wearing sandals to the hosp. so, what is wrong with my shoes eh?

i was doing my usual clerking, looking for interesting cases, minding my own ass business. what i didn't know was S/N batuapi was on the lookout for me. watching me like a hawk. trying to find my fault. since i didn't dress wrongly (as according to her and mr. pelik) today, she was waiting anxiously for me to do something wrong.

i went to one patient and opened up his case sheet. i did this cause previously the MO told me to do so. he said, apart from clerking, you should also look at the case sheet and see what kind of management and investigations that were carried out for that particular patient. that is how you should learn. but S/N batuapi caught me there. from about 50m away, she said at the audible level (read: loud):

"siapa kasi tengok case sheet tu? tak boleh tengok tau. awak ni semua tahun berapa?"

then she started walking towards where i and my groupmates were standing. i walked away because i didn't want to listen to her rantings. she started talking to thin air as none of us were minding her at all. seriously, she looked like a crazed simian.

then, as she was still talking endlessly (i am pretty sure she has mouth diarrhea), i walked to my mate while she was clerking. i wanted to ask her a question, not to join her clerking that patient. but S/N batuapi still want to find fault.

"haaa...tak boleh nak clerk patient lebih dari seorang ye. kenapa nak clerk 2-3 orang ni?"

we just ignored her and i walked away after asking my mate the question. i passed S/N batuapi. she was still talking and it is pretty obvious that she wanted me to answer her. but i just let her talk. then another mate of mine asked: "apa hal ni?"

me (in an audible tone for S/N batuapi to hear): "she wants to talk, let her talk la"

*snicker snicker snicker*

the weird part was, when we looked at the case sheets, she told us off. but when the STUDENT NURSES looked at them, she didn't say a single word about it. everywhere i went, she was there to check on me but of course on the pretence to look at something else or to mind the student nurses. i kept on ignoring her.

after awhile, we went to the seminar room. about 15mins later, she burst in the room:

"pukul 11 nanti you all tak boleh guna bilik ni ye. kami nak guna"

me: "ermm... kalau kami nak letak barang dalam ni (cupboard) boleh ke?"

S/N batuapi: "barang takpe la. tapi bilik ni tak boleh guna"

weiirrrdddd..... the last time i remembered, she was furious when we placed our bags inside the cupboard, now it's ok??!?!?! about the seminar room, it is clear that the room is booked for us at certain hours, she HAS to use it la... for what i also not sure leyy.....

i guess she really is onto me. even my other grp mates could see this and they were the one telling me: "eh, she really nak cari pasal with you kan?"

haiiisshhhh..... GROW UP ALREADY!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

cuba try

FIRST Emergency

The Emergency Number worldwide for Mobile is 112. If you find yourself out of the coverage area of your mobile; network and there is an emergency, dial 112 and the mobile will search any existing network to establish the emergency number for you, and interestingly this number 112 can be dialed even if the keypad is locked. Try it out.

SECOND Have you locked your keys in the car?

Does your car have remote keyless entry? This may come in handy someday. Good reason to own a cell phone: If you lock your keys in the car and the spare keys are at home, call someone at home on their mobile phone from your cell phone.Hold your cell phone about a foot from your car door and have the person at your home press the unlock button, holding it near the mobile phone on their end. Your car will unlock. Saves someone from having todrive your keys to you. Distance is no object. You could be hundreds of miles away, and if you can reach someone who has the other “remote” for your car, you can unlock the doors (or the trunk).Editor’s Note: It works fine! We tried it out and it unlocked our car over a mobile phone!”

THIRD Hidden Battery PowerImagine your mobile battery is very low.

To activate, press the keys *3370# Your mobile will restart with this reserve and the instrument will show a 50% increase in battery. This reserve will get charged when you charge your mobile next time.

FOURTH How to disable a STOLEN mobile phone?

To check your Mobile phone’s serial number, key in the following digits on your phone: * # 0 6 #A 15 digit code will appear on the screen. This number is unique to your handset. Write it down and keep it somewhere safe. When your phone get stolen, you can phone your service provider and give them this code. They will then be able to block your handset so even if the thief changes the SIM card, your phone will be totally useless. You probably won’t get your phone back, but at least you know that whoever stole it can’t use/sell it either. If everybody does this, there would be no point in people stealing mobile phones.

you find love in strange places

spotted: a love-shaped plant at the pelangi shell station, damansara.

we spend a lifetime

searching for true love

we spend an eternity

searching for the right one

we are afraid

we are afraid to take the risk

we keep on looking

but it never seem right


take a breathe, relax

don't rush

don't look for it

don't even care about it

if it is meant to be, it will come

if it is yours to keep, it will stay


the four-letter word that makes us worry

makes us think

makes us wonder

heck, now it is even a taboo

let it be.....

it'll be there, when you least expect it....

in the strangest places.

