Thursday, September 30, 2010

Take a look inside of me

I honestly and truly hope that none of you will ever have to go through a colonoscope. It is the most torturing 10-15mins of your life. An endoscope is almost the same thing too.

I had to go through my second scope today, endo and colono. Even before the scope starts, the torture starts already: bowel prep. This is so that the bowels are clear and empty so that it can be viewed thoroughly. A 90ml bottle of FLEET will be given and a strict program of bowel prep have to be followed: absolute liquid diet (no dairy products or creamer) the whole day prior. I can still withstand all that. But what I can't stand is the taste of FLEET. It makes me gag and it gives me headache. The taste will stay in my mouth even when I wake up in the morning, despite drinking alot of plain water and brushing my teeth. Seriously, the taste is THAT bad.

Then come the scope part. Yes, they do give me some sedatives (domicum) but it just makes me drowsy. No matter what, having a scope done on you is painful. Endoscope makes me gag like mad and my throat hurts like hell. Colonoscope was the worst. I don't remember the scope going into me as I was already out at that time. But when they start pushing it further into my bowel and introducing gas to dilate my bowel, I was fighting it. I tried to pull the scope out of me until 3 people had to hold me down. At one point, because the scope can't get through, the medical assistant had to press my abdomen, more intense pain. I was basically crying for them to take the scope out because I can't stand it. I think I passed out again because I was too tired fighting against the pain.

There were some findings from the scope. So far, nothing exact is confirmed yet. Waiting for my histopathological results in a month's time.

Please, I hope I don't need for any more scope.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I am watching you....

I totally get it that fashion is a statement of individuality. To each, his own. Or whatever that means.

But what I don't get is, this.

When I saw this gentleman in the Klinik Kesihatan the other day, I wonder to myself: 'Is this a fashion statement (HIS fashion statement), or does this gentleman suffer from cerebellar lesions?'

Why do I say that this gentleman might suffer from cerebellar lesions? This is because, in cerebellar lesions, there is a sign that we call 'past pointing'. This means that the patient cannot poiont to the target without wobbling his way through. Similarly, past pointing in this gentleman, he wanted to put his sunnies, perched on his head, but instead, he passed the targeted point (i.e. top of his head) and went all the way to the back of his head. Like as if he doesn't know where the top of his head is.


What an irony

As I was getting out of my car in the parking lot near the staffs' quarters, I saw this discarded box right beside my door. I looked at it carefully and I can't believe my eyes. It is actually a box of candies that look like tooth brush and toothpaste.

But, don't candies cause caries in the first place, if the child does not clean his teeth regularly?

And also, say someone says that "Oh this will then eventually make the child want to use the REAL toothpaste and tooth brush more often", but too much consumption of sugary food will eventually cause obesity that leads to diabetes.

My question is, in what way does this box of candies benefit?

Monday, September 27, 2010

I don't want to be a vegetarian

why? because they have the weirdest menu on earth!

BITTER GROUP? OMG, if you were amongst the unlucky ones to be a member of bitter group, you'll be eaten by vegetarians. So, in essence, vegetarians are cannibals??

What on God's green earth is CUTTERFISHY? something that will cut your throat while you try to eat it? really, something FISHY is going on here. No pun intended.

I did not know that sharks have lips that are so botoxed that they can eaten? From what i know, sharks have no lips at all. they only have mouths. My question is: whose lips are we eating?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


See how tiny my PinkLady is besides that huge toshiba??

That is why I am more than lucky to have what I have :)

If only PinkLady comes in REd ^_^

They shouldn't be alive

I have been reading the papers lately and there are many reports on murders, mass murders, bombing and all that. Most of the victims are innocent people that just pass through your lives without any trouble. Sad ain't it'?

But people like this smart ass, who parks as if he/she retarded or something, and make the other cars suffer under the hot scorching sun, this kind of people should be shot in the head.

OMG! farking irritating.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Ke-melayu-an aku.

Untuk birthday aku Ahad lepas, aku memang berniat nak buat makan2 untuk kawan2 aku. Mujur mereka bersetuju, lantas aku pun bertungkus lumus memerah otak untuk ide2 bernas, bagi membuka selera rakan2 aku.

Kerana terlalu lama berada di Kedah, aku amat rindu pada masakan Johor, kampung halaman aku. Sudah 2 tahun aku beraya di Kedah, pasti aku rindu pada suasana kampung ku. Jadi aku pun bercadang ingin menghidupkan sentimen Johor di tengah2 pekan Alor Setar ini. Aku memutuskan untuk menyediakan Kuah Kacang dan Masak Lodeh.

Tapi perkara yang mencabar minda adalah, beberapa rakan aku hanya makan makanan sayuran sahaja. Jadi, aku tidak boleh menggunakan udang kering atau belacan. Tidak mengapa kerana aku berfikiran "Malaysia Boleh!", jadi aku berusaha sedaya upaya memasak dua jenis masakan itu tanpa menggunakan bahan2 yang penting.

Alhamdulillah, Kuah Kacang aku mendapat sambutan ramai. Mereka amat suka dengan Kuah Kacang yang aku masak, malah mereka sanggup ratah sahaja kuah itu. Siap ada lagi yang berkata: "Kini, kalau ada satay, sangat enak!"

