Thursday, December 4, 2008


why is it that katy perry's song "i kissed a girl" is played all over malaysian radio again and again, only to have the word "girl" bleeped out and yet sometimes, it is still there because they forgot to cancel the word, without any critism from local press?

why is it that sexy bollywood movies conquer our national channels in the evening but wearing sexy is totally shunned upon?

why is it that shah rukh khan get a datukship for "promoting" melacca, but yasmin ahmad who had won many international awards, as well as local awards with her locally made movies, but her work is always criticised?

why is it that local movies that have scenes in clubs and sometimes scenes in rooms with sexy actors are allowed, but if the whole movie is something that you can learn form and is "controversial" for the narrow minded that it is totally banned?

why is it that the government doesn't allow the truth to be shown?

why is it that facades are more acceptable than the real thing? is it easier to digest? well, maybe for now, but what about the future?

why is MUALLAF not shown in malaysia, but in singapore and other countries?

i really want to watch this.


13may said...

welcome to malaysia :)

Lang Legar said...

damn,I want to watch it also..
xkan mo beli pirate edition..
camne nk support yasmin camni..

djambu puadovich said...

ada jual kat singapura x? siapa2 buleh tolong beli? ;)

redSeptember said...

tu la pasal. kalau beli cetak karang, kena saman la, masuk jail la, kena kes mahkamah la.

tapi bila orang merompak orang ke, merogol ke, membunuh ke, tak kerap pulak masuk jail.

pelik kan?

penanya (?) said...

keluar kat channel Suria kot... kalau ko tgk drama2 melayu singapura sume mmg panas lah, mmg isu benar2 berlaku pada org melayu kita now.. benda mcm tu sepatutnya expose la barulah kita sedar ke mana kita sebenarnya..

wah, blh jd post baru ni..
thanks! ko bwt aku dpt ilham. miahahahaha

redSeptember said...

tak mungkin punya, mesti kena tapis tu.

dapat ide? heheh bagus la. janji tak plagiarim :)