Thursday, December 25, 2008

My <3 is broken

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[in the dark]: "mana remote ni?"

feel...feel... touch...touch... walk...walk... praaakkkk!!!

[still in the dark]: "eff!! not again?!?!"

found the remote, switched on the tv, picked up the pieces, sit and sulk. my silver oaks (oui, i named my glasses) broke, yet again. it literally feels like my heart was broken. the crap is, i broke my own heart this time. which is even worse.

eff, now my vision in 15/20. if i don't smile at you or acknowledge your presence, don't blame me. i really can't recognize you from far, if i am not wearing my silver oaks.until i get it fixed, just bear with me.


Peeps said...

FUCK! hahahahaha..kamon..say it..say it..kamon..

redSeptember said...

cek budak baik peeps. tak baik hang ajaq cek lagu tu.

cek mulia tau *snicker....