Wednesday, December 31, 2008

i am missing you already....

nana, jom tiup babels
nanti babels tu terbang kat nana ok
bila nana jauh kat sana
kakak lin will blow babels from here
the babels will carry a message from me to you
"i miss you"

nana, jom tiup babels
kakak lin tau la kakak lin too old for this
so much older than you
but you have grown on me
sometimes, i see myself in you
tapi nana dah nak pergi kan?
then i won't see you anymore, and i won't see me too...

nana, jom tiup babels
nanti babels tu cantum jadi besar
cepat la
kakak lin takut they fall apart
like how i am afraid that we might grow apart
we are close
too close to tell the difference between us

nana, jom la tiup babels....
nanti tak sempat
nana dah nak pergi kan?
nanti kena tunggu lama lagi before dapat tiup babels like this together

nana dapat tak message dalam babels tu?
it says....
"jangan lupa kakak lin ok"
"have fun there"
"jangan naughty"
"i am missing you already"


REd = ?suicidal

well, i had those thoughts way back then when i was an emo/goth/super sensitive/i wanna be alone/ nobody understands me teenager. yeah.... wayy.... back then.

but last sunday, as if dejavu had occured, yet again (pun intended), the scratches on my wrist and forearm were evident enough that i was still alive and kicking. the cut was rather deep. i could feel the pain, and when i feel pain, it must be really terrible. as we all know, my pain threshold is beyond the roof. ask them, they could testify to that.

if this cut was inflicted by me on me, then i would feel all my resentment and anger and hate melt away. flowing away like the gush of blood making its way out of my vessels. the sting gives me an adrenaline rush that sets me in a temporary high. which i actually kinda need right now because i am forbidden to care, but i am terrified to forget.

anywho... i am not suicidal now la...

the bigger picture. if you look closely, you could actually see the bite mark. wish it was Edward Cullen that bit me. but instead.....

....i was bitten by this furball! that is why i hate flat-pan smacked-faced cats. they are so effing snobby and they think that everyone wants to cuddle them. puh-leeezzz.....!!!

but then again, probably it was an act of defence when my friends were pressuring it to pose for the camera. it already looked totally irritated by the whole situation. and i wanted to give it a cat massage to loosen it up. instead, my sincere act of kindness was replied by revenge that was vent out at the wrong person.

i guess being sincerely nice is such a taboo these days huh?

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

table sixty six

finally, the day has come. today is the first day of my professional exams. my first paper: Paediatrics. it is well known by the students and the faculty, as the killer paper. the paper that fails most of the students in a batch. i have done my part, i have read and understood, and at a certain point, attempted to remember some facts (yeah... i am sooooo blahdy good at this la... haizz....). i did all that, plus some (alot, actually :P) fun in between.

so, today, i am mentally prepared, physically sleepy, and spiritually near to God (or at least i hope). i didn't want to confuse myself with more informations. so i decided not to read anymore before entering the hall. infact, i walked around, went to take my xm slip, and made the slowest pace back to the hall. i didn't want to be with my friends, as they were too busy mugging up the last minute infos that could enter their cerebellums.

time to go in. the sight of the invigilators has already got my heart palpitating. yeah, i may not show it (as always), but the anxiety that was enveloping me in its constricting embrace, was suffocating me. i want to get this over and done with ASAP! checked my seat number, went in, sat down, and shit! i forgot something. my calculator: just incase if we were asked to calculate the amount of rehydration fluids that need to be infused in a child with severe (10%) dehydration. wow. that was a mouthful to even read out loud eh? out i went, took my trusty old scientific calculator, and in back again to the designated seat. the seat, number 66.

i went straight for the kill. filling up all the answer sheets and booklets with all the infos needed. i did it like a routine: name, title of paper, date, etc..... as soon as the clock struck 0930hours, i began. shading the little boxes, marking the answers that i was pretty sure of. i was done before the 30mins was up. handed in my answer sheet, continued with the second part: the blahdy essays.

after reading the questions, i was contemplating as of which to answer first, which not to answer, and which will score me more marks. but i wouldn't want to waste time, therefore, i started writing. no sound was in my head, i can't hear anything except for the scribbling of my pen on paper.

suddenly, like out of thin air, one of the invigilators stood beside me. i was in a state of trance, answering the questions, when he spoke: "what are you given an index number for?" i couldn't answer him. i was blur, i was confused, i PAUSED. my mind totally went blank. he kept on staring at me and waited for an answer. until....

he showed me my answer sheet that i handed in previously. at the place where i am supposed to put in my index number, i put in my matriculation number instead. eff! he was pissed at me. i apologized. i wrote in my index number, and he said: "your paper will not be marked" and he walked off.

i stared at his back, still digesting the situation that had just occured. i know it was a childish threat from his side. i know it was childish of me to call his bluff. but the fact was, i PAUSED!! from rewriting the whole paeds textbook on my answer booklet,to " do you say that word in english again?"


i became temporarily dyslexic. but i shall not fall. i regrouped myself (me, my thoughts, my memory), and attempted to write again. some crap things fell onto the answer booklet pages, sufficient enough to make it look like i attempted and knew something.

for whether it is right or wrong, i have no idea.

curse you!! arrrgghhhh!!!! and the calculator... didn't even used it T_T

tujuh tentang cinta

serious baru lepas professional xm. first paper pulak tu. apa lagi, terus masuk net arr... sekali tgk ada orang baru tag REd. so here goes....

7 ciri pasangan Idaman Anda :
~takes risks
~loves me for me
~berpelajaran dunia dan agama
~classy but not snobby, yet simple

7 jenis pasangan Yang Tak Pernah Anda Minati Sepanjang Hidup :
~yang fickle-minded
~yang terlalu dominant sehingga memperkecilkan kebolehan wanita
~yang selalu bercakap tentang perkara serius aja, tak reti nak melawak
~yang terlalu pessimist
~yang memberi harapan palsu
~yang malas
~yang poyo

7 Perasaan Anda Sekiranya Keluar Dengan Orang Yang Minati :
~tak nak masa berlalu dengan cepat
~mau beritahu perasaan ini kepadanya
~macam tak percaya

7 Tempat Istimewa Yang Ingin Dilawati Bersama Pasangan Anda :
~perth for the beaches
~turkey for the rustic feel
~mecca for us to feel the greatness of God
~amazon for a spot of jungle trekking
~sabah for the deep sea diving
~anywhere for skydiving
~ofis tok kadi

7 Barangan/Sesuatu Istimewa Yang Akan Anda Hadiahkan Kepada Si Dia :
~my undivided love
~my time
~my attention
~my touch
~my care
~my caress
~my life.....

