Monday, December 22, 2008

ARTful dining

as soon as yah and i hit home after a gruelling (because i haven't been to body combat for quite some time now) session of body combat at FF, we got ready at the speed of light because seeing everybody else was ready, we weren't pushing our luck by taking our own sweet time.

i was hungry. but couldn't manage to grab anything on the go. besides, we were going for a family outing to Sepang Goldcoast. the much-talked about place now in Malaysia. we heard that the food there is good and the price was bearable. so fine, i'd rather save some space to indulge.

we reached there just in time for a late lunch. it was so damn far, i thought i am almost half way to kedah already. excitement got the best of me when i saw the sea. but then, gut over mind, i wanted to eat first. thank God mama wanted to stop for food first too. parked the card under a shady tree, then off we went to Art Catering Seafood Restaurant.

ais kacang biasa

it was just a simple shack by the beach. there already many patrons there. we took our seats and mama was bz ordering the array of seafood dishes while we waited at the table looking out to the sea and thinking of things to do later after the meal.

kerang bakar

the seafood here are really fresh as the catch come straight in from the sea. but the thing that i couldn't stand was the flies that were dominating the place. they should have put up the buzzer thingy to kill off those pests. at least we will be in peace while dining.

ikan kembung masam manis

yah was already cursing me for taking pictures of the food that arrived one by one. she was like "for once, could we eat in peace?" i know she was hungry, i was too. but chillex babe, the food ain't gonna make a run for it.

sotong goreng tepung

as more food arrived, my hunger centre in the brain was hyperstimulated. but i was really thirsty and my drink hasn't arrived. and when it did, they got the wrong order, so i had to wait for another one. i mean, is it that hard to open up a tender coconut? well, i guess it is, judging from the experience that we had when we tried to do it ourselves in kampung hilir, last aidil adha.

sup cendawan

we ordered plenty of other stuffs actually but i didn't snap anymore cause i wanted to eat already. we had kangkung belacan, ikan pari bakar, telur dadar, ketam masak cili, and a gazillion other drinks. when the bill finally came, mama was shocked. all that we had, was only for rm113 and according to her, it is nicer than the one that we had in tanjung dawai, kedah. and i thought kedah should be much cheaper.

but if you were to come here, do have a look around because there are many other restos actually.

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