Friday, March 28, 2008

when life gives you mr. pelik, you make donno and become stronger

this was my whole get up when the STAFF NURSE commented on my way of dressing. which part of this is REVEALING??

March 26, 2008: Around 09:05 hours, while I was clerking a patient at bed 5 of ward K 1, Mr. pelik had come into the bay with the Medical Officers, Health Officers, Staff Nurses, and Student Nurses to make his routine ward round. As he entered, I backed away from my patient to give way to him and his team to do their work. When he came in and saw me, the first thing he said (obviously very loudly for everyone to hear) was:

“Kenapa diaorang ni pelik aa? Pakai macam ni. Awak ni mmg memalukan profession betul. Awak ni ingat nak pergi disco ke? Awak pergi balik sekarang. Balik, tukar baju lepas tu baru datang balik.Awak keluar dari wad saya sekarang."

I walked out of the bay without looking at him.

“Ey, ey, awak keluar sekarang. Saya tak nak tengok muka awak dalam wad ni”.

I went out of the ward. I told my friend to SMS me or miss call me when Mr. pelik leaves the ward. So, when he finally left, I went back in ward K 1 to continue clerking patients and obviously to learn because the aim of posting in the hospital is so that we, as medical students, learn from the patients. As I was walking into the ward, S/N batuapi was talking to a group of students from the JPA program. I walked pass the group to go to the bays. But I was stopped by S/N Batuapi. This was how the conversation went:

S/N Batuapi:“Doctor pelik tak kasi awak masuk kan? Awak keluar sekarang. Get out of my ward”.

My reply: “Saya nak cari group mates saya sekejap”.

S/N Batuapi: “I said, get out of my ward now”.

My reply: “Saya nak cari group mates saya”.

S/N batuapi: “Lepas tu terus keluar”.

This conversation occurred in front of the JPA program students.

my get up on 27/3/08.
March 27, 2008: I was clerking my patient in bay 1- 4 of ward K 1, when I heard the conversation between Mr. pelik and S/N Batuapi regarding my presence in the ward yesterday even after I was told to leave the ward because I was dressed “inappropriately” according to them (Mr. pelik and S/N Batuapi). I also heard them entering the next bay (bay 5-8) to do their routine round. I walked out of my bay as I had done my clerking. As soon I stepped out of my bay, S/N batuapi called me:

“Dik, dik. Mari sini. Doctor nak jumpa”

I went to bay 5-8 to see Mr. pelik. This was how the conversation went:

Mr. pelik: “Semalam kenapa awak masuk balik dalam wad ni? Kan ke saya dah halau awak semalam? Awak keluar sekarang”

Me: “saya masuk balik semalam sebab doctor kami buat discussion dengan kami”

Mr. pelik: “tapi saya dah halau awak kan? Kenapa nak masuk balik?”

Me: “saya datang sini nak belajar. Apa salah saya kali ni?”

Mr. pelik: “ hari ni saya nak denda awak sebab semalam. pakai nampak pusat semua. Keluar sekarang!”

Me: “mana ada nampak pusat. tapi saya tak buat apa-apa kan hari ni? Kenapa pula nak halau saya”

Mr. pelik: “ saya kata saya nampak, saya nampak la. awak faham tak apa saya cakap? Faham tak? Faham tak?! Apa, awak nak saya tulis surat kepada dean awak ke? Saya cakap keluar sekarang, keluar la. GET OUT OF MY WARD NOW!”

*most of the time, he wasn’t even looking at me directly.

I just stood there in front of him. He was screaming at me until even the other ward staffs and student who were at the other end of the ward came running to the scene to see what was happening. Everyone who was there were listening and watching the scene. Then S/N batuapi grabbed my left arm, held my arm tightly and pulled me away to the main door. I pulled back my arm and said :

“takpe, saya boleh jalan sendiri”.

She said rudely: “awak keluar ye. Doctor dah suruh awak keluar kan”.

