Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bolt and a boy

we almost miss the screening of Bolt, yet again when the parking drama started as soon as we entered OU new wing's parking lot. thank God we were early today, and after about 10mins around the lot, we finally found the perfect place to park. pheww....

as soon as we stepped into Parkson, mama, bless her, started her browsing already. yah was already jittery with anxiety. she was afraid that they would be no tickets left. and upon her command, the troop made a mad rush to GSC. tickets secured, now comes the time for them to fill in their growling tummies. i was excused for this session as i had already had my breakfast.

have you watched bolt? you have? well, go watch it again. this time, try the 3D version. it was well worth the extra rm6 that we had to pay for each ticket. nothing of those floppy carboard glasses that tears as soon as you put them on. the ones that we got were POLAROID baby!

fashionable no? Autobots, roll out!

initially, i took off my silver oaks and put on them 3Ds. but my vision was slightly blurred and my brain was spinning off limits. before the headache settles, i best put on my silver oaks and then only the 3Ds come on. aahhh... much better. gawsh!! this is so cool. but of course it does not beat the ones that are in Disney World Orlando, Florida, eh?

anywho, about 10mins into the movie, my fon signalled an incoming SMS. crap! i didn't put in on silent mode. checked the SMS, and i nearly jumped off my seat! immediately i passed the message to my sisters and then straight to mama.

pott: "it's a boy!"

alhamdulillah. 4months and a few weeks in, they finally know the sex of the foetus. they wanted a boy so much, actually, everyone wanted a boy (makes no difference to me), and their prayers were answered.

congratulations to them.

and as for me....erkkk....i am going to be an aunty. yikes!!

mantra: young at heart....young at heart....young at heart....


afizah said...

salam maal hijrah~

Lang Legar said...

was bolt 3D much fun than the 2D one?i was hesitating to watch it and guess there not much show come new year somemore..

redSeptember said...

2 afizah: thanks hotness! right back at you ;)

2 lang: ermm... pada REd la kn, mmg worth it (sebab bukan duit aku pun :P), rasa giler effect dia. lain kali kalau ada 3D, nak tgk yang 3D version aja la... heheheh