Saturday, May 31, 2008

round round the mulberry bush

laundry day is not a predetermined day in this household. whenever the hamper is full of dirties, then it calls for the washing to be done. laundry day started yesterday by washing the coloured ones first. today, it is the whites turn.

i put in the dirties in the washer and load it up with detergent and softener. push some buttons here, set the timing there... and START!

this is the odd part: i will wait for the water to go up to the required level and then when it starts to whirl around, i will just stand there to watch it go round and round and round. somehow, this gives me a nice feeling. i like watching the washer whirling and twirling and then the soap suds start to build up....ahhh.... nice..... don't ask me why, i myself oso donna why i like looking at this machine doing what it does best: WHIRLING.

i think mama oso likes to look at the washer at this point because she will leave the lid up to see the thing build up the soap and then close the lid much later. sometimes, she forgets to close the lid that the machine goes on idle after the washing stage. ehheheheh

yeah, i am odd. kill me already.

Friday, May 30, 2008

The Apartment (not the restaurant, mind)

no matter how much i try not to feel the fear, it comes and haunt me, time and again. the cause of me writing this entry was because i was watching SEEKERS on NTV7 just now. it was a load of bull, that much i could testify. but towards the end, the host, the lady who dresses up like a pontianak, she was possesed while the filming was taking place. she was just staring into space and randomly looking deeply into the eyes of the production crew. although it was on TV and i miles and times away from the real occurance, i felt jittered. and then, the memory flooded back into my mind. the thing that happened to me when i was at The Apartment, a newly opened apartment at the foot of the hill of Genting Highlands.

i was new in KTJ at that time. i came in for form 4. in order for me to socialize, mama has coughed out some money immediately after she found out that there'd be a school trip to genting for the first weekend that i was there. ok fine. so maybe that is the stepping stone for me to get to know people. i played the game, went for the trip, not expecting in my wildest imagination for this particular incident to happen to me.

we reached the apartment that we were to stay in sometime near dusk. we were placed 4 to an apartment. i shared the master with my roomie from jawahir house and the other 2 girls got the single rooms. the apartment was huge and it was really new at that time. after settling down, we all got ready to have dinner. we went for dinner and i was still all in my shell as i was too shy to mix around. after dinner, i decided to go straight back up to my room and stay there since i have no one to hang with.

the TV was blah and i had nothing to do. so, i decided to retire early. no one was in the apartment with me at that moment. i left most of the lights on as i was rather afraid. on the master bed, i covered my self with the quilt and covered my face with the pillow so that it won't be too bright for me to sleep. as i was just lying there, still wide awake, i felt like the quilt was lifting away from me, slowly but surely. the space between myself and the quilt felt hot. at first, i ignored it, thinking that it must be my imagination. but as the quilt felt like it was separating from me further and further, i immediately sat up. i couldn't believe what i see. the quilt has formed into a dome-like formation infront of me! i didn't and couldn't think much. i didn't look under the quilt. i just pushed the dome of a quilt down and pooof!! all the the heat that i felt, deflated just like that. i was stunned.

immediately, i ran downstairs to where my schoolmates were. lucky enough, my roomies were on their way up. i half-told them about what had happened. as they entered the house, one girl saw something in the master. she and the other girl decided not to stay there for the night and bunk with their friends instead. i can't do that, i ain't got no friends at that time. thank god the girl that shared the master with me decided to keep me company. we went in search of our teachers and told them exactly what happened. we even called the manager to speak about this. and his answer was: "yes, this is not the first time anything like this has happened. it has occured many times. we can't fight it because this is their place. we are merely taking over and they may be angry".

