Monday, December 27, 2010

Defeated by Dim Sum

Youngest contender: just awoken from his slumber....

When we first arrived, we were all crazy hungry. The food came to the table and disappeared in mere seconds. To wait for the other course to arrive was like waiting for the sky to fall down. It took THAT long.

So we decided to outsmart the system by ordering everything and anything that were on the menu, by the twos. That way, we will never be short of the food supply on the table.

The orders started to come.....

....and then flowing non-stop.

Amal putting a smile to the challenge. I could hear her stomach expanding with food... don't you think she looks a little green? :P

Yayah and Pott: the professionals of this kind of game. But yet, they were keeling over laughing in pain when the food never stop coming to the table.

Narisha: deviating from the table and concentrating on Schnappi. Maybe Schnappi could help with the food :)

Schnappi: learning how to use the chopstick for the first time. Isn't he adorable?

In the end, we lost. Food 1 - Us 0.

Had to pay for the extras and we all vowed: NO MORE DIM SUM FOR THE NEXT YEAR!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

My life goes tick tock

Yesterday started off with an SMS saying that the patient that I am following her progress has been admitted to Labour Room. Lets just call her Mrs B.

Actually, I wanted to sleep in yesterday and go to the hospital a little later than usual since I didn't get enough rest and sleep the day before. But as soon as my alarm went off and i put it to snooze, the SMS came in. So, as a true medical person, I dragged myself up and got ready as soon as possible to get to the hospital.

The day went on from labour room to cardiac resus room to medical wards. I was joining the other teams to gather more knowledge. Around noon, when I went back to LR to check on Mrs B, there was still no progress. She was still in latent phase of labour.

Since I had some other urgent matters to attend to, I left the hospital and went on to run some errands. As usual, banks are never lack of customers. Waiting is just another favourite pastime to be done in the bank. The hour moved on and it is already time to go for my aerobics.

After a who hour of aerobics, I went home thinking that OK, it is time to kick back and relax. Have a nice shower and have dinner. But even before my sweat could dry off, I got a call saying that Mrs B is going to be sent for emergency C-sect due to secondary labour arrest. Oh God!

I changed into my hospital clothes without even taking a shower,wiped my face and made a move. At the hospital, it was another episode of waiting as the emergency OT was busy at that moment. At that time, I was hungry, I was tired. But I couldn't show that to her because she needs my smiley face to reassure her that everything will be fine.

Finally into the OT. Everything went on smoothly, Alhamdulillah. She delivered a baby boy and when I showed her the baby, the smile on her face just took all that I had in my head at that moment, away. I didn't feel tired, I didn't feel hungry. I just felt elated that I could see her smile. All her anxiety and worries are gone.

Went home, cooked dinner, had dinner and cleaned up. I sat on the lazy chair, putting Dexter on my notebook. I didn't realized that I fell asleep on the lazy chair. I actually moved myself to the bed only in the wee hours of the morning. That was how exhausted I was.

This will be the rest of my life.


Sunday, December 19, 2010


So, it has been another 4 months before i braved myself to go to the hairstylist. I have decided to change my stylists to a new one since I saw this saloon along Lebuhraya Sultanah Bahiyah.

I came with some pictures in my BBdevil as ideas of how i want my hair to be this time. We discussed and she went on to do her job. The way her hands move, the detail that she goes through, I'd say that she is a good stylist.

Apart from giving me a killer hairstyle now, she is such a doll and friendly. I would highly recommend her and would go again there anytime soon to retouch my hair :)

Lebuhraya Sultanah Bahiyah, Alor Setar

Tell Rina that Alia from HSB recommended her :)

No farking

When they say "No parking zone" but yet they are some who are so damn adamant that that is a bloody parking space, this is how they teach the ignorant.

Good job securities!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I haz the bug

It has been a long week for me, what with my travelling and arranging and being with my lovely sisters, and supposedly getting ready for my exams, which by the way, I didn't manage to do because I was so caught up with things.

Sunday was supposed to be a work day. But I was so sleepy I only managed to arrange some stuffs with my colleagues and doctors, then I knew I had to sleep. I was definitely deprived of it for the past week. So, I decided to stay home and catch some snooze. I didn't even manage to find a patient for my clinical assessment the following day.

Monday came around and I was as calm as sea. I waltz into the wards and started looking for a patient. I had only a an hour to clerk my patient and present her for my assessment. I did it as quick as I can and waited for my professor to come and assess me.