7 Tajuk Lagu Yang Akan Anda Nyanyikan Untuk Pasangan Anda :
~heaven - Estrella
~the way you look tonite
~mengintai ke langit - Coco
~do you know? -Robyn
~Ternyata - Estrella
~Merindukanmu -D'masiv
~Ne me quitte pas

7 Rakan Yang Anda Tag Dan Mahu Mereka Buat 7 PERIHAL Ini :
~peeps (hang balas nooo)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bolt and a boy

we almost miss the screening of Bolt, yet again when the parking drama started as soon as we entered OU new wing's parking lot. thank God we were early today, and after about 10mins around the lot, we finally found the perfect place to park. pheww....

as soon as we stepped into Parkson, mama, bless her, started her browsing already. yah was already jittery with anxiety. she was afraid that they would be no tickets left. and upon her command, the troop made a mad rush to GSC. tickets secured, now comes the time for them to fill in their growling tummies. i was excused for this session as i had already had my breakfast.

have you watched bolt? you have? well, go watch it again. this time, try the 3D version. it was well worth the extra rm6 that we had to pay for each ticket. nothing of those floppy carboard glasses that tears as soon as you put them on. the ones that we got were POLAROID baby!

fashionable no? Autobots, roll out!

initially, i took off my silver oaks and put on them 3Ds. but my vision was slightly blurred and my brain was spinning off limits. before the headache settles, i best put on my silver oaks and then only the 3Ds come on. aahhh... much better. gawsh!! this is so cool. but of course it does not beat the ones that are in Disney World Orlando, Florida, eh?

anywho, about 10mins into the movie, my fon signalled an incoming SMS. crap! i didn't put in on silent mode. checked the SMS, and i nearly jumped off my seat! immediately i passed the message to my sisters and then straight to mama.

pott: "it's a boy!"

alhamdulillah. 4months and a few weeks in, they finally know the sex of the foetus. they wanted a boy so much, actually, everyone wanted a boy (makes no difference to me), and their prayers were answered.

congratulations to them.

and as for me....erkkk....i am going to be an aunty. yikes!!

mantra: young at heart....young at heart....young at heart....

Friday, December 26, 2008

Air mata ini sudah lama kering untuk mu


yahoo messenger aku bergegar. lagi lagi mamat ni. nak chat ngan aku. bukan aku kenal pun. hmm, apa yang dia nak? asal chat aja, tanya khabar. asal chat aja, tanya sihat ke tak. aku pun curious ni. layan la kejap.

matasepet (12/26/2008 9:22:06 AM): hi
september_alia (12/26/2008 9:24:20 AM): morning
matasepet (12/26/2008 9:24:33 AM): morning
matasepet (12/26/2008 9:24:44 AM): tido la ker cuti2 nie
september_alia (12/26/2008 9:24:54 AM): tido apa
september_alia (12/26/2008 9:24:58 AM): tgh study

lepas itu, chat tentang perkara2 rutin la. tanya khabar la, di mana la, tengah buat apa la. tetiba....

matasepet (12/26/2008 9:28:21 AM): lame x sembang ngan u
september_alia (12/26/2008 9:28:28 AM): tu la kan
september_alia (12/26/2008 9:28:29 AM): heheh
matasepet (12/26/2008 9:28:31 AM): makin cantik
september_alia (12/26/2008 9:28:36 AM): huh?
september_alia (12/26/2008 9:28:47 AM): bila pula awak tgk saya ni?
matasepet (12/26/2008 9:29:14 AM): avatar

"siapa pula ni?" hatiku berbisik. memang terkejut aku ketika dia berkata begitu. aku press on, aku bertanya, siapakah gerangan mamat ini. bukan main susah dia nak kasi tahu aku siapa dirinya. dia takut aku marah sama dia. dia takut aku tak nak chat sama dia.

aku sebenarnya tengah marah pun masa tu. iye la, kau dah buat aku curious macam tu, kau tak nak kasi tau aku siapa kau. mana la aku tak membara. tapi aku act cool. aku tetap nak tahu saper dia. dengan kuasa persuasion aku, dia start bagi clue. sikit demi sikit, aku ungkai siapa dia. last2 satu clue yang dia kasi, memang sah. cuma dia seorang sahaja yang panggil adik aku "nana".

benak aku pause sekejap. sudah berapa lama tak contact, mengapa kini?

iye, ada kisah diantara kami. pernah saling suka menyukai. masa tu, aku baru habis highschool. selalu lepak sesama. dia la ajar aku naik scooter. dia tau chocolate apa yang aku suka masa tu (cadbury blackforest). tapi sekarang aku tak makan chocolate dah, bukan sebab apa, aku takut kena diabetes. keluarga aku sangat prone. memang kiranya kami bahagia la masa tu. bahagia aja, tapi takde apa yang serious. mungkin kerana aku belum bersedia. atau mungkin kerana aku belum ada rasa sayang padanya.

setelah lama, rasa itu mula berubah. rasa itu menjadi ketara, aku mahu bersamanya. kami tetap in contact walau aku jauh mana. walau dia dah bertukar2 uni. tetapi, malam itu, taatkala aku call dia, dengan hajat ingin beritahu dia yang aku juga sayangkan dia, balasan yang aku terima memecahkan hati ini. air mata aku mengalir tanpa ku sangka. aku menangis menahan perit di jiwa. aku sudah kehilangan dia pada yang lain.

salah aku. aku tak mature masa tu.

berapa lama, aku diam. aku tak nak tunjuk pada dunia aku kecewa. aku biarkan masa makan kesedihan aku. bagai phoenix bangkit dari abu, aku became stronger. aku lupakan kisah silam. aku lupakan dia. biarlah, asal dia bahagia.

sekarang, dia contact aku balik. dia ingin tahu keadaan aku. dia masih dengan kekasihnya. alhamdulillah. aku? aku masih single, aku menjawap soalannya. dia mahu keep in touch. aku tak nampak apa yang salah. biar kawan beribu bak kata orang.

perasaan aku? tiada apa. aku tak mahu mengambil kebahagiaan orang. yang nyata, air mataku sudah lama kering untuk nya.

lucky colour: RED

i was in a state of worry (level: sivaji da boss). why? because i haven't got my ticket to go back to SP. $h!t!! we have been calling almost all the transportation companies we know, to ask if there were any tickets left. none. zero. nada!!

"not until the 31st", said KTM Bhd.

"ada pun bus tambahan aje, pukul 11.45mlm 29hb ni", said MARA liner.

"malam ni, esok, ahad, penuh la dik. isnin ada la, pukul 12mlm", said transnasional.