so, it wasn't my imagination. it was true.
the next day, when everyone has gone up to genting's theme park, i decided to stay. what happened the night before scared me but still, i didn't feel like socializing. so the best option was to be in the apartment, regardless of the hauntings. it was mid morning when i switched on the TV to watch something. i was just channel hopping and there was nothing to watch. so i put the remote on the coffee table and left the TV on (i don't want the apartment to be silent). as i was walking away from the TV area, the channel started changing on its own!! now, i have seen this happening in the horror movies, never tot that it could actually happen real live and especially to me!! i stared at the TV changing itself and i went blank for a moment. then it hit me: this is their place. i can't do anything about it and where could i run since everyone's up in genting? i went to switch off the set and i sat waiting on my bed. nothing happened after that.
even until now, the images of the occurances still run wild in my head. writing this entry gave me goosebumps.


after walking back from pott's apartment for a round of badminton with nana (we are badminton junkies), i was cooking a healthy dinner comprising of daging masak asam and mixed vegies cooked with oyster sauce (i can cook ok. and moreover, these dishes, i didn't put any extra fat in them and they taste all the same as the ones that are bathed in oil!).

so, as we were cooking, out of nowhere, i asked nana: "what if i get married, will you be ok with it?" her jaw literally dropped open and then yah came trotting around all of a sudden and said: "what!? did i hear that right?"

poker-faced, i repeated my question and added: "seriously, what if i get married?". nana was quick with the answer: "nana tak suka. mesti tak best". yah's answer was: "congratulations!" (but after that, she just remained silent. i can well assume that she wasn't up for the idea of me getting hitched).
quickly, i put their minds to ease by saying : "kaklin pun tak suka sebab macam susah aja and plus i don't think i am any ready yet".

seriously, i cannot imagine living away from my family, especially my sisters. yeah, we may always be bitchy towards each other (especially yah and i), but i don't have the heart to live out of their lives. somehow, in a twisted way, we are close.

and yah was tokking about how weird it is for her and aida to be friends with this guy from gym which is much older than them. then i gave her the look and asked her, what's wrong with his age? i am almost there too. then she said: "well, i never take you for being that age".

see, the equation is really simple: you act what your heart says and tells you to. really, no one can guess my age right and i hope it stays that way hehehe... i can be serious and mature when the situation mandates me to. but most of the time, i am just being me, no matter what number i am in.

my sisters and i : the perfect triangle.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

U n I t Y

snapped this in the parking area of Pott's apartment.

sebenarnya kan, korang faham ke apa maksud UNITY ni?

-the state of being one; oneness.
-the state or fact of being united or combined into one, as of the parts of a whole; unification.
-absence of diversity; unvaried or uniform character.
-oneness of mind, feeling, etc., as among a number of persons; concord, harmony, or agreement.

taken from:

latest hype in unity: Malaysian artiste for Unity (MAFU)

please, don't get me wrong. i am not against this new found project. infact i [heart] the song. the vidclip however was rather passe. anyway, at first, when i heard about the debut of this song on the radio, i was ecstatic. i can't wait for it to be aired. and when i finally heard it, i was glad because the tune was one of those kind that stays in your head and you have to somehow physically hear it to get the gist of it.

*tepuk tepuk tepuk*

well done to the composer, songwriter, artiste (eh, what is the plural for this arr?), and the team that put this project together.

then kan, after awhile, i started to think about this whole UNITY project. dah berapa banyak dah, but still, ada juga pergaduhan, perbalahan, racism, quotism, and all those shaites la.

sebenarnya, there are many reasons to be united. people canbe united against good or against bad. aku faham la, that this latest MAFU thingy is for good. but really, i want to know, what is the REAL reason for unity in malaysia, as projected since i could ever remember.

last time, the UNITY projects were not so hyped, but amazingly, the elders actually did unite. unlike now, people are just following the crowd. if you ain't in it, you ain't up-to-date. so, what the heck, follow je la kan. follow blindly pun takpe la.... janji glamer.

some of the unity projects that i can safely say, were "cool" for 3 months and then, gone with the wind (literally):

sekarang, dah takde saper pun pakai UNITY BAND ni. masa mula dulu, bukan main semua nak own this plastic band. i wonder what happened to it. kan ke membazir macam ni? do you really need a piece of plastic to indicate that you are together, standing arm-in-arm with one purpose: to be united?

