Saturday, January 1, 2011

New old me.

As for everyone else, new year is a celebration that is much awaited. The streets will be alive till the wee hours of the morning. Party-goers are seen in throngs almost everywhere you turn. Well-wishers, doing their routine SMS and Messenger texts to all the people that they know with the same wish: "happy new year and many more to come" yada.... yada.....

But as for me, there is nothing fancy about new year unless I was with my loved ones, my family. Half of them are 443km away and half of them are a whole other continent away. So, I don't feel that there is any point of me celebrating. So, I did the smart thing and I slept off, trying to catch up with the sleep deficit that I was hoarding.

At 12 midnight sharp of year 2011, I woke up to the sound of fireworks. WOW! Really? This place allows fireworks, what with it being a state that does not allow any form of entertainment. I took my very late shower and I couldn't even force myself to sleep after that. What am I to do?

The first thing that I did in 2011 was to register myself with SPA, the body that deals with me being a government servant soon enough. That shows how eager, desperate, more like, of me to be a doctor. In the darkness of my room, only lit by my table lamp that was fixed with energy-saving bulb, I surfed the online ocean and did me a favour by being a registered member of the government.

I only managed to catch some sleep at 3am, after doing some reading. Really, books are the best to cure my insomnia.

At 0630h, I was awake, but I couldn't sustain my consciousness because of the lack of sleep. I finally woke up at 0800h. I was hoping the day would be filled with more book reading sessions.

But I failed gloriously to do so. My attention span is only 30 minutes, trust me.

So, there goes. To start off 2011, I self diagnose me with Tourette's, whatever that is.

A new year, same old me.

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