Before reaching the main door, I stopped to go into the seminar room to take my bag. But S/N batuapi shoved and pushed me towards the main door. I told her that I wanted to take my bag. So we went to the seminar room.

S/N batuapi: “ambil beg awak, lepas tu keluar”

Me: “apa salah saya? Saya pakai elok je kan hari ni?”

S/N batuapi: “awak dah buat doctor marah. Awak jangan nak buat saya marah pulak ye. Kami ada hak nak halau awak”

Me: “apa salah saya?”

She could not give me an answer. Then she frantically searched for my bag. She didn’t see the bag and said:

S/N batuapi: “awak ni penipu kan? Mana ada beg sini”.

Me: “beg ada dalam almari”.

S/N batuapi: “siapa kasi awak kebenaran untuk guna almari ni? Doctor pelik kalau tau ni, awak kena marah. Nak guna almari kena minta kebenaran”

Me: “takkan nak letak beg di luar almari? Nanti bersepah, kena marah juga kan?”

After I took my beg and started walking out of the seminar room, she grabbed my arm again to bring me to the main door. I pulled away saying: “takpe, saya boleh jalan sendiri”.

She opened the main door and pushed me out. I just walked away. But she said:

“keluar dulu, nanti bila doctor dah reda, awak masuk balik. Tunggu kat ruang rehat”.

Now I am confused. Right just now, she told Mr. pelik that I entered the ward again after I was told to leave the ward yesterday, hence why he is asking me to leave again today, to teach me a lesson. Now, she is asking me to come in after he leaves. What is her intention exactly?
Tell me now, how do you rate the severity of this situation? am i wrong in any way?
F/N:i have been in the posting for almost 4 months now. before i entered this ward, i was in another ward with even a more particular doc. i wore the same things what i wore then. but the doc never commented on my clothing. so, what makes the difference now? and mind you, this doc in the other ward, is the HEAD OF DEPARTMENT.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

sad + angry = tears

......literally....this is because, of what had happened in the hospital. today, the blahdy dr. pelik (not HOD, just simply pakar bedah) was doing his rounds today. i was dressed rather decently (or so i thought).

this was what i was wearing. something my ma have worn to many corporate meetings. it was a hand-me-down (more like me nabbing it from her cupboard) from her. i am sure this is rather decent as it was just stripes and i was wearing a university blouse. my labcoat was on me, and i wasn't showing any midriff flesh. so, what was wrong about my dressing??

i was clerking my patient when dr. pelik came in with the other MOs and HOs and nurses. i walked away from my patient to make way for his team. the first thing that came out from his mouth was:
"kenapa derang ni pelik arr? pakai macam ni? awak ni mmg memalukan profession betul. awak ni ingat nak pergi disco ke? awak pergi balik, pergi tukar apa yang awak pakai ni. awak keluar dari wad saya sekarang."

he was saying more things that i can't quite phatom anymore. before he could finish, i just walked out without looking at his face, without even allowing him to talk to me anymore. as i was walking away i could hear him say:
"ey, ey" like calling me. i still walked off. "keluar dari wad saya sekarang, saya tak nak tengok muka awak kat dalam wad ni"

i don't want to see your face either jerk. let alone be in the same wad as you are.

i was so damn angry that he did this to me. this is really not professional. if he has problems with me, take me aside and talk to me nicely. if he were to reprimand me because of my lack of knowledge, i wouldn't mind, prolly i even deserve it. but, because of my dressing that was fairly decent? i can't take it at all!!

i went out of the ward. went to the staircase, called mama all the way.......

.....and out of nowhere, i started crying. i was shocked myself. even the matron that passed me in the staircase, turned back to console me. she was trying to ease me for about 3 mins but i assure her that i was ok, because i was with my mum on the phone. i didn't cry because dr. pelik scolded me, i don't even know why i was crying! i guess, it was more because i am too angry and too sad to see that they are these kind of people who are too low in their mentality level and still exist in this modern world.
today, after more than 6 months (i think), i CRIED. i really did. i hate everything. thank GOD for mama..... she was the only one that made me feel so much better today......
please gimme some tips on what is accepted to be worn in this kind of mentality (read: government services).