"eff!!", said REd.

at that point of time, we were at the putra station (as it was the nearest to where we were at that moment). i asked around, and i suddenly realized: this station only sells tickets to east coast of peninsular malaysia.

back in the car i went, and off to hentian duta. not forgetting, the "lecture" powerpoint from mama. hey, it ain't my fault ok. i can't decided when to go back, therefore i didn't get the return ticket earlier. now that the exam is confirmed on the 30th and there aren't any briefing prior to that (i.e. monday), then only i know when i should go back. by now, i couldn't care anymore, whatever crap bus company that offers a ride to SP on sunday or saturday at worst, i'll take it.

as soon as we reached hentian duta, we saw the XFRESH STREET SURFERS mobile parked by the curb right outside the station. my heart was torn between running in to get my ticket or stoppng by the 4x4 and win some stuffs. my ability to reason got the best of me and i ran in straight to get a ticket. alhamdulillah. i got a ride for this sunday (28th), but of course, i took the 1730hours ride, not the 1300hours ride. who would want to reach there early, eh?

done with the ticket problem, and as a true contest addict, i went straight to the surfers. yah was there, she already got some freebies but was waiting to answer a question. i couldn't answer the first Q too. so, my ears were peeled for the next one.

and i won this MEDIA mag that was dated October 2008. gawsh!! they are THAT cheap eh? giving away mags that are not on the shelves no more. we used to get the latest CLEO from HITZ people.what happened?

each of us standing there was given a sample bottle of listerine, as well as a notepad from SINAR. i assume that is a publication company. whatever man, i am all for freebies!!

then comes the quintessential task: to type a sentence that they read out, without using shortforms. who is the fastest without any mistakes wins the round. thank God for the frequent SMS-ing, i won this round, hands down! and the prize is 2 movie passes for 'bedtime stories' at cineleisure damansara. i gave them to my sisters since i won't be around as the screening is on the day of my exam!

saje je....hmmppphh....

bangun pagi....jawap soalan...

kali kedua aku check blogworld pagi ni, tengok2 pak nujum peeps sudah tag aku untuk jawap soalan. adoiyayy... pagi2 lagi kena perah otak (macam la susah naa soalan2 ni)

1. Senaraikan 10 perkara ttg org yg tag kamu
-kawan baik abang REd. tapi macam lawak pula sebab rasa macam sejak jangan pandang belakang ni, REd lagi banyak berinteraksi sama dia dari abang aku.
-muka amat skema, tapi lawak orangnya
-isap rokok bagai menghirup oksigen (hang rentikan je la peeps oii.. bahaya noo)
-punyai tahi lalat yang "mahal"
-asal dari sungai petani (kalau raya depan hang tak ajak cek datang umah, mau merajuk cek macam ni)
-sudah berjinak mau jadi professional shutterbug
-suka band2 yang pelik (pada REd la)
-tinggal bersama kasih hatinya di ujung dunia (dekat ngan sepang goldcoast)
-suka statement tees yang catchy
-tidak kidal seperti abang REd

2. Tuliskan novel kegemaran kamu
-apa apa aja dari MARIAN KEYES dan PAULO COELHO

3. Listkan 5 bende yang kamu sayang (bukan org)
-rantai dan pendant2 REd. iye REd suka pakai rantai. jarang sekali lihat REd tanpa rantai leher, bukan rantai basikal ye.
-silver oaks: akhirnya REd boleh masuk gang sama family yang tak mengguna cermin mata lain selain dari oakley sahaja :D
-scarlett: guitar aku yang aku beli untuk diri sendiri semasa hari jadi aku
-captain admiral: kasut untuk aku berlari
-CHOKIA N93i: kalau tak, macam mana aku mau tangkap gambar, sms, call, dengar radio, dengar lagu, baca powerpoint, baca pdf, web browsing, dan lain lain?

4. Who I want to tag
-djambu, maiti, tati, bashrie, lang.

Thursday, December 25, 2008


it is christmas today and i have never believed in santa. wanna know why, because if santa were real, i would have gotten my BMW mountain bike, my 4 x 4 taurus, my tag hueur (mine is broken ....*sad....), and many more.

but i didn't kill my hopes, actually, i didn't hope for anything this christmas (except for a greener earth), like all the other christmas. somehow, i got an unexpected surprise....

presents!! no need for a christmas tree. the presents were delivered by a certain santarina (read: mama).

a pair of sox, and 2 statement blouses from mama. the turquoise blouse really shouts me. thanks ma!

no owl necklace, not yet at least. but ma farida got this highly decorative tooth necklace. love!
for those who celebrates christmas: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

My <3 is broken

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[in the dark]: "mana remote ni?"

feel...feel... touch...touch... walk...walk... praaakkkk!!!

[still in the dark]: "eff!! not again?!?!"

found the remote, switched on the tv, picked up the pieces, sit and sulk. my silver oaks (oui, i named my glasses) broke, yet again. it literally feels like my heart was broken. the crap is, i broke my own heart this time. which is even worse.

eff, now my vision in 15/20. if i don't smile at you or acknowledge your presence, don't blame me. i really can't recognize you from far, if i am not wearing my silver oaks.until i get it fixed, just bear with me.

surat rasmi

kalau at this moment orang sibuk tulis surat kepada santa kelaut kelaus, REd pun sibuk menulis surat cinta rasmi juga. tapi bukan kepada encik santa. tetapi kepada ahli nujum. maklumla, tahun 2008 dah nak berakhir. rasa gatal pulak hati ni nak tau apa predictions untuk next year. jadi ini adalah draft surat rasmi REd kepada ahli nujum:

ke-arah nujum marangkerapukepundenparangsekeper,
assalammualaikum (tak jawap dosa)....

pak nujum kabare? wesmangan? sehat walafiat hendaknya bersama keluarga tersayang. macam mana sambutan hari gatal natal? eh, silap kita tak sambut hari natal ekk... maaf ye, REd tersasul.

tujuan REd karang surat ini untuk pak nujum adalah kerana REd nak tahu akan predictions pak nujum untuk REd pada tahun 2009. iye, REd tahu bahawa tilik2 nasib ni tak elok, malah, kalau tak silap REd la, berdosa jika dipercayai. kerana Qada' dan Qadar itu ditangan Tuhan. tapi sekadar nak membunuh curiosity ini, kasi tau la kat REd apa cer untuk VIRGO pada tahun 2009?

berapa ye pak nujum charge untuk predictions ni? jangan la mahal naa. saya bukan nyer beruang (saya manusia), tapi sekadar rezeki yang mencukupi, alhamdulillah. ada la REd baca, yang carrier, rezeki, serta simpanan VIRGO pada tahun 2009 memang up la kata orang. tapi kan, semua bintang pun hampir sama aja. cuma yang tak sama, bulan mana yang kena lottery, bulan mana yang kena ikat perut. nampak naa mereka tulis horoscope sekadar nak memenuhkan ruang. rasa REd, formulanya simple:

kerja kalu = gaji masuk
usaha kalu = rezeki datang
melepak kalu = makan pasir la. takkan makan tony romas @ the pavilion kott

equation ini sangat senang difahami.

