Wednesday, December 3, 2008

buckle-up behind

so what is the new "rave" in malaysia now? well, what else other than making it COMPULSORY for the rear seat passengers to buckle up. and if they don't they will be fined (God knows how much la). and, if there are more than three rear passengers in a 5-seater car, the forth passenger won't be fined for not having a seatbelt on (because obviously, there are only 3 seatbelts in the rear for a 5-seater car), but instead, the driver will be fined for overloading the car.

see, that is the thing about malaysia, you omplement something, it is HOT for a few months, then it becomes ice-cold and no one bothers about it. this law has been around in other countries since like forever. the first country that i noticed is very strict about the rear passengers buckling up is, Australia. when i was 14, i went there and my foster mom was so particular that we have our setbelts on. so fine, when in rome, do as the roman does. and mind, they are very vigilant about the law.

but in malaysia, you want to implement something lidis, until when la it can last? even the police here also never put their seatbelts on. the motorists ride without their helmets (as a pillion rider, i also had my episodes of riding without the helmet), the special lanes are still, well, not that special. and all of these just passed without the notice of the authorities. except for some situation, especially at the end of the month when the monthly wage has somewhat depleted and the police need "duit kopi" to survive the month. haaa....then la there will see even the slightest mistake we make like, missing the traffic light in the middle of the night when there are absolutely no cars around, and you are in a hurry for an emergency. out of nowhere, the sound of police sirens wail and break the silence of the night. and you'd be left thinking: "for real??"

so, go ahead and train yourselves and your passengers to buckle-up, infront or behind. because from the 1/1/09, if your passengers are not with their belts on, you'll be fined.

let see how the police handle this.

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