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


i woke up today at about 0515h (i don't know why, but this seems to be my new autowake time) eventhough i slept only at around 0000 previously, after a 16 and a half hour day. i can't complain much because it was a good day yesterday. we were on call and we had an adorable and yet very kind MO to guide us thru.

it is true if you want something, all you've got to do is ask. if it wasn't for me, we weould have been waiting, as bored as stone, in the ward and we will be presenting cases that we clerked. i didn't wanna do that as we did that already in the morning. so instead of waiting, i have decided to put up a face and asked the doctor if we could follow his rounds, and yeah, he agreed! we went to see many surgical cases and learned quite alot. but the most important lesson that i learned was: ASK.

as i was getting ready today, i got an unexpected call from an unknown number. my immediate reaction when i picked it up was: FLY FM.... (gawsh!!! i am like so into this CA$H CALL thingy that sometimes, i even call myself from other fons just for the sake of a trial run. most of the word that come out from my mouth these days, either rhyme with FLY FM or has anything to do with FLY FM. hell! i was even hooked on my radio mobile while i was clerking my patients!)

to my surprise, the producer of THE PAGI SHOW on FLY FM called me. but to my disappointment, it wasn't the cash call. nevertheless, i was put thru to FABES and BEN. they wanted me to give a morning shout out. since i know for sure that no one important to me was awake at that hour of time, i ended up just chatting with the guys and of course, that was a good start to my day. thanks for the call guys! perhaps you could call me later for the CA$H CALL? i have been texting since FOREVER.....

i am so determined to get thru to the WAKE UP YOUR BRAIN jig. right after the FIX IT, i dialled immediately, non-stop, my determination was on full throttle. when i finally got thru, i was super excited that i nearly blew an artery in my head! my adrenaline was rushing like mad and my mood level was: EXTREMELY HIGH..... but all that was just for less than a minute tho, when i found out that......

.....CURTAINS is not the answer to the question: 29% of household do not have what? aiiiyaaarrrkkk! how la like that. you are not specific as to this survey is localised where. geographical area demands different household items. could someone PLEASE gimme some answers so that i can try again.... then we share share arrr.... (^^)

then, it was off the hospital i went, with the earpiece connected to FLY FM still stuck in my left pinna (that's ear lobe for you guys). i was minding my own stuff, learning, doing what the MO told me to do (which was observe the basic things and build your way up), when suddenly a BITCHY staff NURSE had this conversation with me (loudly), infront of some patients, my groupmate, and the family members of the patients:

S/N: ni apa pakai seluar macam ni?

me: *blur

S/N: ni nak jadi doctor ka nak jadi apa? nak bergaya2 datang wad. bukan gaya doctor pakai macam ni

me: *silently..... habis tu, doctor pakai macam mana? selekeh ke?

S/N: lain kali nak datang hospital, takyah nak pakai macam ni. kalau tak, jangan datang. doctor rahide dan doctor haridass tak nampak lagi ni (padahal the day before, i was wearing a diamante studded blouse infront of dr. rashide and he didn't say anything about it). esok jangan pakai macam ni. apa nak jadi ni?

me: ....WTF?? bitch.....


all these while, no one said anything about this pants. not even the HOD of medicine. what made this S/N so worked up? ENLIGHTEN me.......please

Sunday, March 23, 2008

come and get more (insulation on your body)!!

Calories, Fat (grams) ­

1. Deluxe Breakfast Biscuit (McDonald's): 1,320, 63
2. Double Whopper with Cheese (Burger King): 990, 64
3. Chocolate Shake (large, 22 ounces, Burger King): 950, 29
4. TenderCrisp Chicken Sandwich (Burger King): 780, 43
5. Pepperoni Personal Pan Pizza (Pizza Hut): 640, 29
6. French Fries (large, McDonald's): 570, 30
7. Meatball Marinara (6-inch wheat sub, Subway): 560, 24
8. Big Mac (McDonald's): 540, 29
9. Tuna (6-inch wheat sub, Subway): 530 31
10. Meat Lovers Hand-Tossed Pizza (1 slice, Pizza Hut): 490, 27
11. Sausage, Egg, and Cheese Croissan'wich (Burger King): 470, 32
12. Extra Crispy Chicken Breast (KFC): 440, 27
13. Supreme Pan Pizza (1 slice, Pizza Hut): 440, 23
14. Sweet & Spicy Wings (5, boneless, KFC): 440, 19
15. Cheesy Tots (large, 12 pieces, Burger King): 430, 24
16. Cold Cut Combo (6-inch wheat sub, Subway): 410, 17
17. Pepperoni Stuffed Crust Pizza (1 slice, Pizza Hut): 390, 19
18. Asian Salad with Crispy Chicken (McDonald's): 380, 17 30.
19. Original Recipe Thigh (KFC): 330, 24
20. KFC Snacker (KFC): 320, 16
21.Hershey's Sundae Pie (Burger King): 310, 19
22. Oven Roasted Chicken Breast (6-inch wheat sub, Subway): 310, 5
23. Coca-Cola Classic (large, 32 ounces, McDonald's): 310, 0