lagi, pasal topik hangat tu: C.I.N.T.A K.I.T.A sampai bila..... (eh, maaf, termenyanyi pula. lagu oldies yang sangat fofular tu). kononnya mengikut apa yang REd baca, dalam 9 bulan pertama tahun 2009, kalau REd bebetul suka pada seseorang, REd perlu pursue orang itu kerana jika tidak, REd akan menanggung kesedihan. prediction ni bukan personal ye, tapi generally untuk semua VIRGO. adoiyay pak nujum, macam mana la REd nak pursue, REd ni dah le penyegan dalam hal ni dan REd takde keyakinan diri la. REd rasakan, kalau tak diberi signal, walau macam mana REd suka pada orang itu, takkan jadi apa punya. dan for sure REd tak mungkin akan memulakan apa2 dulu. malu maa.. macam mana ni pak nujum, kamu ada jalan penyelesaian kah?

pak nujum, katanya dari segi kesihatan, takde masalah apa la untuk VIRGO ni. alhamdulillah. tapi mana la tau kan, kalau2 ada epidemic demam malaria tapioca ke (ni pak nujum sendiri yang sebut masa berlakon cerita 'seniman bujang lapok' tu kan?), demam kure-kure ke (demam apa ni? tak pernah aku dengar dalam medical journal), kalau dah ditakdirkan sakit, sakit la jua kan? tapi pak nujum berdoa la ye agar REd sihat aja. insya'Allah.

alamak ai pak nujum, kalau ikutkan liver, macam macam ada lagi yang REd nak tanya ni. ada la barang 3 mukasurat A4 lagi yang nak ditulis. tetapi, REd faham, pak nujum ni very the busy man. jadi, tak nak tamak dan bebankan pak nujum dengan surat REd sorang aja. mesti pak nujum ada banyak lagi surat hendak dibaca kan? (surat saman, surat pajak, batu bersurat)

apa pun, terima kasih bebanyak la pak nujum kerana ambil masa terluang untuk baca surat ni. harap pak nujum baca ini ketika happy tengah pekena kopi 'kaw' yang mak nujum buatkan tu ye. bukan ketika sedang 'meneran' dalam tandas nun (gurau aja. jangan marah aaa...). baiklah la pak nujum. kirim salam sayang pada anak teruna hensem belakang rumah kamu itu family. saya akan nantikan reply pak nujum berkenaan predictions untuk VIRGO tahun 2009 kelak.

jangan reply lambat2 ye. tahun 2009 ada enam hari aja lagi.


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

adikku sangat unik

From Drop Box

adikku sungguh unik
mula2 dia tido atas katil
lepas tu dia beralih ke atas lantai
kendian dia naik katil balik

kadang2 dia berjalan ke ruang tamu sambil tido
dan dia akan tido di atas lantai di ruang tamu
pagi esok, bagai tiada apa berlaku
dia tido di atas katil

bila diberitahu
dia kata "ye ke?"

dulu masa aku berumah di kota damansara
aku pun macam ini
aku lagi teruk
mula2 tido atas katil
lepas itu turun tingkat bawah, tido di atas daybed
kemudian ke ruang tamu pertama, tido atas carpet
kemudian ke ruang tamu kedua, tido atas kerusi malas
kadang kadang masuk ke bilik solat, tido sana
kemudian bagai dijanji, menjelang subuh
naik semula, tido atas katil

tadi masa aku tangkap gambar adikku
tergelak aku tengok dia
dan sejenak aku berfikir
"dulu aku macam ni juga"

inherited disorder ke apa?

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hokutolite: i slept in a coffin today

so, my plan to watch 'LOS dan FAUN' went down the drain (yet again) today. i don't know why, today i felt so disorganized. like something is missing, like i want to do so many things but i can't, like i want to study but nothing is going in. and then, there it was, an offer that i can't resist. an offer made by mama to go and have a little spa treatment. i couldn't say 'no' to that, can i?

with my mind wandering, i just went to the spa centre with mama and nana. amazingly, this place is like 5 mins drive from our home. hmmm... i am so going to take a walk there tomorrow.

it is a cozy little corner near lorong datuk sulaiman, TTDI (no 31, lorong datuk sulaiman, TTDI). we were welcomed with a tiny zen-like garden outside the premise. where you can actually sit while waiting for your ride. or if you feel like just having a cuppa there, you are most welcome.

as we entered, the ambience just hit you right in the calm center of your brain, like a light-weight feather stroking your face while you are about to sleep. no, i am not exagerrating. really, the surrounding is very welcoming and you feel like the spa treatment has already started.

the 2 petit ladies attended to me immediately. maybe because i was the only customer at that time, or maybe, they are actually very pleasant. immediately, i was asked to sit at the rest area and was given a tumbler of water to drink (i must finish this drink). and then there was this form that i had to fill in. i was like: 'gawsh!! this is even more daunting than sitting for an exam!" .from where i was sitting, i could see the hot-stone 'coffins' in the darkened room. my heart was racing, mainly due to the excitement, not the anxiety.

i was told to change into a kimono, minus everything else. everything meaning all my jewelleries, as well as undies. so, i was left with the kimono only as my second skin. comfortable and cute, i might add. as soon as i was done changing, my phone on silent (i was told to do so), the lady asked me to lie in one of the heated 'coffins'. still skeptical, i lay myself on the bed made of stones and a piece of towel. amazingly, it wasn't that bad. i thought the pebbles will be poking me in all the wrong places, but i could say that i was comfortable lying on them.

she closed the coffin and she said: "i am going to leave you for 30mins. if you cannot take the heat, push the lid down, below your heart level. and if you feel that you need a drink, you can have this drink here"


i lay there. silent. the only sound that i heard was....nothing actually. i wasn't that sleepy. but what can i do for the next 30mins? tried to take a nap. still can't. mama said that i will be sweating like mad. 10mins, i am still as dry as a desert. i kept on dozing off for like a minute and i will be awake again. until i assume the 15th minute, i could feel the sweat dripping off from each and every sweat glands that are on my body. it felt like i was melting. like tiny ants making their way on my skin. i couldn't sleep anymore. the heat was getting to me. but still tolerable as i have a very high threshold of tolerance to pain, heat, and hurt.

30mins, the buzz went off. along came the lady and: "ok aaaa, now you turn and lie face down. put your hands out to the side. ok aaa. i will leave you for 10mins more ok. see, you are sweating alot. sudah lama tak sweat aaa...."

REd (dalam hati): "kepala hotak kau. baru je hari ahad lepas aku body combat. hari khamis lepas aku jogging to absolution. boleh perah peluh lagi".

