Wednesday, May 14, 2008

kena halau lagi. last warning yang keberapa ni?

hari ni aku kena halau lagi. tapi kali ni kena halau dari mr. Haridass.

pagi tadi sebelum kena halau, aku masuk ward hari ni pun sekejap aja because tak ada interesting case. so, aku decided to go to the library before the discussion session starts. masa tu, mr. haridass tgh buat rounds with the other doctors, and we didn't cross paths at all. so, he couldn't have seen me prior.

my groupmate called me when i was in the library. said that mr. hari wanted to see all the students. so, i went back into the ward.

i was wearing the black pants that mama recently bought for me and the formal shoes that i have (i have worn these items for weeks and there were no incidents or complaints or teguran whatsoever regarding what i wore), and the labcoat all buttoned up (which i have been practising since mr. pelik's incidents with me).

i was standing behind the group as i was raeding something on the board while waiting for mr. hari to see us.

Mr. h: "you, come here. why are you standing there. you are the culprit. what are you wearing? you cannot get something proper to wear to the hospital is it?"

*me looking up and down at myself*

me: "these are not jeans sir, these are pants"

mr. h: "you don't know the code of wear in the hospital is it?"

me: "i don't know sir"

mr. h: "you don't know, you tell me. then i can give you the book"

*enter mr. pelik out of nowhere*

mr. p: 'oh, the same person lagi. i ingat orang lain'

mr. h: "i have never caught you but mr. pelik has caught you several times regarding your attire. open your coat."

*i don't see any relevance to this as my coat was all buttoned up and it is not see thru. but i unbuttoned anyway because he has asked me to.*

mr h: 'see what you are wearing. a t-shirt is it?"

note -> i was wearing a blouse layered with a top. but that does not matter as i was wearing my coat that was all BUTTONED UP.

me: "no sir, this is a blouse"

mr. h: "a blouse arr? then what are all those designs? now you go out of the ward and don't come back again. next time don't wear like this. you all think that if you wear labcoat and walk around, you are doctors is it?"

*err..... no. anyone can wear a labcoat. i certainly don't think i am a doctor yet, but my patients keep on calling me 'doctor' and my groupmates says that i look the part as a doctor already. so you tell me, does the way that i dress, which is very apropriate already, hinder me from being a good junior medical staff?*

*enter mr. pelik yet again, talking to the nurses that passed by*

mr.p: "sis, mr. hari baru HALAU budak ni. jangan kasi dia masuk lagi"

"kak, mr. hari baru HALAU budak ni tau. kalau dia masuk lagi, bagitau tau saya cepat-cepat"

mr. h: "today you may leave. next time if i catch you again, the whole batch cannot enter the surgical wards at all. this is the last warning"

note -> this happened infront of all my groupmates, at the nurses' station. you can just imagine the crowd.

*tak kisah pun. esok last day. aku pakai purdah la. tgk ok ke tak. but akhir tahun ni nak kena masuk surgery ward lagi (-_-"), jadi kena stock up dengan baju yang orang pakai pergi funeral la kott*

me: 'ok sir. sorry'

*i didn't even know what i was sorry about. i didn't do anything wrong. even my groupmates didn't think that i did anything wrong*

i told saras abt this (cause she wasn't in the ward today) and what she tot was that all this was just a facade to puaskan hati mr. pelik. they knew that i went to the director of HSAH about these abuses and mr. hari is doing this because he can't be putting down his own staff. so the scape goat is.......well, you guessed it.....ME!

i wasn't pissed or angry, i was CONFUSED. but i did not let any of them bring me down. i did something to myself to take the confusion away. something unthinkable in my books, something really unimaginable in anyway possible in my life.............I HAD A HAIRCUT! (please refer to "7 wonders of red". having a haircut is one of my fears.)


athena said...

Red, pity u. Just be urself and ignore them. i think u should read 'the secret'. Do you know bout this book? I have the book and the DVD. i think i can burn the DVD and pass it to you on Saturday. U should watch it. It's good!.

redSeptember said...

aww... thanks doll. you are really nice you know.

really, they do not make me any better so, why bother kan?

anyway, i think kita kena xchange number la cause nnt senang for sat kan?

ne1 else kaming?

trulli said...

padan muka you yg. lebih kurang macam muka I masa muda U R the feminine version of me. Wanna see the foto for judgement who is right

Munira said...

They may be men, but cherie, I gotta say they're being bitches!

I think I might take up your suggestion and publish your account in the newspapers.

redSeptember said...

yeah mun, i agree with that. male bitches are the worst of the lot!!

go ahead doll, write about it. see what the public has to say and what actions will be taken.

thanks said...

Mana lak comment aku ni...?

Buduh punya dokter.

Aku sepak kang.

redSeptember said...

comment apa nyer? aku tak moderate apa pun.

djambu puadovich said...

woah! urs kena halau episode is as humiliating and scary as hell!
pray tell, do u eat this treatment on a daily basis?

redSeptember said...

nope, not everyday. just when they have no1 to pick on to and when they have the preandrogenous surge stress.

you know what i mean.