i don't see the necessity. but for "cool" factor, yeah, ok.

this is mine. i got it from somewhere, can't quite remember. i used to wear it but after awhile, i find it a hassle because i don't want to spoil the band. so, i hang it on my backpack which i carry all the time. not so wasteful on my part.

then there is this button. i see alot of bloggers having this put in their blog. bukan main bangga, tapi yang pelik tu, nanti ada mengutuk about malaysia in their blog. pooorahhh! and the blog is fully ENGLISH. ahhahhahha.... lawak lawak....

paint your face with whatever chemical possible to mark UNITY. lepas tu, muka breakout, berkerutu, peeling, and all that you can imagine possible to happen to your face right before the big day (whatever day that is la), despite the label on the dye saying "toxic free", yeah right.

rambut sama hitam, muka sama conteng, hati lain lain (united ke macam ni?).

hmmm... who wants racism right? to me, no matter what colour you are, you are human. every single person on this planet deserves human rights. what makes you different is not the colour of your skin or the blood that runs thru you. it is the culture that was practiced by your ancestors and that has manifests itself in you. this is actually the factor that allows room for diversity that most of the time leads to what we term as racism.

diversity is good.discrimination is intollerable.

in the end, UNITY starts from within. find it in you first, get the whole idea right first, then only you talk arr....

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

we are helping you to help them

you guys really have to read this link. even rm10 makes a big difference if donated by many. we are helping you to help them. i hope you find it in your heart to give to these victims.

Your donations are tax-deductable and will be acknowledge with an official receipt.
Please write your particulars on reverse-side of your cheque
such as: Name, I/C, Address, Tel no.,and Handphone
Please mail to:316,Jalan Macalister,10450 Penang, Malaysia.

Donation Through Banking:
Please write your particulars on reverse-side of your cheque
such as: Name, I/C, Address, Tel no.,and Handphone
Bank Name: Maybank Berhad. 9, Union Street, Penang. Malaysia
• Account Number: 507013126489

Note: To receive our official receipt, Please mail us your bank-inslip together with the following information:
-Your name
-Your IC No.
-Your Postal Address

For more inquiries, please call 604-228 1013or
fax : 604-226 1013

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Anjing dan Alia

Pada suatu pagi (pagi tadi la sebenarnya), macam pagi pagi yang lain, Alia akan berjalan keluar dari kawasan kampus menuju ke arah kawasan perumahan untuk menaiki kereta rakannya BBP, untuk ke hospital. Setiap pagi, sebelum Alia memulakan perjalanannya ke luar kampus, dia akan memakai headphones nya dan hook it up to her phone untuk mendengar radio sambil berjalan.
Setelah berjalan keluar dari kampus, Alia akan melalui sebuah kawasan rumah kedai. Memang di situ ada banyak kucing atau anjing yang tidak mempunyai tuan, berkeliaran. kadang2 Alia tergelak melihat gelagat kucing2 sedang bergaduh la, sedang mating la, sedang mengiau secara mengada la. dalam fikirannya, macam-macam hal pula binatang ni kan?
walaupun Alia is hooked on her headphones, dia masih boleh mendengar bunyi kucing2 atau anjing2 yang berkeliaran di situ. Alia ni nampak je cool (eh, mmg kool pun kan?), tapi dia sebenarnya amat takut dengan anjing (kecuali Coffee, anjing perliharannya di campus. sekarang dah takde dah. ntah mana management bawa Coffee pergi).
Pagi itu (pagi ni la), ketika sedang melalui kawasan rumah kedai itu, Alia terdengar bunyi anjing sedang menyalak (more like whining la, but i don't know the BM equi to this word). pada mulanya, Alia ingin disregard aja bunyi anjing itu, tapi ntah bagaimana, dia terasa hati hendak mencari dari mana datangnya bunyi anjing itu. Alia mencari2 arah bunyi itu, dia melihat di bawah gerai burger, celah sofa lama, dan juga di dalam longkang yang agak kotor. iye, anjing itu berada di dalam longkang yang agak kotor (macam takde tempat lain la nak lepak kan).