10 more mins face down. by then, my face was already drenched in sweat, my kimono felt like it just got out from the washer.

and the buzzer went off again. she told me to get up slowly and sit. my heart beating fast. my sweat was still dripping. she was saying somethings. i saw her mouth moving, but i could not articulate what the hell she was saying. heat stroke maybe (yes, i am exagerrating).

then, she brought me again to the sitting area. served me a cup of piping hot ginger-screwpine leave-lemongrass tea. that was delicious. after drinking that, i sweat even more. and i was left to cool down. it felt like i just ran a 30km marathon (like as if i had....).

so, there you go. after sleeping in the 'coffin' i felt alive again!! honestly, i felt more alert, more awake. weird ain't it? i thought once you sleep in a coffin, you'd be dead. but not here, not in Reflection Spa.

here are some of the benefits of this treatment:
  • activation of the autonomic nervous system
  • reduces water retention
  • anti-aging
  • improves bowel movement
  • boosts and strengthens immunity system
  • regulating hormonal functions
  • dissolves body fat, slimming and detoxification
  • reduces cholesterol level and reduces swelling
  • increases muscle strength, vitality, and mental stability
  • increases oxygen and nutrients in cells
  • improves and speeds up metabolism
  • improves blood circulation and balance blood pressure
  • improves stress tolerance
  • balances blood sugar levels

seriously, i went jogging today, after the treatment. i ran the same distance that i ran before. and i checked my time. today, i ran faster. sugoi!

note: for ladies only. i have 2 free guests pass for one free trial each, and an offer coupon that allows you to get 2 sessions for the price of one (offer coupon price is rm39. original price is rm80 for one session). if you are interested, mail me your addresses and i will snail mail them to you ;)


aaahhh... lantak!! aku nak pergi tengok cerita ni hari ni juga. aku nak gelak sampai senak perut.

sorang pun sorang la. janji aku happy.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Sepang Goldcoast

my hopes were super high when i heard that we were going to Sepang Goldcoast. there were many reviews that i read and heard that this area is so beautiful, so clean, the pictures were mesmerizing.

from far, in the car, it looked amazing. the open sea was very inviting. but as soon as we got nearer, my hopes started to decline, from super high to, what the eff? the beach area was full of families that were either camping or having a picnic. fine with me, that is what people do by the beach right? the sad thing is that, they do not know how to keep clean. throwing things here and there seems to be the order of the day. i HATE litterbugs. it is THAT hard to throw things in the bin, instead of anywhere else that you bloody please?

the water was clear, but the colour was ?gold. i wondered if the name 'goldcoast' was because of the colour of the water or was it because they had no other original ideas of naming the place?

we saw some people fishing, but the sad part was, we also saw many dead fishes by the beach. and beach was full of litter. no wonder the fishes are dead!! curse you litterbugs!! i even saw broken glass bottles, a whole bag full of framed pictures of hindu idols, a book that has to with hinduism tied with jasmine flower, an old mattress, and worse of all, baby diapers. some of the trash, i picked up and put them aside. some, i wouldn't even dare go near.

it was a beautiful sight to see, kids playing in the water, fathers helping them fly the kite, mothers attending to their needs. all fine and dandy. the ugly sight would be the trash, the couples that are doing God-knows-what in the car under the shaded trees, the unfinished construction, and all that.

as long as Malaysians still can't get their minds off being a copycat and doing things not better, but worse, this kind of scene is something that will always be around.

good luck Malaysia

ARTful dining

as soon as yah and i hit home after a gruelling (because i haven't been to body combat for quite some time now) session of body combat at FF, we got ready at the speed of light because seeing everybody else was ready, we weren't pushing our luck by taking our own sweet time.

i was hungry. but couldn't manage to grab anything on the go. besides, we were going for a family outing to Sepang Goldcoast. the much-talked about place now in Malaysia. we heard that the food there is good and the price was bearable. so fine, i'd rather save some space to indulge.

we reached there just in time for a late lunch. it was so damn far, i thought i am almost half way to kedah already. excitement got the best of me when i saw the sea. but then, gut over mind, i wanted to eat first. thank God mama wanted to stop for food first too. parked the card under a shady tree, then off we went to Art Catering Seafood Restaurant.

ais kacang biasa

it was just a simple shack by the beach. there already many patrons there. we took our seats and mama was bz ordering the array of seafood dishes while we waited at the table looking out to the sea and thinking of things to do later after the meal.

kerang bakar

the seafood here are really fresh as the catch come straight in from the sea. but the thing that i couldn't stand was the flies that were dominating the place. they should have put up the buzzer thingy to kill off those pests. at least we will be in peace while dining.

ikan kembung masam manis

yah was already cursing me for taking pictures of the food that arrived one by one. she was like "for once, could we eat in peace?" i know she was hungry, i was too. but chillex babe, the food ain't gonna make a run for it.

sotong goreng tepung

as more food arrived, my hunger centre in the brain was hyperstimulated. but i was really thirsty and my drink hasn't arrived. and when it did, they got the wrong order, so i had to wait for another one. i mean, is it that hard to open up a tender coconut? well, i guess it is, judging from the experience that we had when we tried to do it ourselves in kampung hilir, last aidil adha.

sup cendawan

we ordered plenty of other stuffs actually but i didn't snap anymore cause i wanted to eat already. we had kangkung belacan, ikan pari bakar, telur dadar, ketam masak cili, and a gazillion other drinks. when the bill finally came, mama was shocked. all that we had, was only for rm113 and according to her, it is nicer than the one that we had in tanjung dawai, kedah. and i thought kedah should be much cheaper.

but if you were to come here, do have a look around because there are many other restos actually.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

sapu minyak tu

selalunya kan, orang melayu kalau goreng ikan, derang letak kunyit sama garam, then goreng dalam minyak. pastu, takkan la nak buang minyak tu kan? so, derang pun simpan la minyak tu.

pastu kan, biasa tak korang dengar ke, nampak ke, nenek korang gunakan minyak lebihan tu untuk kegunaan lain, selain dari untuk memasak?

nenek REd pernah actually. kami ni kan ke ganazz masa kecik2 dulu, main sana, main sini. balik karang, dah melalak. sebab apa, sebab dah jatuh, luka sana, luka sini. kat kampung kan, mana la ada ubat2 yang canggih manggih ni. so, what nenek will ask us to do is, pergi basuh luka tu. then, dia pergi dapur, dia amik la minyak lebihan goreng ikan tu, dia sapu kat tempat luka tu.

amazingly, the luka baik dengan elok. takde apa infection ke menda ke.

all these while, aku fikir, macam mana benda macam ni boleh jadi? what is the science behind it? then aku found out. the oil actually acts as a barrier, so that no other microorganisms can enter, and mana yang aerobes (majority of which that causes infections), tak boleh nak replicate sebab takde oxygen. then, the kunyit, it is a natural antiseptic. the salt, i would think that the salt will withdraw the moisture from the microorganisms and hence will kill them.

i might be wrong but i see alot of logic in my explaination above. have you ever come across this?

i had to get it

saw this in one utama and it was the ONLY ONE LEFT! i knew i had to get it. although, i saw an owl necklace before seeing this, my mind was set when i laid eyes on it.