Kuah Masak Lodeh aku juga mendapat sambutan yang serupa. Ada diantara mereka tidak pernah merasai masakan ini, namun mereka amat menggemarinya setelah mencuba masakan aku. Habis seperiuk lauk yang aku masak.

Sebenarnya, aku ingin menjamu rakan2 aku dengan nasi impit agar susana beraya di Johor itu dapat disemarakkan lagi. Tetapi, aku sudah silap kiraan dan tidak dapat menyediakan nasi impit untuk dimakan bersama kuah kacang dan kuah masak lodeh. Akhirnya, aku terpaksa akur dengan memasak nasi putih sahaja.

Kawan aku berkata: "Alia, kini kau berjaya membuktikan yang kau sebenarnya Melayu"

Nota kaki: Tere tak melayu aku? har har har

And more they come

Thanks for the kerongsang set, Ruby

I have been pestering CCH for this for so long... now she got me one :)

A comic from Amal

My first ever bustier

Of course I'm juicy :)

Makes me feel sexy....

Friday, September 17, 2010

I could just smile :)

Received an unexpected package from my lovely family in Vienna today. Didn't even know that I was getting something. The knick knacks in the package are so lovely, I am so so so happy to get each and everyone of them. I mean, it means alot! Each and everyone of it carries a significant meaning.

Some of the gifts were handmade by no other than Amal, and some (cash) from Yayah, made me smile even wider heehheh.... I know, I know, I do not have a list up this year, I just want to be surprised. Boy, I do love what I got from all of you!!

There are more to be put up but the stupid internet is just so jealous that I can't upload it U_U

Neway, Mamak, rantai tu boleh kena air tak?

Sunday, September 12, 2010

How do you relate?

I went to one of my favourite sundry shop located in Pekan Rabu, Alor Setar. The shop is called Borong Din and it sells all the oddities that you can imagine. I like it because, well, the price is affordable and reasonable. Imagine this, 1kg of good large red onions is only rm1.50!!

Anyway, what surprise me most is that,I was scanning through the prices of dried goods when I came across the sign for dried red chillies. At first I thought I was imagining things or it was some kind of prank. But even after 10mins, the sign was still there.

I seriously cannot relate dried red chillies and sex danger. Can you?

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Cats and cars

cats stealing wheelsHave you ever wondered why cats like to sleep under cars, behind tyres, on top of the car's roof? It is as if cars are cat magnets that cats are extremely attracted to them.

Many times, we've heard stories about cats being run over by cars just beacause they were catnapping in places that weren't meant to be. But all these stories that I heard, were so far away from me that I never felt the severity of the death of a cat being run over. Until 2 days ago.

I was on my way out from the male psychiatric ward at the old hospital. A staff nurse has parked her car right infront of the main gate and she was starting her car, to make a move out of the compound. While we were walking out, she was backing her car out. We didn't hear anything abnormal at all. But as she was going further away from her original spot, I saw something writhing in pain on the grass. At first it did not register to me what was that. After awhile, I finally realized that it was a cat, squashed and on the verge of death. It was stammering as the last breath of life escaped from its body. Its brain were half splattered out from its skull and its eyes were all out from their sockets.

I couldn't believe what I saw and I immediately alerted the driver. She was also shocked of what just happened. But I don't blame her as no one would expect a cat will still be under the car when the engine is on.

So there. I saw the death of a cat, squashed by a car. That image still haunts my head.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mencuri di bulan puasa

Pagi tadi aku berada di Hospital Alor Setar, lebih tepat sekali, aku berada di klinik psikiatri. Most of the patients yang datang di klinik adalah patient yang stabil dan hanya datang untuk amik ubat dan counselling. Jadi, disebabkan waktu tu awal lagi dan doktor pun belum ada lagi, kebanyakan pesakit hanya berlegar-legar di ruang menunggu di luar klinik.

Masa aku menunggu tu, aku ada terpandang seorang pakcik dalam lingkungan umur lewat 30-an. dia sedang duduk di tepi pagar ditemani seorang lagi uncle yang agak tua dari pakcik itu. Uncle tu tertidur sambil menunggu, tetapi pakcik itu tidak. Aku takde la perhati lama sangat. Tapi setelah beberapa lama, aku tengok pakcik tu macam mengambil sesuatu dari saku baju uncle yang tengah tidur tu.

Uncle tu tertidur terlalu nyenyak sampai dia tak sedar yang pakcik tu telah mengambil sekotak rokok dari aku baju uncle tu. Kemudian, dengan pantas, pakcik itu bangun dan memandang ke arah aku. Masa tu aku memang dah nampak apa pakcik tu buat. Pakcik tu memasukkan rokok yang dia baru curi itu kedalam saku seluarnya dan bergerak ke arah sekumpulan lelaki lain yang takde mengena dengannya atas alasan nak menutup kesalahannya.

Aku tenung lama pakcik itu dan dia perasan aku tenung dia. Dia rasa tak sedap hati, kemudian dia terus start motor and beredar dari situ.

Kerana sekotak rokok, sanggup pakcik tu mencuri di bulan mulia ni kan?

Amal, this is for you....

Kalau aku ada, aku sangkut kat kain dia kott, tengok best tak terbang freestyle macam tu :P

Boleh caya ke footage neh?