Friday, May 23, 2008


this is literally an 'out of the blue' occasion. planned in less than 24hours, executed with great turnout, enjoyed by all, the only hitch was the rain that subsided 20mins into the party.

it all started when we were in the hospital. discussion session was cut short by the doc because he had clinics to attend to. as we aren't allowed to leave the ward any earlier than 1215 in the noon, we were forced to stay in the seminar room. we did not continue to clerk any patients as they weren't any to begin with (we are now posted in the high class ward. so you can just imagine the number of ppl there: close to none). the discussion btw us started off by me opening the window of confession for every1. the class has been really uptight nowadays due to some really immature dispute over really childish stuffs. as the conversation escalated, i suggested a get together party to bring the whole class together again.

we voiced our opinion in class and the tentative date was supposed to be this saturday. at first none of them responded. but we pressed on. we were determine. after much discussion, they wanted it to be done the day after!!! (thursday). we didn't have much time to think. so whatever that came across our minds, we put 'em on the drawing board (literally) and start: operation get together 9ners.

i was the driver (saras's car) to get the party stuffs because group A1 was incharged for the bbq itself. other groups were doing other dishes. we even considered the vegans as we did not want to offend any1 during the party. games were voluntarily planned by punita's team.

initially, the party was slow to start. but as the night passed on, more and more ppl came and we were glad to see most of the 9ners were there, even the ones that did not want to come initially because they were hurt due to the dispute that has been going on in th class. come on! grow up! let it go already!!
the night was a real hit! i can tell that every1 had fun. ppl keep on thanking me for coming up with this idea and really making it happen. but i keep on telling them, it is not me. it is the whole A1 group. they are the ones that made it happen. i am just a mere participant in all these. i got loads of thanks and congratulatories but i can't accept them on my own, i have to share with my A1. sometime in the early morn today, i got an sms from a number that i am not too sure whose. it reads:
"so sorry if you are sleeping. very badly wanted to say thank you. simply superb and outstanding.i never expected the party to be this excellent. congrats!!"
the makeshift bbq pits: smart idea boon ping!

other dishes that were prepared according to hospital groups. i especially heart the mushrooms!! the vegetarian dishes were so nice that i was considering myself to be one!!! (for the party only la... hehehe)

the bbq-ing team:

far left: nithi, saras, d'cruz, penguin, ganeson arason

the QC team: (mid pic)

left: momo, mun chong, ying ya, hong chun, priya

kipas lipas: boon ping tengah praying so that he won't burn the chicken!!! hehehe

although the space was limited and there were about 50 of us (the class total is 54), we still made do with whatever corner we had. we shared, we cared, we got to know each other.... much better.

we also had games of charade, poison box with a twist (the poisoned ones had to dance a certain dance), and guardian angel (i never done this before. it is kinda cool and benefiting actually -gifts!! hehehe- )

A1 team (from left):
cheah ping ping, amirthai saras, cheah li lynn, anita vallimalar, RED, arulselvi, cassandra elaine, and the one and only beh boon ping.
you guys RAWK!!!
moral of the story: kalau nak buat apa2 tu, takyah la plan lelama. buat je terus. insya'Allah jadi la . sebab if you plan for so long, then it turns out to be like turd, seriously hurtful right?
so, jump on it and get it done!
i am really glad that you guys have enjoyed it 9ners!

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