i am an environmentalist.

someone else, get me an owl necklace k. :D

alimento + famiglia = felice

family outing day today!! hooyeah!! everyone was dead excited. but we didn't get out of the house soon enough. by the time we were in one utama's farking lot, we almost lost it, our patience that is. lucky for me and nana, we just decided to keep quiet as it is much easier to do so. we were hunting for a space for almost an hour which made us miss the 'Bolt' showing time. we went to both the cinemas, TGV as well as GSC, but there were too many people and getting in the queue was something that none of us would endure. but i was ready to watch 'los dan faun'. none of them shared the same enthusiasm for that though....

so, off we went for the search that was already killing yah. the search for food. she was countlessly repeating that she wants to eat. so, they decided to go to Italiannies. i never liked Italiannies, due to the very bad service that we experienced in the one at the curve. well i guess the curve has the worst services in restos ever! remember my blog on TGIF, the curve? same scenario. Italiannies the curve served us food in dirty dishes, and food that are cold! and we are paying tonnes of bills for that?!?!? WTH??

but yah simply adores the curve. i have no idea why. so, fine, we went there. i kept silence and just go with the flow.

i have no idea as to what to order. so i took quite some time to decide what to have. they knew what they wanted, so it was a breeze for them. after going through the menu twice, i decided what i wanted and placed my order. our waiter was rather pleasant. the downside, he is rather forgetful.

right after the order, we were served a complimentary housemade bread, plain white and rosemary/thyme flavoured. the bread was served with olive oil infused with rosemary with a splash of black vinegar.

after about 30mins of waiting, the first dish arrived. it is the family favourite (used to be mine too). deep fried crispy calamari. i am pretty sure it was delicious as they were attacking it. the dip is tomato-based with roasted peppers. the finished it within minutes! even the dip dish was empty!

shad's dish was the first to arrive. he ordered the pepperoni pizza. the cheese was practically melting its way onto the whole pizza. it is like in the advert where you pull the pizza and the cheese comes along in strings.

this is yah's dish, for 2 persons actually. tomato-based angel hair pasta. i had a taste of it and it is ok. guess what? she finished the dish all by herself. sugoi!! i wonder where does it go!!

mama and nana had the same dish, classic carbonara. they love carbonara and they had their serving in the lunch size. it looks a tad too dry for me. but nana claims it is just perfect for her. and judging by her clean plate after that, i guess it must be nice.

this is my dish, lunch size. i forgot the name. it consists of succulent chicken breast grilled to perfection served with capers and tomatoes. it is supposed to come with cream spinach but because i don't take the cream, therefore i asked them to take it out of my dish. but nevertheless, i love the chicken breast as it needs no extra dressing or sauce. the marinade just seeps through the meat. umaii, that is what i would say.

for all that, plus a glass of iced lemon tea and a 500ml bottle of mineral water, the bill came up to rm178.20 plus service charges. i can say that the service here is much better than the one in the curve. although, they are rather forgetful even with the house not that full at the time we went. and yeah, dirty seems to be the order of the resto i guess as my napkin was dirty with stains that God knows came from where. yuck!
food is delish, ambience is ok, cleanliness still needs to be revised.

what letter?

do you really know REd?

guess what is my favourite word that starts with the letter that is shown here.

this is pure fun!!

come on now, give it a try \(^_^)/

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pemergian dan penyiksaan

Pemergian itu satu penyiksaan
Taatkala yang pergi untuk selamanya
Ialah yang paling bermakna di dalam hidup kita

Pemergian itu satu penyiksaan
'Pabila ia terjadi
Tanpa amaran, tanpa dugaan

Pemergian itu satu penyiksaan
Sering hati ini berbisik tertanya
"Mengapa bukan diriku, mengapa dia?"

Pemergian itu satu penyiksaan
Betapa luruh air mata ini
Kehilangan yang dirasai tiada pengganti

Pergilah wahai insan
Aku hanya mampu mendoakan
Agar jasadmu diterima bumi, dan rohmu dicucuri Tuhan.


AL-Fatihah buat Arwah Uncle Ainol Hisham.

you are missed.


StarWalk 2008

ok, this is a little too late. but because i just only learned how to do the slideshow thingy *thanks shad*, and of course because i have ample time (for now la), i shall post this.

yeah, this is my first ever StarWalk experience. the night before the walk, we slept over in Jo-ee's unc's house (till now, i can never remember his name). we arrived rather late due to the jam that we were in. as soon as we arrived, we were snacking on our addiction, popiah skin :P. we turned in late because we were high on the skins and also because we were glued on astro. the alarms were set to 0445 the next morn. i remembered hearing the alarm went off but i don't remember getting up to it. until uncle came and asked: "weyy jo-ee, you want to go or not?" by that time, it was already, 5 mins passed 5 in the morn and we were like: "what!??!?!"

got ready, got set, and went! we were driving like mad and we were on adrenaline rush. excitement got the best of us. thank God we got a good parking space, right in the PISA compound. went to re-register and got ourselves the wristband. yet, we were still rather early. so decided to go have some brekkies as the tummies were singing an unbearable song. lucky for us, there was a mamak nearby. and since it was supposed to be a "walk", i had my food. if it were a run, i don't think i would want to eat anything in fear of contracting a stitch while running.

right before the run, some hotel employees donning the holiday colours and christmas costumes decided to grace our walk with their presence. they were fun to be around with. took some photo ops and then, i couldn't think anymore. all i wanted to do was start the walk already. we assembled at some point, and then off we went! the shot from the pistol (thank God there were no dead birds soon after) signalled our take off.

i started off with baby runs, and then i was afraid that i might be disqualified (altho i am a non-competitor), so i walked like for 100m, and then i was like: "oh crap!" i started running again. with my radio on, my heart happy, my mind free, i ran all the way, all the 10km, all the hilly part, all the supposedly "walk". when i arrived, my legs didn't want to stop. it was still in the running mode. as i tried to stop myself from running at the finishing line, my legs were kicking away like the legs of a horse. like what the eff?

water!! i need to rehydrate!! amazingly, altho with a full tummy after the brekkie, i didn't contract the dreaded stitch. alhamdulillah... went into PISA compound and hunt for water. whatever form of liquid that was offered, i was reluctant, but i took it in, i really was dehydrated! first, half a cup of MALTA (yuck!!), then half a cup of 100+ (ok la), then some FITNESS cereal (minus the milk.yummy!!), and finally, a bottle of mineral water. ahhh... heaven!

walked around and had a look-see of the stalls that were up, while waiting for jo-ee to arrive. DIGI happened to be the main sponsor for that day. i played the spin-the-wheel at the PALLAS stall and won myself a bowling voucher that i know i will never use. took more pix of the fancy costume competition. and prayed that my number will be called for the lucky dip. but too bad, we can't stay. jo-ee was rushing for time as she had her first prom to attend to that evening.

all in all, i knew i had fun that day. currently, my mind is set for next year's penang bridge run. i wanna run. i like running. it makes me feel free.

you should try it too. come RUN with me.