row, row, row your STEAMBOAT

for those who know me, i am a STEAMBOAT addict (alongside with other weird addictions that i have like i am addicted to chappati, dal, naan, wheatbiscuit, soybeans). the evening after the recording, i was kinda hungry and my fren wanted to take me out for dinner. so, i took the op to suggest this little nook in IKANO POWER CENTER, called PELAU KETAM STEAMBOAT.

F/N: this blog is not so complete with the prices and all... i couldn't get hold of the receipt (-_-").

so, i am just gonna show you guys some pixies and the overall rating of this place.

the dipping sauces.super HOT! very healthy as in they wre homemade sauces instead of the sauces that came in bottles. one is made from red chilles and the other is made from bird eyes chillies that'll just send your tastebuds to space!

a la carte: japanese soft taufu. yeah, i know, nothing fancy. but it is really fresh and the cubes were huge! once you boil them in your soup, the melt-in-you-mouth phenomena literally happens. rm1.80

the soup: you have choices of either tomyam soup or chicken soup. the tomyam soup costs more than the chicken soup. they are bottomless (i like!). each diner have their own bowl of soup and their own built in hotplate. so, you can spike your own soup with anything you want. i did mine with soy sauce. you won't have to worry about what others would mind to have in their soup. hygiene wise, you have your own individual soup therefore you can drink the soup straight from the steamer if you can't wait (like me leyyy....)

see the dumplings in the top part of this pic? i like the dumpling loads! rm5 for 4 pieces. it is filled with loads of vegies and somekind of mince meat, possible chicken or fish or shrimp (i am betting on fish). the set: this set is for 2 (even this we can't finish cause my fren wasn't eating much and i was full with soup), rm 21.80. it came with fresh, huge prawns, fish pieces, some processed fish producrs, loads of greens, crabstick, fried stuffs (which i didn't even dare to touch), mini noodles, quail eggs.

i would highly recommend this place for those who want a more refined environment while eating steamboat. the prices are a little higher than the usual steamboat that you get at seafood eateries but it is definitely worth it.
lower ground floor (opp uncle chin and QQ jellyhouse)
ikano power center

Saturday, March 22, 2008

KCK ......thank GOD for lutfi! we WON!

ok....i can't actually talk much about what this is all about. but definitely, this is something worth waiting for (in the TV i mean). really fun, funny, and yeah.... for the first round....the BLING team (lutfi and i) won!!! weeeeee.......!
so, this is the pixies of the experience and feeling (read: SUPER HAPPY!!) of the day.

rainy day. while waiting for other contestants, i filled in the release form.

up to do hair and makeup. aiyarrrkkk.... why la my face so blahdy fair one?? like kena tekap with tepung gomak je...!

reading the recipe. talking with the opponent. trying my best to remember the ingreds. gawsh!!! i am so bad at following recipes.

we weren't allowed to take any pixies while the recording was going on. but it was dead FUNNY and exciting. just wait for it to air la yeah!
post recording. waiting to be on the chopping board (read: judged). excitement overcame the kan cheongness that we were having.

the winning dish. may lack in presentation. but definitely tastes GOOD! thanks to lutfi. if he can cook, anyone can!! ehhehe

serving my partner and his friend (aiyarrkkk...didn't get his name) the WINNING dish.

family, friends, contestants, hosts, judges savouring the food that were prepared. clearly, i was asking fabes to have more of the mee. he said it was not bad. as everyone else said too. even the judges ate seconds and thirds....especially AMBER CHIA!! woot! woot!

the WINNING team and the WINNING dish with the 2 funny and uber kool hosts: PHAT FABES & RINA.

me. still serving.

finally, i got the courage to try the food. not because i am afraid that it is not nice, i was sure it was nice. but i am afraid to eat high calorie food. but for this, i took 3 slivers of mee and tried. yeah, it was nice. no wonder the judges liked it.