longkang ini memang la kotor. ada seekor anak anjing telah terjatuh dalam longkang itu. dia basah dan dia mmg memekak. Alia berfikir: "macam mana ni? kesian pulak anjing ni. nak pegang, nnt nak kena samak, leceh la pulak. nak biarkan, tak sampai hati. haiisshhh.... susah betul la".
Alia keluarkan phonenya yang terletak di dalam poket belakang seluarnya dan berhajat untuk sms BBP supaya bawa kain buruk untuk alas tangan Alia ketika mengangkat anjing itu tadi. tapi, kalau nak tunggu berapa punya lama la kan. lantas, Alia berfikir lagi. dia tengok kelilingnya dan cuba mencari benda yang boleh mengalas tangannya. Aha!! Alia ternampak plastic tersangkut di gerai burger (alah, orang gerai kan ke selalu sangkut plastic untuk bungkus tu). Alia rasa macam salah pula nak ambil harta orang kan, tapi dalam keadaan terpaksa, takpe kott. Sorry abang burger!!
Alia pun ambil dua helai plastic. dengan akal nyer yang tajam (ceeewaaahhh!!!), dia membalut kedua belah tangannya. pada masa yang sama, mak anjing tu pun datang dengan anaknya yang lagi satu yang nampaknya pun macam pernah jatuh dalam longkang juga (sebab badan dia macam basah and kotor aja). mak anjing tu cuba nak rub against Alia, dia siap buat muka kesian lagi, tanda meminta tolong untuk menyelamatkan anaknya. Alia usir mak anjing itu dengan lembut (sebab takut dan sebab malas nak samak).
setelah tangan nya protected, Alia masuk ke dalam lubang longkang itu walaupun ia kotor. eh, don't play play arr.... longkang tu dalam ok. sebab masa Alia masuk, sampai ke aras pinggang nya and Alia ni tinggi orangnya (ceeet!). dia cuba mencengkam kulit di bahagian belakang leher anak anjing itu. setelah beberapa cubaan, barulah anak anjing itu berjaya dikeluarkan tanpa Alia got in contact with the wet puppy. tapi mungkin air longkang tu ada terkena Alia la sket kott (ieewwwwww!!).

setelah keluar dari longkang, mak anjing itu terus mendakap anaknya. anak anjing pun jalan macam drunken gait aja sebab dia kesejukan (wondered how long it has been in the drain). dengan mother's instinct yang kuat, mak anjing cepat2 membersihkan anak nya itu. mak anjing memandang Alia dengan mata yang sayu, tanda terima kasih kepadanya.

sambil mereka dalam keadaan berjumpa setelah sekian lama berpisah (ala2 scene dari jejak kasih), anak anjing yang sekor lagi (yang datang dengan mak anjing tu), memang la takde adab betul. bukannya dia nak bermesra sama adik dia tu, dia sibuk pula nak hisap susu mak anjing itu. haiisshh, macam binatang betul!

Alia sangat berpuas hati setelah dapat keluarkan anak anjing itu. tapi sekarang dia ada masalah lain: habis armpit dia basah sebab berpeluh semasa kerja menyelamatkan sedang berlaku, dah la dia nak kena pergi hospital......


*nasib tak busuk*

F/N: Alia ni memang wangi orangnya. ahaks!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

i can't shake it off

i am pretty sure this room is haunted. this is my room in the campus. room 1, apartment C2R. seriously, i am not imagining things and i am not making this up either because i when these kind of things happen to me, i hate it. simply because i can't get a good nite's sleep (but then again, i never do because i am suffering from chronic insomnia).
anyway, there were many occasions that had happened to me in this room, and also in this apartment. but what had happened recently made me want to write about it.
if i am not mistaken, it happened on last wednesday night. it was already about 1215 in the morn of thursday and i was still on my laptop. finally, i became really sleepy and i decided to retire. i went to bed.