Return to me, my love

I just came back from SP last night and i was wondering: "dia mesti tengah sibuk study tu..senyap je..." Thank God the net was on. so, as usual, took Dell and started surfing. and then, there it was in the mail. a perfect surprise...

Словно раньше времени
-As if it is earlier than the time

Началась зима
-winter began

Фильм окончен И погас экран
-film has ended and the screen has dimmed

Холодно - согрей меня И сойди с ума
-It is cold - warm me and descend from the mind

Сделай шаг назад Впоследний раз
-Take a step back for the last time

Я же здесь, любимый мой
-I am here, my love

В шаге от тебя
-In the step from you

Обернись и дотянись рукой
-Be wrapped up and suffice by the hand

Не печалься, все пройдет
-Do not be sad, it will pass everything

Ангелы не спят
-angles do not sleep

Их не видно из-за облаков
-they can’t be seen because of the clouds

Небо, небо (Небо, небо)
-sky, sky (sky, sky)

Как ты высоко
-how high are you

Ты знаешь Я за тобой
-you know I am after you

Как по краю хожу
-as I walk along the edge

Не боясь оступиться
-without fear of falling

И небо попрошy
-and I will ask the sky

Небо, небо Утоли мою боль
-Sky, sky quench my pain

Забери все что хочешь
-Take away everything that you want

Верни мне мою любовь
-return to me, my love

Ты не мной обманутый
-I will not deceive you

А самим собой
-but by itself

Нет вины ничьей никакой
-there is no one’s fault

Просто ходят парами
-Simply they walk by the pairs

Слезы и любовь
-tears and love

Свет и сумрак
-light and dusk

Пепел и огонь
-ashes and fire

Небо, небо (Небо, небо)
-sky, sky (sky, sky)

Как ты высоко Хааа
-how high are you, haaa

Я за тобой
-I am after you

Как по краю хожу
-as I walked along the edge

Не боясь оступиться
-not afraid of falling

И небо прошу
-and I ask the sky

Небо, небо Утоли мою боль
-sky, sky, take away my pain

Забери все что хочешь
-take everything that you want

Верни мне мою любовь
-return to me my love

Верни мою любовь Уааа

Я за тобой
Как по краю хожу
Не боясь оступиться
И небо прошу (И небо прошу)
Небо, небо Утоли мою боль
Забери все что хочешь
Верни мне мою любовь
Верни мою любовь
Верни мою любовь Ааа

Thank you Zulis. is the real reason to brush up my russian or....? fyi, my russian kira dah tere juga ;)

<3 <3 <3

simply put, this is very sweet.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

This will get your noodles thinking.

1. In a Bangkok temple:
> 2. Cocktail lounge, Norway:
> 3. At a Budapest zoo:
> 4. Doctor's office, Rome:
> 5. Dry cleaners, Bangkok:
> 6. In a Nairobi restaurant:
> 7. On an Athi River highway:
> 8. On a poster at Kencom:
> 9. In a Mexico City restaurant:
> 10. A sign seen on an automatic restroom hand dryer:
> 11. In a Danish cemetery:
> 12. Tokyo hotel's rules and regulations:
> 13. On the menu of a Swiss restaurant:
> 14. In a Tokyo bar:
> 15. Hotel, [former] Yugoslavia:
> 16. Hotel, Japan:
> 17. In the lobby of a Moscow hotel across from a Russian Orthodox monastery:
> 18. A sign posted in Germany's Black Forest:
> 19. In a Hotel, Zurich:
> 20. Advertisement for donkey rides, Thailand:
> 21. In the window on a Swedish furrier:
> 22. The box of a clockwork toy made in Hong Kong:
> 23. In a Swiss mountain inn:
> 24. Airline ticket office, Copenhagen:
> 25. A laundry in Rome:

bird brains

what comes across your minds when you mention the word "parrot"? a beautiful bird, a smart bird as it can do loads of tricks, a friendly bird cause it loves to interact with others, and of course a bird that loves to repeat the same exact thing that it hears, or even, mimic the same exact sound that it perceives.

why am i talking about birds? not really. actually, i am talking about people who become parrots in certain situations. gawsh, they are so damn fake, to say the least. they will automatically be someone else that is in the vicinity just so that people of that click will accept them. and they will absorb everything from gestures to accents, and purge it all out, just to impress.

but the problem is, it is not like they can remain like this. they will more often then not become themselves as soon as they are not with the said other person or group. is like these parrots have no personalities of their own that they have to live on the personalities of others. really, i actually pity them.

as for me, if i were to be a bird, i would love to be the owl. it is mysterious, it is somewhat majestic, it is known to be wise, and it is snobby. but yet, people are always mesmerised by it because it won't let out much of its being. you'll really have to get to know the bird to love it.

i used to have a band back in my high school days and i named it O.W.L. simply because, i love the mystery of the owl. and yeah, my friends knew me as OWL as well.

another reason why i am more like the owl..... it does not sleep at night. probably due to insomnia, or probably it is just its nature.

for me, it is my insomnia.

PP/S: i <3 the necklace. want to get it for me? :D

Sunday, December 14, 2008

hang pi mana tu?

lama gila kan tak pergi penang? korok mu!! bukan ke aku baru balik dari penang selasa lepas? ni pergi lagi. haish...

tapi kali ni pergi, lain sket. sebab apa lain? sebab aku ke island naik ferry. wah!!! dah ancient bangat tak naik ferry. sebab apa kami naik ferry, sebab kononnya nak elak jam kat bridge yang dah dua jam tak surut tu. sekali tgk, kat muka pintu nak naik ferry tu, sama je jamnyer. takpe arr. at least tak stuck kat atas jambatan. stuck atas ferry lagi best la kan.

asal sampai atas ferry tu, apa lagi, berbekalkan nasi ayam, eh silap, CHOKIA 93i aku, terus aja aku turun kereta, pergi jadi shutterbug. iye la kan, mesti le aku nak blog pasal experience aku ni. aku kan ke jakun.

kereta yang parking atas ferry ni, rapat bangat. aku rasa, antara kereta depan ngan kereta belakang, kalau kentut, ada juga tempias bau tu. abang yang usher kereta masuk tu, soh rapat lagi, rapat lagi. kang kalau dah GEDEGANG! mesti dia buat muka selamba poyo punya: "not my la la..."

haa... kereta ni. kereta ni tak biol, tapi driver dia, yes. bukan setakat biol, siol pun ada juga. kenapa? sebab, dia ni agaknya nak terkucil ke apa. gila tak sabar. cut cue kami macam ferry tu abah dia yang punya. last2 dia kat belakang kami juga. ntah apa2 ntah. agaknya mesti dah terkucil dalam kereta tu, tak kuar pun....

