Friday, January 14, 2011

Malaysian Public Transport: Sometimes, I'd rather walk

I have arrived in Kuala Lumpur (yes, FRIENDS, we need to hang out before I start locking myself in the room in favour of preparing for the Final Cut). It was an early arrival, you know one of the RAREST moments when KTMB actually follows the schedule and you are on time.

I arrived at about 0540h and I know that it was too early. So, I loitered a bit around KLS and got myself a healthy breakfast to start the day: an overly priced can of Diet Coke. Yes, it was healthy. It got my heart racing when I saw the price but since I was already at the counter and there were people behind me waiting in line to pay, I'd rather not make a scene out of it and just get the damn thing.

To kill time, I went on to check on the other commuter schedules. Just for fun. You know what they say: Knowledge is power. After awhile, I decided to go out of the building and catch myself a ride back home.

The first ride out was at 0600h. I was more than elated to be able to catch that one. I entered the ride, I took out my money and he said to me: "No change, take the 0615h ride instead". I was like: WTF???

I mean how could a public transport that does not prewarn the passengers with a big ass sign that says: "EXACT CHANGE ONLY", tell you to get off because he doesn't have change? Seriously, that is just purely dumb. I was shocked beyond say. Got off the ride and went looking for the next best thing.

The next best thing of course will take you there in matter of minutes. Problem is, as soon as you close the door to this ride with you inside it, the charge meter starts off at RM3, without even moving a milimeter. So, you are actually paying RM3 to sit in the ride.

Next, he would use the furthest route possible to get you there, when you can actually get there in 15 minutes, the ride will take about 30minutes. The charge from point A to point B, which is about 30km will be around rm24. With that kind of money, I can get more falsies for me.

Plus, each and everyday, the costs to get a ride on these public transport increases. Thing is, taxis use NGV which is disgustingly cheap and buses use diesel which is also cheap as compared to petrol. LRTs use electric and that too does not cause as much as petrol.

So why so effing expensive?

Really, I'd rather burn the fat on my ass by walking, albeit the many days that I might take to reach my destination.