Monday, March 10, 2008

we are moving nowhere but BACKWARDS

the much awaited (i didn't wait actually....i can't seem to bring myself to care at all) election day is finally OVER, or is it? well, physically it is. as in the political promises (read: lies, false statements, "omong kosong"), the rallies, the posters and flags (that no doubt has dirtied the streets, clog the drains, became major eye sores, and wasted so much money that could have been used for good), the campaigns (which are worse than children moking each other in playgrounds and picking on each other. these are ADULTS for heaven's sake!! or are they?), and all that shaite is done and over with. what is left now, is the AFTERMATH.

i know prolly you guys who are reading this are wondering: "eh, why she talking abt politics? she not into it aite?" the answer is still: yes, i am not at all into politics. i just want to write this post because i am saddened very much of one incident that ma has told me came out in the news.

it is about what is happening to the kindergartens in kedah darul aman (from now on, it shall be kedah darul porak peranda). please read this link if you are interested to know what has made me really angry and sad all at the same time:

if you are at all in the right mind, you will not jeopardize education in anyway. it is not like these kids are learning some new cult, or taking notes on how to become a nuisance for the country, or anything BAD and UNACCEPTABLE. these kids are in kindergartens, learning how to read, write, express themselves, learn how to be disciplined,sugar, spice and everything nice. now, they are told to be closed down because of some political reasons implemented by the 'all new' reigning party of Kedah darul porak peranda. what would these kids feel when they go to their schools next week (this is school hols week) just to find out that there are NO SCHOOLS literally and physically for them to learn in. imagine the sadness and shock that they'd feel to separate from the comfort that they are learning to accept by being away from their families for a few hours and enjoying their activities in school. what did these kids do to deserve this?? you tell me.

aren't they, as MATURE ADULTS, are supposed to teach respect, good moral values, kindness, tolerance to these kids? but instead, in some ways possible, they are instilling hatred, revenge, and backstabbing, altogether to these poor children.

it really make me wonder what would become to this land we call our home, MALAYSIA, in the near future.

the voters have spoken, the idiots are in charge. go figure.

this is one of the reasons why i HATE politics: it is so DIRTY.


Anonymous said...

Actually this particular news have been squashed as false and are solely rumors. Always take everything from the mainstream media with a grain of salt ...

redSeptember said...

owh...? it a rumour? so i heard.

see, this is what i mean, POLITICS is shaite!

ADULTS acting like KIDS.

i still firmly think POLITICS is a waste of time.
there are so many other important things in the world that needs extra attention but people are just not bothered because there are too busy with politics, that actually brought all these other problems out in the world.


Tenno Miyake said...

Well said,

Political is more of waste of time but as someone who is living in this country, we have to at least know what's going on.

Yeah for some people, they may just say, if the country is totally ruined, we can leave and stay in the other country.

So are we gonna be like the Burmese? Or the africans? Or tibetians?

Being a voter is responsible enough to determine the future of this country.

I love this country. I don't the politics but i really have to pay attention to them as it's all about future.

Think of our descendants.

So we have to act from now.

redSeptember said...

i HEART Malaysia too. i HATE the people running it tho.

hujan emas di negara orang, hujan batu di negara sendiri. lebih baik berada di negara sendiri, iye tak?