i always leave my table light on and my laptop on standby when i am asleep. just incase i get bored when i get up in the mid of the night, at least i can do some surfing or watch something until i fall asleep again. also, i made it a point to put the holy Quran under my pillow, for protection purposes. but somehow, i forgot. i was about to drift off to sleep (i was sleeping on my side), when i felt that something was holding me. crushing me and keeping me still. i was trying to shake it off, but i can't. i was saying some holy words. i could feel my own hands touching my lips, making sure that i was saying them outloud. my lips were moving, i could hear me saying them, but nothing happened. i was still held tight. i tried to turn away, still the same thing.

when i finally got out of the drifting-off-to-sleep state, i immediately activate the laptop from its standby mode.

i quickly searched for the Quran verses file in my documents and put it to play. i left it on the whole time and thank GOD, nothing happened after that. i was jittered.....

just before i wake up to go on the laptop, i heard like a squawking sound that the crows make, coming from the window. i was like: "what the hell? there aren't any crows here, especially at this time of night". i just freaking disregard the sound and leave it at that.

there was once that i dreamt this "thing" was waiting to enter this room thru the window. and another dream indicated that the "thing" has finally found its way in.... crazy right?

all i can do is pray.

F/N: the evening before this happened, at about 8pm, i was driving back to the campus and we passed this bridge. as i was driving, i saw this person sitting at the side of the bridge, in the dark. and i asked the girls if they see what i saw. they didn't see anything. maybe it was my imagination, then again, maybe not.

she (mother earth) is crying.

April 22: it was EARTH DAY. very celebrated, very accepted, very hyped, all BULL. on this day (and the days before it) people were so excited to celebrate it. many events such as the freeze 4 minutes to save the earth that was organized by some people from facebook was advertised and was participated by many. it was covered in the local medias and the participants were dead happy to see their happy little faces in the papers, their efforts aired on radio, their presence marked by a piece of paper as a token that they have been there, freezing in time, to save the earth.

yeah, like for 4 minutes only.
what happens after WORLD EARTH DAY? any changes in the scene of saving the world from polution and deterioration? i don't think so. it looks like the activities of the inhabitants of the earth still remain the same: very inclined to pollution and world destruction. come on!! just because everyone else was doing earth day, only then something is put into motion. like for example, recycling campaigns, energy saving campaigns, and all those hoo-haas that will help save mother earth. ok, so, the number of people practising these are increasing, slightly. but that was only up to earth day. then, everyone don't want to do them anymore, lazy, bored, not so hype already.

i see water being wasted every single day. why do you have to leave the tap on while you brush your teeth? why do you have to leave the shower on while you are shampooing? why do you let water run when you are not using it? do you know that we are lucky to have running water in our homes? imagine those people in the war-stricken country, people in africa, people in the desert. they don't have the luxury of water like we do. they appreciate water. water is very vital for us. please, use them sparingly. turn off the tap where possible. don't let it run. in the end, you'll save on your water bill and you'll save this precious reserve.

litterring, must you REALLY do it? can't keep holding on to your rubbish? is it that hard? come on, it is only for a few minutes till you see a rubbish bin. why must you litter? it takes forever for it to be cleaned up. what is that compared to the few minutes that you spare to hold on to the rubbish and dispose of it properly, right? don't be a pig and litter, it sucks!! especially those who litter out of the car window, that is really dumb you know. sometimes i wish i could pick up the litter and throw it back to the person who did it. so stupid!!

what about those lights, the fan, the a/c, the car going idle, the things that are working when it is not in use at all? why must you waste like that? it must be really hard to switch something off, right? you could switch off your brains for the 4 minutes of world earth day, why can't you do it to the appliances everyday? haiishh.... i hate to see lights being on in the middle of the day. fans running at speed 5 when there is no one there. where are your senses??? i bet they are switched off huh?