Peeps said...

gile tak sudah doktor baru betul mentaliti orang kampung. serius cam scenario kat kampung.

leman kawan ngan samdol. leman ngan samdol cemburu ngan karim. sebab karim ada spm.

leman ngan samdol tak sudah kacau karim. rosakkan ikan tanaman karim. pancit tayar c70 karim.

tapi akhirnya..karim pindah ke KL. sebab dah kaya..ikan dah abih jual. so leman ngan samdol akan cari orang lain untuk kaco.

leman and samdol, tetap di kampung itu. tak kemana..


mindscalpel said...

Strange. I thought I left a comment earlier.

mindscalpel said...

Okay this is completely unprofessional of me to do this, hahaha, but it's all in good fun. Here's my profile compilation of your beloved Dr. Pelik.

I am guessing that he's probably going into his mid-thirties (but I could be wrong), not very tall, and is perhaps unmarried (I could be wrong there). If he is, he probably has low sex drive. Suffers from low-self esteem and is probably not very confident around women, but he masks his discomfort with an almost pathological level of egocentricity. He likes to believe that he is really good at his job, that he could probably be the best, but deep down he resents the fact that he is unable to earn the attention that he desires from certain superiors. He also resents the fact that he has to handle interns as he is under the impression that he could be a lot more useful elsewhere and thinks he is missing out on proving his "talent" as he'd like to believe in his profession. So he takes out his anger and frustrations on the interns because it allows him to feel self-important at least, or perhaps enjoy some power trip. He picks on you because perhaps you inadvertently offended him on the very first day you met him. You of course were unaware of it because in no way it was your fault, but he picked up negative vibes from you and from there, it is reason enough for him to instantly dislike you. Taking points that he is already suffering low-self esteem complex around women, and the fact that you are female and possess some healthy confidence and positive self-esteem (taking into account the fact that you enjoy exercising), this aggravates him. This could also mean that he is a pushover - he's probably suffered some bullying in the past by his peers, probably, this could explain why he's being unreasonably rude to the interns. He enjoys some admiration and support from the SN due to the fact that SN is female, and it boosts his ego (also the fact that she likes to be spiteful fuels him further). Probably has a habit of blinking his eyes rapidly when he gets worked up, or twitches a lot, but it's just a lousy guess on my part. He also often avoids eye contact, because eye contacts will only affect his confidence level. When he walks, he chooses to walk quickly and briskly. It help prevents him from having to talk to people when he doesn't feel like it.

You tell me if I'm wrong. I don't mind, because I'm still learning ;). Plus what I wrote could be a complete crap. My opinion could be bias too because you're a friend hahah!

Munira said...

Oh ok I know what happened to my so-called previous comment LOL.

Here it is:

Peeps, your analogy is so funny and so tepat!

Al, can you tell me what exactly is Dr. Pelik's position in the hospital?

Sorry, I think I'm totally spamming this post... it's unintentional.

djambu puadovich said...

but then again, being humble and following the rules is quite good.
mana ada org yg asyik menentang naik pangkat. ikut keperluan sistem dulu [in ur case it's d dress code n the whims n fancy of doc pelik], lepas tu, bila dah grad/ada jawatan, sila la buat ape kehendak hati anda. :P

redSeptember said...


that was a long one! ehhehe... hmmm you shud be a psychoanalist la babe. tere tere!

maybe mid 40s, married i supposed (sian bini dia). yes, dia mmg fishing the attention of head of department. his position is pakar bedah. when he talks to me, he never ever look into my eyes. mungkin dia juling. he is so phark loud so that every1 hears him.

you punya write up is almost there, with some hitches...


djambu, red ingat kan, kalau orang nak dinaikkan pangkat kan, it is really because of their capability, betul tak? as i said, if i dress the part and turn out to be a crack doctor, is that any better of me? macam dalam cerita catch me if you can tu kan, where he pretended to be a doctor, dressed as a doctor, talk like a doctor, but there's is nothing in him that spells the capabilities of a doctor.

who would you trust, a well dressed con artist or the real deal who is just being himself?

Munira said...

Tee hee, no it's not 1005 accurate, I'm just picking up details of his character from your description.

I meant to describe him as "sexually incompetent", not "low sex drive". Two different things, but almost the same meaning :P

Anonymous said...

i like to read ur post especially about this topic..u kena halau n so pity to u...can i ask u sumthing...kirenye when we were in hospital we can't were jeans, long skirt n t shirt? juz baju kurung je ke??? x bestnye..kat negara len selambe je..u can were anything u want..huhu..

redSeptember said...

apparently anonymous, kat malaysia ni, kita kena gaya lebih. takpe la kalau takde ilmu dalam kepala, janji ada rupa. tu yang derang penting kan.

nak buat macam mana kan?

aidalina said...

hi! i admire u! 1st cuz u r very environmentalist and 2-how do sed away ur fat??? please share..please..please...

redSeptember said...

hey aidalina,
thanks for stopping by.

ala... takde apa la nak di admire kan... hehehe biasa biasa aja.

ermm... i am jus tdoing my part to save the earth. it has done so much and we shouldn't return the favour with destroying it kan.

shedding weight? ish ish ish... now i have to ask orang lain oso la... macam dah berisi balik je ni.. *risau risau*.... T_T