Saturday, May 24, 2008

she (mother earth) is crying.

April 22: it was EARTH DAY. very celebrated, very accepted, very hyped, all BULL. on this day (and the days before it) people were so excited to celebrate it. many events such as the freeze 4 minutes to save the earth that was organized by some people from facebook was advertised and was participated by many. it was covered in the local medias and the participants were dead happy to see their happy little faces in the papers, their efforts aired on radio, their presence marked by a piece of paper as a token that they have been there, freezing in time, to save the earth.

yeah, like for 4 minutes only.
what happens after WORLD EARTH DAY? any changes in the scene of saving the world from polution and deterioration? i don't think so. it looks like the activities of the inhabitants of the earth still remain the same: very inclined to pollution and world destruction. come on!! just because everyone else was doing earth day, only then something is put into motion. like for example, recycling campaigns, energy saving campaigns, and all those hoo-haas that will help save mother earth. ok, so, the number of people practising these are increasing, slightly. but that was only up to earth day. then, everyone don't want to do them anymore, lazy, bored, not so hype already.

i see water being wasted every single day. why do you have to leave the tap on while you brush your teeth? why do you have to leave the shower on while you are shampooing? why do you let water run when you are not using it? do you know that we are lucky to have running water in our homes? imagine those people in the war-stricken country, people in africa, people in the desert. they don't have the luxury of water like we do. they appreciate water. water is very vital for us. please, use them sparingly. turn off the tap where possible. don't let it run. in the end, you'll save on your water bill and you'll save this precious reserve.

litterring, must you REALLY do it? can't keep holding on to your rubbish? is it that hard? come on, it is only for a few minutes till you see a rubbish bin. why must you litter? it takes forever for it to be cleaned up. what is that compared to the few minutes that you spare to hold on to the rubbish and dispose of it properly, right? don't be a pig and litter, it sucks!! especially those who litter out of the car window, that is really dumb you know. sometimes i wish i could pick up the litter and throw it back to the person who did it. so stupid!!

what about those lights, the fan, the a/c, the car going idle, the things that are working when it is not in use at all? why must you waste like that? it must be really hard to switch something off, right? you could switch off your brains for the 4 minutes of world earth day, why can't you do it to the appliances everyday? haiishh.... i hate to see lights being on in the middle of the day. fans running at speed 5 when there is no one there. where are your senses??? i bet they are switched off huh?

if you don't plan to eat them, don't even buy them. the amount of food that goes to waste is intolerrable. please, they are many hungry people out there and just because we have money to get ours, this doesn't mean that we shud let it go to waste. if you don't plan to cook, don't but the raw items. don't let them rot in the fridge. it is unhygienic!! don't buy food when you know that you are buying on impulse. when there is price hike on food items, why complain?? you are the cause of it, so shut up and take it in!!

there are so many things that can be done to save the earth. i am definately doing my part although i may forget sometimes. do your part too. the 4 minutes that you have proudly participated in did its part only on that day. it does not mean much. the world have been around for a gazillion years and hopefully it can go for gazillion years more. but from the looks of it, mother earth is dying every single second. even 4 minutes can't revive it prety soon. think about it.

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