chef zam, amber chia, me. whatelse am i doing right? camwhorring le.

the battle in me

i woke up today

with this question in my head: "who am i?"

my insides were having a battle against each other

particularly my muscle groups (MG) against my will (W)

W wanted to go for a morning run

mainly because, if it didn't it'll feel like wack

it'll feel all fat and down low

but MG were too lazy

MG were making loads, tonnes of excuses

and then came my conscious (C)

C said: "tell me the story"

MG said: i am farking lazy

W said (while crying): "i don't want to become fat again"

MG and W battle it out in the presence of C

my whole body was doing things

without giving a damn shaite about how I feel

it made me want to read this book....

damn it

i just remembered: i don't even have this book in my personal library


C made a final decision

"go run", it said

MG had to give in because W was bawling away

equipped with my radio mobile

and a whole load of will power

i ran

i was happy at first

but something was bothering me

even with my bandana which was giving me a tight band-like headache to keep the earpieces from running wild and falling out while i run

the earpieces of my radio mobile went against me

i look like an accident

not waiting to happen

but already happening


F/N: after about 45 running minutes, i felt so much better. W was damn happy and fresh. MG were complaining at first but after a while, they were happy too because they get to tone themselves rather than feeling sluggish.

moral: whatever excuse you make to yourself for not wanting to exercise, shove it up your @$$ and just go for it. it'll make you so much better for the whole day.

Friday, March 21, 2008

short legs or TOO long sighted?

oh my GOD!!! i swear, this is sooooo FUNNY! i mean, come on.... i am so emotionless and not many things could actually make me laugh my heart out. but for this one.... if you don't laugh, seriously, you have no funny bone left in you.

pp/s: courtesy of pott. hey, i did not sleep thru this one at all! amazing!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

"Fly Fm?"

aiyaaarrkkkk! i have been trying for this cash call since before they officially started. i was so bloody doped on tuesday morning when i texted them and i got a call immediately after that. eagerly, i answerd "fly fm" instead of my usual half-hearted "hello". i was hoping and wishing hard that i won something. all my rainbows were gone when it was the pagi show's producer called up just to give me a "test run". haaaaiiiishhhh.... don't play play lorrr.... i got heartbroken already la like this....i got STUMPED (first episode).

then today, i answered "fly fm?" (see this time got question mark cause i was doubtful that they'd call me). my bubble that was half blown was busted yet again when it wasn't the cash caller that called me. it was the kam cheong people calling me about the change in my call time. haiiiyahhh..... *cry cry cry* STUMPED (second episode)

please la FLY fm.... call me for the cash call thing. you know my number and i really answer my fon with "fly fm". my friends seriously think that i am working with the station already cause of this.

this is what my imaginary fortune cookie read today. i am still actively texting in for the cash call. CALL ME ALREADY, FLY FM!!!
I am WAITING like mad here.....(@_@)

drama, drama, drama

......boy, we sure do have loads of actresses and actors in our government now, eh? does tears touch your hearts? not this kind of tears, i hope.

got this courtesy of an email from my lovely lovely aunt... kekekekek

i am still wondering: why is the lady in orange crying as well? does it really hurt that much not to be in the stand anymore?

maybe it's MAYBELLINE. kak pidah trying her hands on endorsing SUPER RED HOT LIPPIES that have been her signature look since before i was born.
haven't some people heard of the word "CHANGE"?

shy, shy cat?
pp/s: i did not edit any of these. they came in the mail just like these exactly.

"ne me quitte pas"


when i first went back to my room

no one was there to wait for me

but "we" were there

"we" were looking and smiling at me

with the words above "us"


thanks to you

i have successfully engraved these words in my head

never give up

never fall back

never say never


i thought you were weak

but alas, i was wrong

you are strong, ok maybe not as strong as me (hehehehe)

it is just that you need to realise it

do not throw away the courage and strength in you if they don't believe you

i do, i BELIEVE you

yes, i want you to change

even though i have come to like you as the way you are

change for the better, not for the worse

don't loose yourself or give in to obstacles or "officers"

whatever it is, don't stop being you, who i have got to know

"ne me quitte pas"

i don't think i can face you being someone else

"ne me quitte pas"

i don't think i can accept the fact that you are getting weak

"ne me quitte pas"

don't go crazy on me


pp/s: i am so not a les. but when you have a GREAT gf, you can't help yourself but care.