Saturday, December 20, 2008

alimento + famiglia = felice

family outing day today!! hooyeah!! everyone was dead excited. but we didn't get out of the house soon enough. by the time we were in one utama's farking lot, we almost lost it, our patience that is. lucky for me and nana, we just decided to keep quiet as it is much easier to do so. we were hunting for a space for almost an hour which made us miss the 'Bolt' showing time. we went to both the cinemas, TGV as well as GSC, but there were too many people and getting in the queue was something that none of us would endure. but i was ready to watch 'los dan faun'. none of them shared the same enthusiasm for that though....

so, off we went for the search that was already killing yah. the search for food. she was countlessly repeating that she wants to eat. so, they decided to go to Italiannies. i never liked Italiannies, due to the very bad service that we experienced in the one at the curve. well i guess the curve has the worst services in restos ever! remember my blog on TGIF, the curve? same scenario. Italiannies the curve served us food in dirty dishes, and food that are cold! and we are paying tonnes of bills for that?!?!? WTH??

but yah simply adores the curve. i have no idea why. so, fine, we went there. i kept silence and just go with the flow.

i have no idea as to what to order. so i took quite some time to decide what to have. they knew what they wanted, so it was a breeze for them. after going through the menu twice, i decided what i wanted and placed my order. our waiter was rather pleasant. the downside, he is rather forgetful.

right after the order, we were served a complimentary housemade bread, plain white and rosemary/thyme flavoured. the bread was served with olive oil infused with rosemary with a splash of black vinegar.

after about 30mins of waiting, the first dish arrived. it is the family favourite (used to be mine too). deep fried crispy calamari. i am pretty sure it was delicious as they were attacking it. the dip is tomato-based with roasted peppers. the finished it within minutes! even the dip dish was empty!

shad's dish was the first to arrive. he ordered the pepperoni pizza. the cheese was practically melting its way onto the whole pizza. it is like in the advert where you pull the pizza and the cheese comes along in strings.

this is yah's dish, for 2 persons actually. tomato-based angel hair pasta. i had a taste of it and it is ok. guess what? she finished the dish all by herself. sugoi!! i wonder where does it go!!

mama and nana had the same dish, classic carbonara. they love carbonara and they had their serving in the lunch size. it looks a tad too dry for me. but nana claims it is just perfect for her. and judging by her clean plate after that, i guess it must be nice.

this is my dish, lunch size. i forgot the name. it consists of succulent chicken breast grilled to perfection served with capers and tomatoes. it is supposed to come with cream spinach but because i don't take the cream, therefore i asked them to take it out of my dish. but nevertheless, i love the chicken breast as it needs no extra dressing or sauce. the marinade just seeps through the meat. umaii, that is what i would say.

for all that, plus a glass of iced lemon tea and a 500ml bottle of mineral water, the bill came up to rm178.20 plus service charges. i can say that the service here is much better than the one in the curve. although, they are rather forgetful even with the house not that full at the time we went. and yeah, dirty seems to be the order of the resto i guess as my napkin was dirty with stains that God knows came from where. yuck!
food is delish, ambience is ok, cleanliness still needs to be revised.


selambakodok said...

you should still try and catch it... i think it'll be worth your while. hehehe


redSeptember said...

tu la pasal. still haven't found any gang yet to go and watch. maybe later i'll just walk to OU and go and watch. i heard it is damn funny and judging from your other movies (i am an ardent fan), mmg lawak ni.

you want to teman me arr? :P