if you don't plan to eat them, don't even buy them. the amount of food that goes to waste is intolerrable. please, they are many hungry people out there and just because we have money to get ours, this doesn't mean that we shud let it go to waste. if you don't plan to cook, don't but the raw items. don't let them rot in the fridge. it is unhygienic!! don't buy food when you know that you are buying on impulse. when there is price hike on food items, why complain?? you are the cause of it, so shut up and take it in!!

there are so many things that can be done to save the earth. i am definately doing my part although i may forget sometimes. do your part too. the 4 minutes that you have proudly participated in did its part only on that day. it does not mean much. the world have been around for a gazillion years and hopefully it can go for gazillion years more. but from the looks of it, mother earth is dying every single second. even 4 minutes can't revive it prety soon. think about it.

Friday, May 23, 2008


this is literally an 'out of the blue' occasion. planned in less than 24hours, executed with great turnout, enjoyed by all, the only hitch was the rain that subsided 20mins into the party.

it all started when we were in the hospital. discussion session was cut short by the doc because he had clinics to attend to. as we aren't allowed to leave the ward any earlier than 1215 in the noon, we were forced to stay in the seminar room. we did not continue to clerk any patients as they weren't any to begin with (we are now posted in the high class ward. so you can just imagine the number of ppl there: close to none). the discussion btw us started off by me opening the window of confession for every1. the class has been really uptight nowadays due to some really immature dispute over really childish stuffs. as the conversation escalated, i suggested a get together party to bring the whole class together again.

we voiced our opinion in class and the tentative date was supposed to be this saturday. at first none of them responded. but we pressed on. we were determine. after much discussion, they wanted it to be done the day after!!! (thursday). we didn't have much time to think. so whatever that came across our minds, we put 'em on the drawing board (literally) and start: operation get together 9ners.

i was the driver (saras's car) to get the party stuffs because group A1 was incharged for the bbq itself. other groups were doing other dishes. we even considered the vegans as we did not want to offend any1 during the party. games were voluntarily planned by punita's team.

initially, the party was slow to start. but as the night passed on, more and more ppl came and we were glad to see most of the 9ners were there, even the ones that did not want to come initially because they were hurt due to the dispute that has been going on in th class. come on! grow up! let it go already!!
the night was a real hit! i can tell that every1 had fun. ppl keep on thanking me for coming up with this idea and really making it happen. but i keep on telling them, it is not me. it is the whole A1 group. they are the ones that made it happen. i am just a mere participant in all these. i got loads of thanks and congratulatories but i can't accept them on my own, i have to share with my A1. sometime in the early morn today, i got an sms from a number that i am not too sure whose. it reads:
"so sorry if you are sleeping. very badly wanted to say thank you. simply superb and outstanding.i never expected the party to be this excellent. congrats!!"
the makeshift bbq pits: smart idea boon ping!

other dishes that were prepared according to hospital groups. i especially heart the mushrooms!! the vegetarian dishes were so nice that i was considering myself to be one!!! (for the party only la... hehehe)

the bbq-ing team:

far left: nithi, saras, d'cruz, penguin, ganeson arason

the QC team: (mid pic)

left: momo, mun chong, ying ya, hong chun, priya

kipas lipas: boon ping tengah praying so that he won't burn the chicken!!! hehehe

although the space was limited and there were about 50 of us (the class total is 54), we still made do with whatever corner we had. we shared, we cared, we got to know each other.... much better.

we also had games of charade, poison box with a twist (the poisoned ones had to dance a certain dance), and guardian angel (i never done this before. it is kinda cool and benefiting actually -gifts!! hehehe- )

A1 team (from left):
cheah ping ping, amirthai saras, cheah li lynn, anita vallimalar, RED, arulselvi, cassandra elaine, and the one and only beh boon ping.
you guys RAWK!!!
moral of the story: kalau nak buat apa2 tu, takyah la plan lelama. buat je terus. insya'Allah jadi la . sebab if you plan for so long, then it turns out to be like turd, seriously hurtful right?
so, jump on it and get it done!
i am really glad that you guys have enjoyed it 9ners!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Thank God It's Friday (not!!)