I was trying my level best to keep cool and calm down during the assessment. With my friends in tow, it was like I was on stage, performing for them. But what threw me off the spotlight was when the questions keep on coming in without letting me think for even a second. I started to tie myself up and ended up in a knot, which I slowly tried to get out of. I pulled through the assessment.

Then, the next person, a friend whom I didn't know was sick. She is an A student. She can answer any questions at all. But at one point, she had to sit and she looked terrible. I found out that she was sick. And I was standing near her.

Monday evening, I started to cough. Thinking it was just a reflex, I shoved the thought of being sick, away. Cough.... cough.... cough... I finally got it. I haz the bug..... X_x

Only on Tuesday, I started taking medicine for my illness. Within 30mins of the meds, I was already in deep sleep. I didn't even have dinner, I didn't even hear people knocking on my door.

Wednesday: I got sick in my mouth. Had to endure the long hour in the OT but I pulled through. In the evening, I decided that I had to fight this. I had to go out. I went for my aerobics which I haven't attended for one whole week. Towards the end, I passed out because the bug really got me.

Being sick is terrible... X_x

Friday, December 10, 2010

Sabar itu separuh dari Iman

Lepas oncall Rabu lepas, perut aku memang lapar tak ingat punya. Aku punya tahap lapar, sampai aku boleh convince Saras and Arul yang dua2 berjanji tak nak makan, sebab kononnya on "fluid diet", untuk makan sama ngan aku.

Kami decided untuk try makan kat Iman Koeyteow Kerang (somewhere along Lebuhraya Sultanah Bahiyah). Tengok tempat tu memang malam2 penuh orang melepak and enjoying their Koeyteow Kerang (oh, yes, aku actually MAKAN koeyteow goreng tu ok).

Macam biasa, we all have different tastes. Aku nak kerang + taugeh + pedas. Saras nak kerang - taugeh + pedas. Arul nak taugeh - kerang + pedas + taugeh extra. Punya la lama kami tunggu because mainly they were confused with the order and also there were many patrons at that time.

So we all sabar....................

When the extra taugeh came, I almost fell into the drain, laughing. Dia boleh kasi taugeh fresh yang blom masak OK..... letak pinggan separate lagi. Buang tebiat ke apa??

Thursday, December 9, 2010

At this rate, I will come down

Fuel price: Just increased, yet again....

Food price: increased because of the fuel price....

Ticket price: remains stagnant....only for now....

Amenities price: increasing without your knowledge...

Everything is going up, high rises, prices, lifestyles. Sad thing is, mentality is the same. Stagnant as always.

Weird ain't it?

note: my allowance price???? errkkk.... X_x

Friday, December 3, 2010

Calm turbulence

I hate flying. I really do. Simoly because, I suffer from panic attacks when there is turbulence. It's really bad.

It started when I was 12. It was the first time ever for me to be travelling long hours on flight. I was on the way to the USA, after a lay over in London. I was calmly sitting beside my mother in the plane. Nothing was going on except for us watching whatever that was showing then.

Suddenly, there was turbulence. It wasn't really a bad one. But I don't know why, at that moment, I started panicking, REAL bad. I was restless, I couldn't breath properly, I wanted to get under my seat for safety (that was what I was thinking then). My mother was shocked to see me that way but she didn't know I was panicking. So she let me be.

After that incident, it didn't hinder me from flying. I had to fly for my studies, I flew for my holidays, and many more. But whenever turbulence happens, the panic starts. And I have no control over my panic state.

But as panic as I can get, I can remain really calm too. I can remain so calm that I surprise myself sometimes.

Like very recently when I got back from Wien and I had to travel back to Alor Setar, I was on the highway, in the car alone. I was driving between 90-110km/h. I had my seatbelt on, my earphones plug into my BBDevil. I was a sight for safety on the road. Suddenly the trafic became slow. It could only mean 2 things: an accident or a road block.

I drove on, thinking nothing but to pass the hurdle ahead. As I got nearer, I saw what was making the traffic slow: road block. The police was really on a roll. I could see many cars parked by the side and the drivers being summoned. I drove on and the police looked at his list and signalled me to join the rest of the drivers by the side.


I was panicking beyond belief as I really did not know what I did wrong. The police asked for my lisence and I gave it to him without questioning what I did wrong. I was just waiting in the car, when all of a sudden, the police looked at me and started asking me things that are not related to why I was even parked by the road side. He was actually chatting me up!!

I was like: WTH?!?!?. He gave me back my lisence and I drove off still flabbergasted by the whole situation. But the most important thing was that, I did not show him that I was panicking inside, I had such a calm tone and face, I think he feels wrong to even stop me in the first place.

I can be as calm as the sea and also raging mad as a tornado...