REd dengan muka gembira. sebab apa gembira? sebab dapat naik ferry, sebab esoknya tu ada event best, sebab..... macam macam lagi la... (maksud tersembunyi).

REd sangka dapat la dok lama atas ferry tu, sekali tgk 15minit aja lamanya. kira lagi cepat dari nak drive atas bridge tu. dah la save minyak naik ferry ni. i mean, kalau naik bridge, kena bayar tol, pastu nak kena tekan minyak lagi. lagipun, naik ferry ni berhenti kat heritage bay, dah kira heart of the town pastu dekat ngan feringghi and gurney. baik naik ferry kan? at least dapat amik angin laut. naik bridge dapat makan asap ada la.

pastu tunggu arr abang usher tu buka gate ferry. nanti dia akan usher secara systematic dengan menggunakan penakulan mantik (critical thinking), kereta2 yang ada kat atas ferry tu.

sampai2 aja, kami rush pergi batu ferringhi. hati dah libang libu. sebab apa? sebab pakcik dia dah call ada la dalam 231 kali. adoiyayy....
adakah REd nak naik ferry lain kali?
sudah pasti.


my OBGYN assesment took place last friday and everything went smoothly until the written part. i don't even want to talk about it. i was getting ready, reading some final stuffs before going for the paper in the afternoon until i got bored and decided to check my mail. i was surprised and i was literally laughing to myself. even the guy beside me was looking at me all weird. i replied the mail and then off i went for the paper.

while i was doing the online xm, the fon kept on buzzing, alerting me for new SMSes. as soon as the paper was over, i checked my fon and the first SMS was from my sister. something about some run next weekend. but the 2nd SMS was the one that surprised me....



was i waiting for it?
-ermm.... maybe

was i happy?
-i think so ;)

did it make my day?
-yeah :D

so, did i get it? another "weird" contact?
-i got it alright. but i wouldn't say "weird". more like.....awaited.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

i want to kill that dog

if PETA wants to arrest me, i have hard evidence against it. really, i WANT to kill THAT 8!+ch!!

see, 4 houses away from mine, live a family of hubby and wife and their "children" which are 3 psycho dogs. all their dogs bark for no apparent reason to anything that moves. they even dominate the streets by lying in the middle of the street and wouldn't even move an inch if a car comes by.

and the owner is one very inconsiderate son of a 8!+ch. if he were living elsewhere, i am pretty sure he will get a summon because of his dogs. firstly, he does not train the dogs. the are effing noisy. then, he will routinely bring the dogs out every morning and uber late at night to poo on the streets. i swear, the whole street, front and back, is full of patches of dogshit, dry or fresh.

today, i was cycling out to the nearby town, just out of boredom. i was on my way back to my house when i saw the owner on his motorbike with one of the dogs. the other dog however, was trailing behind. i passed them and i was minding my own business. as i was cycling, i heard barking and i saw the dog trailing me. she was like literally almost biting my feet off! i was so shocked, i steered away from it abruptly and had to lift both my legs away from the pedals. i almost hit the curb!

i wanted to turn into my house already but it was still chasing me. the owner however, was still on his bike, at the end of the road, waiting for that bitch to come to him. like WTH?!?! come get your bitch la! all he did was, called after it, and it didn't even want to move an inch away from me. after much cycling, trying to avoid it, then only it went away.

it is either i report this to the authorities or i will poison the dogs. don't blame me.

"the number that you dialled is reachable"

last saturday, i had the weirdest phone call ever! i was on the verge of sleeping when my phone rang and it was an international call. without thinking, i just picked it up and on the other line was my dear old friend from Russia, Ching. i thought she called to say "hi" or to ask how am i doing and all. instead, she called and asked: "alia, do you want anything from amway? because this will be my last order before i go to Moscow?" i was like: "what?!"

ching: "hey, how come you sound so surprised? are you in 5th hostel?"
REd: "ching, do you know where i am right now?"

she went silent for a brief moment and then.....

ching: "OH MY GOD!! alia i am so sorry!! i made the wrong phone call!!"
REd: "yes ching. i am in Malaysia and i have been missing from Russia for the past 3 years!"
ching: "ok ok, i'll get in touch with you in awhile"

i was smiling and laughing on my own. and then the phone signalled an incoming SMS. ching said that she was just talking to utra (another dear friend of mine) about me and how different it would be if i were still there with them. she said that it is evident that i am not lost from their minds. i felt so touched and i miss them badly, really.... i hope to see them soon.

and yesterday, another phone call from someone i did not expect to call me AT ALL. yuki, he called me, just to check on me. yeah, we had tonnes of history together but now, we are friends. more like, i am his go-to person. any probs he has, he talks to me, via SMS or phone. says that i am always there for him when he needs me. well, i am glad to hear that. i mean, it doesn't hurt to be friends after so long eh?

wonder who will call me out of the blue next? someone from Odessa? :D

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

GIANT, Kota Damansara

just something to share with you guys. this is the brand new addition to the vast expanding economical upturn of the Kota Damansara district (formerly know as "cowboy town" because it was so dead quiet and isolated, nobody knew where it was). now, as you mention the place Kota Damansara, everyone has their GoogleEarth on and surprisingly, it has been bookmarked and saved for future reference. amazing what 7 years can do to a place eh?

so, as we had a family dins last saturday, yah and i had to go get some stuffs to make the dessert. we were from OU, so we didn't want to go there again. we are rather bored with TESCO, and COLD STORAGE is just a tad too expensive. so, we decided to go to GIANT, Kota Damansara.

as it is the weekend, we were sure that will be throngs of people flooding that place. but just out of curiosity, we went for the kill.

as we arrived and had the perfect parking spot, i was actually amazed with the place. it is clean, it is huge, and it has so many other small shoplots and stalls within the whole building. even JCo doughnuts that could be found in Pavillion is here. there are so many things to see but too little time were on our hands.

Giant itself has 2 storeys (i think). the floor above sells all the household items, electrical items, and whatnots. the ground floor however, displays the clothes, food items, cleaning compounds, and all that. really, if i were to stay there awhile longer, i might be buying things that i shouldn't have but just out of impulse, i will.

the produce look rather fresh and the setup is systematic and clean. i'll let you in a little secret though: they are selling tonnes of things that are actually CHEAPER than other Giant and other hypermarts. well, prolly cause it is still brand new and they need to attract the crowd.
so, before the end of the year, make a point to go there at least once and stock-up! really, the price slash is worth spending some petrol money over. and when i say stock-up, be prepared to have a clean bill of at least rm100.

so, what are you waiting for? go already!

pp/s: it is located behind Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara. follow the arrows, you can't miss it.