after so long having to eat the cafeteria food here, i wanted to induldge myself into some juicy steak. since it is the wesak day holiday, my sisters and i have decided (after much much much considerations since we are a bunch of shoosy choosers) to have lunch at TGIF the curve.

we were given a booth at the end of the restaurant, fine with us since we asked for a booth anyway. they say that the other booths were reserved. but from the looks of it, the place seemed kinda empty actually. who were they reserving for?? atok derang kott??

i am surprised to say the least that some of the busboys there aren't malaysian. they sound like they came from the philipines. what happened to all the malaysians that were supposed to be working there? i really wonder. we ordered the rm39.90++ set lunch. it came with an appetizer, a main course, and a dessert. it stated there that we can choose from the array of dishes that they have suggested. for the appetizer, we chose the shrimp martini cocktail:

this is really nice actually. it came with 6 large succulent, fresh prawns that were blanched and left swimming in the martini cocktail (non-alcoholic) dressing. the dressing is tomato based and it has cuts of olives, chives, chunks of tomatoes and if i am not mistaked, some onions. the dressing is rather hot but i simply loved it. very light and good for those watching the waist-line.

for the main dish, we took the chicken caesar salad (dressing on the side because i don't want the fat-laden dressing, my sisters do):

i loved the grilled chicken strips that were in this dish. the lettuce leaves however, were not separated properly and the presentation obviously looked like it was done in the dark. but i doubt it was dark in the kitchen as i can see very well from where we were placed that the kitchen was brightly lit. kalau dah malas tu, cakap je la kan. or maybe because we were sharing, and we obviously don't look like we were ready to spend a copious amount of money, they treated us second class (or maybe third)?

there are 2 choices of desserts to choose from. the sisters wanted cookies and cream instead of the rich choc cake. but the waiter said that they were out of c & c. i was ready to settle for the rich choc cake, but yah was adamant and wanted the c & c. she demanded for the manager. when the waiter went away, not even 3 mins later, she came back, poker-faced and said "owh, we have one more c & c left". WTF!!!! tadi kata takde sangat. bila suruh panggil manager, ada la pulak?? penipu sial!

this looks nothing like the one advertised. mmg nampak sangat that they are treating us like we don't have money. the c & c came like it was made to be eaten by the animals!!

yah, ordered the french onion soup (cup) to satisfy her craving for it. well, it is really nice. but as i remembered, the last time i had this when i was in high school, the cup portion was bigger than this. i cannot imagine how inflation could be so overwhelming.

rm8.50 for a tiny cup.
we also ordered the grilled combo fajita. it came with a plate of condiments that consists of sour cream, guacomole, chopped tomatoes and onions, and shaved cheddar cheese.

the combo has chicken and beef slices in it. served on a sizzling hot plate with onions and green peppers. the chicken was tender and the gravy was nice. the problem was the beef slices. i doubt it was beef. it tasted like beef but it felt like rubber. it was tough!! terrible!

the set also came with 6 small pieces of tortilla. we had 2 each. but yah was dead hungry that she ordered another side of tortillas which came also in 6 small pieces and costs rm4.50. the whole fajita set costs rm 35.90.

for drinks, nana and i shared a glass of bottomless coke light that costs rm7.90 (it used to be rm 6.90, or was it chilli's that was giving that price??) and yah had plain water, apparently FOC.

everything came up to RM96.70. but the total that we had to pay was RM111.20!!! wanna know why? because of the 5% GST (RM4.84) and 10% service tax (RM9.67). service?? what service?!?!?! when we left, they made us feel like we weren't even there! the service was bad and the food persentation for our table totally differed from other tables, honest!!

don't ever go to TGIF the curve. they have the worst service ever! the best TGIF is in seksyen 14, PJ. i don't know about now, but last time, they had really good busboys there. i hope their standard still remains. as for TGIF the curve, siap sedia la untuk tutup kedai.....