Sunday, March 23, 2008

row, row, row your STEAMBOAT

for those who know me, i am a STEAMBOAT addict (alongside with other weird addictions that i have like i am addicted to chappati, dal, naan, wheatbiscuit, soybeans). the evening after the recording, i was kinda hungry and my fren wanted to take me out for dinner. so, i took the op to suggest this little nook in IKANO POWER CENTER, called PELAU KETAM STEAMBOAT.

F/N: this blog is not so complete with the prices and all... i couldn't get hold of the receipt (-_-").

so, i am just gonna show you guys some pixies and the overall rating of this place.

the dipping sauces.super HOT! very healthy as in they wre homemade sauces instead of the sauces that came in bottles. one is made from red chilles and the other is made from bird eyes chillies that'll just send your tastebuds to space!

a la carte: japanese soft taufu. yeah, i know, nothing fancy. but it is really fresh and the cubes were huge! once you boil them in your soup, the melt-in-you-mouth phenomena literally happens. rm1.80

the soup: you have choices of either tomyam soup or chicken soup. the tomyam soup costs more than the chicken soup. they are bottomless (i like!). each diner have their own bowl of soup and their own built in hotplate. so, you can spike your own soup with anything you want. i did mine with soy sauce. you won't have to worry about what others would mind to have in their soup. hygiene wise, you have your own individual soup therefore you can drink the soup straight from the steamer if you can't wait (like me leyyy....)

see the dumplings in the top part of this pic? i like the dumpling loads! rm5 for 4 pieces. it is filled with loads of vegies and somekind of mince meat, possible chicken or fish or shrimp (i am betting on fish). the set: this set is for 2 (even this we can't finish cause my fren wasn't eating much and i was full with soup), rm 21.80. it came with fresh, huge prawns, fish pieces, some processed fish producrs, loads of greens, crabstick, fried stuffs (which i didn't even dare to touch), mini noodles, quail eggs.

i would highly recommend this place for those who want a more refined environment while eating steamboat. the prices are a little higher than the usual steamboat that you get at seafood eateries but it is definitely worth it.
lower ground floor (opp uncle chin and QQ jellyhouse)
ikano power center

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