Tuesday, December 30, 2008

table sixty six

finally, the day has come. today is the first day of my professional exams. my first paper: Paediatrics. it is well known by the students and the faculty, as the killer paper. the paper that fails most of the students in a batch. i have done my part, i have read and understood, and at a certain point, attempted to remember some facts (yeah... i am sooooo blahdy good at this la... haizz....). i did all that, plus some (alot, actually :P) fun in between.

so, today, i am mentally prepared, physically sleepy, and spiritually near to God (or at least i hope). i didn't want to confuse myself with more informations. so i decided not to read anymore before entering the hall. infact, i walked around, went to take my xm slip, and made the slowest pace back to the hall. i didn't want to be with my friends, as they were too busy mugging up the last minute infos that could enter their cerebellums.

time to go in. the sight of the invigilators has already got my heart palpitating. yeah, i may not show it (as always), but the anxiety that was enveloping me in its constricting embrace, was suffocating me. i want to get this over and done with ASAP! checked my seat number, went in, sat down, and shit! i forgot something. my calculator: just incase if we were asked to calculate the amount of rehydration fluids that need to be infused in a child with severe (10%) dehydration. wow. that was a mouthful to even read out loud eh? out i went, took my trusty old scientific calculator, and in back again to the designated seat. the seat, number 66.

i went straight for the kill. filling up all the answer sheets and booklets with all the infos needed. i did it like a routine: name, title of paper, date, etc..... as soon as the clock struck 0930hours, i began. shading the little boxes, marking the answers that i was pretty sure of. i was done before the 30mins was up. handed in my answer sheet, continued with the second part: the blahdy essays.

after reading the questions, i was contemplating as of which to answer first, which not to answer, and which will score me more marks. but i wouldn't want to waste time, therefore, i started writing. no sound was in my head, i can't hear anything except for the scribbling of my pen on paper.

suddenly, like out of thin air, one of the invigilators stood beside me. i was in a state of trance, answering the questions, when he spoke: "what are you given an index number for?" i couldn't answer him. i was blur, i was confused, i PAUSED. my mind totally went blank. he kept on staring at me and waited for an answer. until....

he showed me my answer sheet that i handed in previously. at the place where i am supposed to put in my index number, i put in my matriculation number instead. eff! he was pissed at me. i apologized. i wrote in my index number, and he said: "your paper will not be marked" and he walked off.

i stared at his back, still digesting the situation that had just occured. i know it was a childish threat from his side. i know it was childish of me to call his bluff. but the fact was, i PAUSED!! from rewriting the whole paeds textbook on my answer booklet,to "errr...how do you say that word in english again?"


i became temporarily dyslexic. but i shall not fall. i regrouped myself (me, my thoughts, my memory), and attempted to write again. some crap things fell onto the answer booklet pages, sufficient enough to make it look like i attempted and knew something.

for whether it is right or wrong, i have no idea.

curse you!! arrrgghhhh!!!! and the calculator... didn't even used it T_T

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