Monday, December 27, 2010

Defeated by Dim Sum

Youngest contender: just awoken from his slumber....

When we first arrived, we were all crazy hungry. The food came to the table and disappeared in mere seconds. To wait for the other course to arrive was like waiting for the sky to fall down. It took THAT long.

So we decided to outsmart the system by ordering everything and anything that were on the menu, by the twos. That way, we will never be short of the food supply on the table.

The orders started to come.....

....and then flowing non-stop.

Amal putting a smile to the challenge. I could hear her stomach expanding with food... don't you think she looks a little green? :P

Yayah and Pott: the professionals of this kind of game. But yet, they were keeling over laughing in pain when the food never stop coming to the table.

Narisha: deviating from the table and concentrating on Schnappi. Maybe Schnappi could help with the food :)

Schnappi: learning how to use the chopstick for the first time. Isn't he adorable?

In the end, we lost. Food 1 - Us 0.

Had to pay for the extras and we all vowed: NO MORE DIM SUM FOR THE NEXT YEAR!

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Emily Yee said...

Thank god, it's not for real. When I saw the picture of the lil kid and the the title. OMG. Crazy. I thought something else happened. Just a misunderstanding.