Thursday, December 25, 2008


it is christmas today and i have never believed in santa. wanna know why, because if santa were real, i would have gotten my BMW mountain bike, my 4 x 4 taurus, my tag hueur (mine is broken ....*sad....), and many more.

but i didn't kill my hopes, actually, i didn't hope for anything this christmas (except for a greener earth), like all the other christmas. somehow, i got an unexpected surprise....

presents!! no need for a christmas tree. the presents were delivered by a certain santarina (read: mama).

a pair of sox, and 2 statement blouses from mama. the turquoise blouse really shouts me. thanks ma!

no owl necklace, not yet at least. but ma farida got this highly decorative tooth necklace. love!
for those who celebrates christmas: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

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