Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Thank God It's Friday (not!!)

after so long having to eat the cafeteria food here, i wanted to induldge myself into some juicy steak. since it is the wesak day holiday, my sisters and i have decided (after much much much considerations since we are a bunch of shoosy choosers) to have lunch at TGIF the curve.

we were given a booth at the end of the restaurant, fine with us since we asked for a booth anyway. they say that the other booths were reserved. but from the looks of it, the place seemed kinda empty actually. who were they reserving for?? atok derang kott??

i am surprised to say the least that some of the busboys there aren't malaysian. they sound like they came from the philipines. what happened to all the malaysians that were supposed to be working there? i really wonder. we ordered the rm39.90++ set lunch. it came with an appetizer, a main course, and a dessert. it stated there that we can choose from the array of dishes that they have suggested. for the appetizer, we chose the shrimp martini cocktail:

this is really nice actually. it came with 6 large succulent, fresh prawns that were blanched and left swimming in the martini cocktail (non-alcoholic) dressing. the dressing is tomato based and it has cuts of olives, chives, chunks of tomatoes and if i am not mistaked, some onions. the dressing is rather hot but i simply loved it. very light and good for those watching the waist-line.

for the main dish, we took the chicken caesar salad (dressing on the side because i don't want the fat-laden dressing, my sisters do):

i loved the grilled chicken strips that were in this dish. the lettuce leaves however, were not separated properly and the presentation obviously looked like it was done in the dark. but i doubt it was dark in the kitchen as i can see very well from where we were placed that the kitchen was brightly lit. kalau dah malas tu, cakap je la kan. or maybe because we were sharing, and we obviously don't look like we were ready to spend a copious amount of money, they treated us second class (or maybe third)?

there are 2 choices of desserts to choose from. the sisters wanted cookies and cream instead of the rich choc cake. but the waiter said that they were out of c & c. i was ready to settle for the rich choc cake, but yah was adamant and wanted the c & c. she demanded for the manager. when the waiter went away, not even 3 mins later, she came back, poker-faced and said "owh, we have one more c & c left". WTF!!!! tadi kata takde sangat. bila suruh panggil manager, ada la pulak?? penipu sial!

this looks nothing like the one advertised. mmg nampak sangat that they are treating us like we don't have money. the c & c came like it was made to be eaten by the animals!!

yah, ordered the french onion soup (cup) to satisfy her craving for it. well, it is really nice. but as i remembered, the last time i had this when i was in high school, the cup portion was bigger than this. i cannot imagine how inflation could be so overwhelming.

rm8.50 for a tiny cup.
we also ordered the grilled combo fajita. it came with a plate of condiments that consists of sour cream, guacomole, chopped tomatoes and onions, and shaved cheddar cheese.

the combo has chicken and beef slices in it. served on a sizzling hot plate with onions and green peppers. the chicken was tender and the gravy was nice. the problem was the beef slices. i doubt it was beef. it tasted like beef but it felt like rubber. it was tough!! terrible!

the set also came with 6 small pieces of tortilla. we had 2 each. but yah was dead hungry that she ordered another side of tortillas which came also in 6 small pieces and costs rm4.50. the whole fajita set costs rm 35.90.

for drinks, nana and i shared a glass of bottomless coke light that costs rm7.90 (it used to be rm 6.90, or was it chilli's that was giving that price??) and yah had plain water, apparently FOC.

everything came up to RM96.70. but the total that we had to pay was RM111.20!!! wanna know why? because of the 5% GST (RM4.84) and 10% service tax (RM9.67). service?? what service?!?!?! when we left, they made us feel like we weren't even there! the service was bad and the food persentation for our table totally differed from other tables, honest!!

don't ever go to TGIF the curve. they have the worst service ever! the best TGIF is in seksyen 14, PJ. i don't know about now, but last time, they had really good busboys there. i hope their standard still remains. as for TGIF the curve, siap sedia la untuk tutup kedai.....


Adzrul Ariff said...

The food looks super nice. Great. Now I'm hungry.

Anyway my fav TGIF is yg dekat Subang parade. Actually thats the only TGIF yg i've been at so far. Oklah service dia, for the past 7 or so years kitorang pergi ok je diorng layan. Takdelah mcm 2nd class or apa. :D

~~stalks to kitchen to prepare some food (no thanks to this post :P) grumble, grumble ~~

athena said...
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Seizhin said...

It's an honor to come back and read your blog again. :)

Nice food, too bad I'm on a strict diet right now and I dont think I want to have dinner for a few weeks. said...

Friday's at the Curve is the worst!

Filled with poyo people who think they are too good to serve their customers.

How easy they forget who's paying their pay.

Italiannies is no better so don't go there either.

Friday's at OU is ok. Food is nice too. Recommend you go there next time and I SERIOUSLY RECOMMEND YOU GIVE ME A CALL THE NEXT TIME YOU'RE GOING MAKAN-MAKAN! DAMNIT!

Amira, when you ask for the manager and the waiter returns telling you that they suddenly have what they said they were out off before, insist you still want to see the manager. Then when he/she comes by, explain how he/she made the grave mistake of hiring a liar.

Oh and seizhin, skipping meals is the worse thing you can do when dieting. It lowers your metabolism and just makes you more hungry at the next meal which most probably will mean that you'll eat more.

Best to eat 4-5 meals a day with smaller portions or stick to the normal 3 but at reduced portions and a healthier choice of foods combined with fruits or low-fat snacks to curb the hunger pangs.

Bonus tip: Drink lots of water, lots and lots so that you feel fuller longer. How do you know if you've drank enough water? When your urine is clear.

redSeptember said...

owh, nak kena panggil ko ekk? ok ok. aku dah nak cuti ni, nnt kalau ada apa2 tempat best, we will ajak you. but you have to kaki the bill, can arr? as you can see, you are the one with the dough kan?? hint: camera baru and crocs stuffs.

italiannies takyah cakap arr... aku mmg benci gila. dirty and no quality at all!!

i am controlling my food too seizhin. i only eat the ones that are not grease-laden. and of course i drank loads of water to make myself full! it worked!

kesian adz, i can imagine you lurking in the kitchen nak cari makan kan hehehehe....

Munira said...

That's the problem with franchise business. One shop kalau managed very well, food, service and etc will be very good. Kalau satu tu malas jaga, punah semua. Amina's right - you should have demanded for the manager and complain about the food and everything. I've worked in a restaurant, and I know how terrible it not being able to serve a customer properly. It seems these people who served you took no pride in their work! They've shamed the honour of restauranteurs everywhere! said...

Can...mineral water for all!

It's Amin NOT Amina. I'm very sensitive about that ok. Haha.

And yes, you're right! I am right. I'm always right. Muahahahahaha! said...

Since you're not happy with the service, you should have gotten them to waive the service tax.

redSeptember said...

ok, it is over and done with. nak buat macam mana kan? next time we'll be extra careful.

eh, no need, cause you'll be there to belanja us right?

Amira said...

and bllaahhdy well got what I wanted! I'm the HERO here!!!!!!

Chiss you guys give me no credit at all >:( Tepuk belakang skit pun takde

Next time, oohh hoh ho if there is a next time, remember this "Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, nor hell a fury like a woman scorned"

hehe i hafal the whole thing, i'm the coolest said...


Nah I give you credit for calling for the manager BUT I take it back cos you didn't actually get to say anything to him.


If it was me I'll go up to him and say:

"What do you mean no Cookies and Cream? You should have told me in the beginning when I ordered the set. I tak kisah, you can stick your hand in my ass and jerk off with my shit for all I care, bring me the damn Cookies and Cream already, you stupid grandfatherfucker!"