Saturday, May 3, 2008

jangan pandang (jalan) belakang

I have been requesting (begging, really) mama to bring me to this place. yeah, i know, what is so great abt this place that i want to go so much right? well well well, my dearies, you are in for a treat! this place sells THE chapatti la, let me tell you. i have never tasted chapatti so nice and so fresh and so damn HEALTHY! (no additional gooey oily fat added).

ok, if you really don't know where this place is, you will have trouble to actually find it. this is due to the fact that this place LITERALLY has no name and it's open doors are facing the backstreet of JALAN TUANKU ABDUL RAHMAN, kl. since this place has no name, i have taken the hounour (and liberty) to name it KEDAI CHAPATTI SEDAP TERAMAT SANGAT KAT LORONG BELAKANG or to make it easier for those who suffer from short term memory, i will name it, espcially for you guys, KCSTSKLB....ooooo kkkkk.... still too long. ahhhh... whatev la, janji kedai ni ada jual chapatti sedap kan?

as you enter, you are welcomed by the workers who are preparing the chapattis. as you can see, there are 2 hot plates there. i have no idea why they have to have 2 hotplates to make their chapattis. i guess this is the secret to making it fluffy inside and crispy outside. first they place the raw dough on the bigger plate, and as the thing has already puffed up, they quickly take it and put it on the 2nd hotplate to crisp it up. the heat as you pass this point is unbearable but the taste that comes after it is definitely sought after.

the condiments are the simplest of all. nothing fancy schmancy like what you'd see in those highly commercialized mamaks. they only serve dhal, chicken masala, fish curry, mutton curry, and indian-style cabbage.

on the left is the chicken with the masalah. on the right are the fishes swimming in the curry.

the chicken has finally emerged from its masalah and the fish was caught from the sea of curry. the indian-style cabbage was...ermmm.... indian.

muka di kanan: kelaparan tahap ketua kampung yang baru sahaja menang pencalonan kawasan adun (apa aku merepek nihh?)
muka di kiri: nak nasi.....:(
other than their famous chapatti, they also sell roti canai (for morning only), rice and other condiments (for lunch onwards), and the usual mamak type of drinks (no shake, no juice. just the normal chai, coffee, milo, horlicks, limau... the usual lah).
but seriously, people come here mostly only for the chapatti. if you want to eat rice, tempat lain so melambak kan? if you want to eat roti canai, also can go other place. but if you want to eat chapatti, HERE is where you should be heading. FRESH, HOT, YUMMY and HEALTHY!
they are very the famous among the big big peeps. shall i name some?? like urmm... they cater for government functions that include the PM, the ministers and whatnots. kira they are the godfathers of chapatti la. only can get them by the backway (literally....). the owner is a lawyer by profession. he comes around in the mornings and then go off to do what he does best, practice law. if there are any big shot function, he'll take the day off and make the chapattis himself on site. how uber cool is that?!??!
anyway, the bill came up to RM33.50, yeah, abit of a shocker right? but check this out, these were what that made the bill:
  • 7 chapattis (RM1.20 ea)
  • 4 fishes in curry
  • 2 servings of chicken bermasalah
  • 1 serving mutton curry
  • 1 serving indian style cabbage
  • 1 less-sugar ginger tea with milk
  • 1 bad ass iced milo
  • 4 satisfied stomachs to boot!

location: if you are on jalan TAR, heading towards the dataran merdeka, you'd see some carpet shops on your right at the end of the road. there will be one turning to the right just before the traffic lights at the dataran merdeka junction. take that right turn. this will lead you to the back alley. go along the alley and you'll see a lot that has no name with the chapatti hotplates. stop and (don't just) stare. park your car/ass and go have some CHAPATTIS!!!
don't forget to bungkus oso k.


Amin said...

Sekali lagi pegi makan tak ajak aku...porah la korang!


redSeptember said...

ari tu saper makan kat kelana tak ajak kami???

tolong jawap sket!

lili@edlin@ said...

this chapati place u wrote about, is it jaihind? because if it is, i like the place too, for their pratta.. 8)

redSeptember said...

sorry lili@edlin@

i really don't know the name of this place and the place literally has no signage indicating its name.

mmg ni macam mafia style. cuma orang yang tahu je dapat jumpa tempat ni.

heck, i dun even they have a mailing add... heheh

Anonymous said...

Omg that looks so sedap. I think I know this place, rasa pernah pergi... my mother bawak.

There's also another excellent place somewhere in PJ, belakan bangunan KWSP... kat Jalan Gasing (aka Jalan Chantek). Nama restoran, kalau tak silap, Restoran Rajoo... right next to Sri Paandi (and there's a boys' school there kat sebelah je)... but Rajoo's much better than Sri Paandi yang selalu kecoh asyik nak rival dgn orang lain. Have you been there? My dad loves to go there for the roti canai. I love the chicken masala... sedap!

Anonymous said...

Yes I was right. It is Restoran Raju (I salah eja in previous comment). Here's a review of the place. With pictures.

Aiyoh... gila rindu! I can't wait to go there again next month!

redSeptember said...

owh raju's.... we oso liked to eat there once. but we weren't too sure abt their hygiene and halal-ness, so we stopped going.

plus, the price hike kat sana is super teruk la nowadays. padahal, their labour is cheap what cause from india and bangla kan?

i don't quite fancy raju's anymore cause makanan derang very the oily one, especially of course the goreng2 things. very unhealthy too since they are using the same oil again and again. i can't imagine berapa kali cycle la minyak tu.

think about it.

athena said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
athena said...

hi.. sorry for the previous comment.. dah terdelete.. the chappati looks so delicious.. just wondering nama kedai tue ape. i'm the numero uno fan of chappati... ur post nie really makes my stomach grumbling.. haha.. anyway.. keep blogging gurl!.cheers!

p/s: bleh tak u pegi makan lagi kat kedai tu and tanye nama kedai tue ape... :D

redSeptember said...

athena babes....macam ni la, why not kita buat gathering terus kat kedai tu.

nak kata gathering tak juga kan cause kita tak pernah jumpa pon :P

macam ni la, pada saper nak g makan sana, jom kita serbu nak?

tapi, word of caution: kedai ni mmg tiny. unless, kita tapau then kita lepak somewhere else to makan...

my aunty yang selalu lepak sana pun sampai la ni tak tau nama kedai heheheh

athena said...

jom..jom... tade hal.. tapi weekend je la.. :P

m s v l a d said...

hye..saye pon mahu makan chapati juge!!!count me in..hehe

redSeptember said...

boleh aja.
seriously... jom buat gath nak? for orang2 yang tak pernah jumpa macam kita ni kan?

organize la

m s v l a d said...

btol2 organize2..
me vote for red as the organizer..=p
thank you memuahx..hehe