Tuesday, March 25, 2008


i woke up today at about 0515h (i don't know why, but this seems to be my new autowake time) eventhough i slept only at around 0000 previously, after a 16 and a half hour day. i can't complain much because it was a good day yesterday. we were on call and we had an adorable and yet very kind MO to guide us thru.

it is true if you want something, all you've got to do is ask. if it wasn't for me, we weould have been waiting, as bored as stone, in the ward and we will be presenting cases that we clerked. i didn't wanna do that as we did that already in the morning. so instead of waiting, i have decided to put up a face and asked the doctor if we could follow his rounds, and yeah, he agreed! we went to see many surgical cases and learned quite alot. but the most important lesson that i learned was: ASK.

as i was getting ready today, i got an unexpected call from an unknown number. my immediate reaction when i picked it up was: FLY FM.... (gawsh!!! i am like so into this CA$H CALL thingy that sometimes, i even call myself from other fons just for the sake of a trial run. most of the word that come out from my mouth these days, either rhyme with FLY FM or has anything to do with FLY FM. hell! i was even hooked on my radio mobile while i was clerking my patients!)

to my surprise, the producer of THE PAGI SHOW on FLY FM called me. but to my disappointment, it wasn't the cash call. nevertheless, i was put thru to FABES and BEN. they wanted me to give a morning shout out. since i know for sure that no one important to me was awake at that hour of time, i ended up just chatting with the guys and of course, that was a good start to my day. thanks for the call guys! perhaps you could call me later for the CA$H CALL? i have been texting since FOREVER.....

i am so determined to get thru to the WAKE UP YOUR BRAIN jig. right after the FIX IT, i dialled immediately, non-stop, my determination was on full throttle. when i finally got thru, i was super excited that i nearly blew an artery in my head! my adrenaline was rushing like mad and my mood level was: EXTREMELY HIGH..... but all that was just for less than a minute tho, when i found out that......

.....CURTAINS is not the answer to the question: 29% of household do not have what? aiiiyaaarrrkkk! how la like that. you are not specific as to this survey is localised where. geographical area demands different household items. could someone PLEASE gimme some answers so that i can try again.... then we share share arrr.... (^^)

then, it was off the hospital i went, with the earpiece connected to FLY FM still stuck in my left pinna (that's ear lobe for you guys). i was minding my own stuff, learning, doing what the MO told me to do (which was observe the basic things and build your way up), when suddenly a BITCHY staff NURSE had this conversation with me (loudly), infront of some patients, my groupmate, and the family members of the patients:

S/N: ni apa pakai seluar macam ni?

me: *blur

S/N: ni nak jadi doctor ka nak jadi apa? nak bergaya2 datang wad. bukan gaya doctor pakai macam ni

me: *silently..... habis tu, doctor pakai macam mana? selekeh ke?

S/N: lain kali nak datang hospital, takyah nak pakai macam ni. kalau tak, jangan datang. doctor rahide dan doctor haridass tak nampak lagi ni (padahal the day before, i was wearing a diamante studded blouse infront of dr. rashide and he didn't say anything about it). esok jangan pakai macam ni. apa nak jadi ni?

me: ....WTF?? bitch.....


all these while, no one said anything about this pants. not even the HOD of medicine. what made this S/N so worked up? ENLIGHTEN me.......please


Anonymous said...

Alia girl, there is nothing wrong with your pants. PPL can be very unpredictable and bitchy (both gender ok). Just be yourself and hold your head up, do not stoop to their level. It would be interesting though to know what you can and cannot wear (besides the obvious). Leave stupid ppl alone, takut contagious nnt. :)

redSeptember said...

thank you for your support.

stupidity is contagious. that is why i'd rather not be in the same presence as them.

but for the sake of my patients, i'll make an acception

she prolly hates me because she ain't me hehehehe

Tenno Miyake said...


Texting the radio?



Jo-Ee said...

diorang ni bodoh dan bangang giler..

there was once that i wore knee-length skirt to the kursus pergigian organised by the government department la.
n then one of my typical malay colleague (no offence pls.. i mean TYPICAL)said "Eh.. you pakai skirt macam ni~~ nanti org yg bagi ceramah tu pening"
Helloooo~~ I pakai skirt je, k? bukan duduk terkangkang n tak pakai seluar dalam~~

Diorang ni memang bodoh~

Don't stupidity bring you down~

sarah said...

I love your pants!. Theyre so vintage... :D Public service staff can so kodi sometimes!. ure right on that part: she hates you coz she ainty you.! LOL

khairul said...

salam tuan rumah,stumbled uponn ur topic in fs forum..huhu..staff nurse tu pms kot..ntah apa2 laa dia marah awak gtu..

redSeptember said...

ya lorrr tenno... i am a competition addict! :P

no offense taken babes, i know i am not TYPICAL heehhe

thanks for the compli sarah, yeah they are motivi vintage. maybe nurse tu takde kott pants gaya ni.. ;)

tak mungkin la dia pms, khairul. nampak gaya macam dah menopause je kakakak

nurul said...

makcik nurse suker ckp bende yg tak patut..sigh