Saturday, March 8, 2008

chicken dance

this is to make the lives of other HCP much more easier. this is the myotome and dermatome examination of the upper limb....

put on the funky music (i am trying to put this in the same tune as UMBRELLA from rihanna....), and start the dance!!

C5,C6: abduction of the upper limbs

C7,C8: adduction of the upper limbs

C5, C6: flexion of the upper limb

C7,C8: extension of the upper limb

C6,C7: flexion and extension at the wrist level

C7,C8: flapping of fingers at metacarpalphalangeal joints
C8,T1: adduction & abduction of fingers
now, after the myotomes are A-OK, lets check the dermatomes of the upper limb (this part needs no dancing. just some touchy feelies.....)

i'll be putting up the lower limb as soon as i get some pixies. i was rushing just now, so, i managed to get the upper limb done only. thanks alot to yah for helping me in this. hopefully, this'll make the HCPs' lives much easier, eh?
N/B: i lost 3kgs in 4 weeks of posting.... woot! woot! \(^_^*)/

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