Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hokutolite: i slept in a coffin today

so, my plan to watch 'LOS dan FAUN' went down the drain (yet again) today. i don't know why, today i felt so disorganized. like something is missing, like i want to do so many things but i can't, like i want to study but nothing is going in. and then, there it was, an offer that i can't resist. an offer made by mama to go and have a little spa treatment. i couldn't say 'no' to that, can i?

with my mind wandering, i just went to the spa centre with mama and nana. amazingly, this place is like 5 mins drive from our home. hmmm... i am so going to take a walk there tomorrow.

it is a cozy little corner near lorong datuk sulaiman, TTDI (no 31, lorong datuk sulaiman, TTDI). we were welcomed with a tiny zen-like garden outside the premise. where you can actually sit while waiting for your ride. or if you feel like just having a cuppa there, you are most welcome.

as we entered, the ambience just hit you right in the calm center of your brain, like a light-weight feather stroking your face while you are about to sleep. no, i am not exagerrating. really, the surrounding is very welcoming and you feel like the spa treatment has already started.

the 2 petit ladies attended to me immediately. maybe because i was the only customer at that time, or maybe, they are actually very pleasant. immediately, i was asked to sit at the rest area and was given a tumbler of water to drink (i must finish this drink). and then there was this form that i had to fill in. i was like: 'gawsh!! this is even more daunting than sitting for an exam!" .from where i was sitting, i could see the hot-stone 'coffins' in the darkened room. my heart was racing, mainly due to the excitement, not the anxiety.

i was told to change into a kimono, minus everything else. everything meaning all my jewelleries, as well as undies. so, i was left with the kimono only as my second skin. comfortable and cute, i might add. as soon as i was done changing, my phone on silent (i was told to do so), the lady asked me to lie in one of the heated 'coffins'. still skeptical, i lay myself on the bed made of stones and a piece of towel. amazingly, it wasn't that bad. i thought the pebbles will be poking me in all the wrong places, but i could say that i was comfortable lying on them.

she closed the coffin and she said: "i am going to leave you for 30mins. if you cannot take the heat, push the lid down, below your heart level. and if you feel that you need a drink, you can have this drink here"


i lay there. silent. the only sound that i heard was....nothing actually. i wasn't that sleepy. but what can i do for the next 30mins? tried to take a nap. still can't. mama said that i will be sweating like mad. 10mins, i am still as dry as a desert. i kept on dozing off for like a minute and i will be awake again. until i assume the 15th minute, i could feel the sweat dripping off from each and every sweat glands that are on my body. it felt like i was melting. like tiny ants making their way on my skin. i couldn't sleep anymore. the heat was getting to me. but still tolerable as i have a very high threshold of tolerance to pain, heat, and hurt.

30mins, the buzz went off. along came the lady and: "ok aaaa, now you turn and lie face down. put your hands out to the side. ok aaa. i will leave you for 10mins more ok. see, you are sweating alot. sudah lama tak sweat aaa...."

REd (dalam hati): "kepala hotak kau. baru je hari ahad lepas aku body combat. hari khamis lepas aku jogging to absolution. boleh perah peluh lagi".

10 more mins face down. by then, my face was already drenched in sweat, my kimono felt like it just got out from the washer.

and the buzzer went off again. she told me to get up slowly and sit. my heart beating fast. my sweat was still dripping. she was saying somethings. i saw her mouth moving, but i could not articulate what the hell she was saying. heat stroke maybe (yes, i am exagerrating).

then, she brought me again to the sitting area. served me a cup of piping hot ginger-screwpine leave-lemongrass tea. that was delicious. after drinking that, i sweat even more. and i was left to cool down. it felt like i just ran a 30km marathon (like as if i had....).

so, there you go. after sleeping in the 'coffin' i felt alive again!! honestly, i felt more alert, more awake. weird ain't it? i thought once you sleep in a coffin, you'd be dead. but not here, not in Reflection Spa.

here are some of the benefits of this treatment:
  • activation of the autonomic nervous system
  • reduces water retention
  • anti-aging
  • improves bowel movement
  • boosts and strengthens immunity system
  • regulating hormonal functions
  • dissolves body fat, slimming and detoxification
  • reduces cholesterol level and reduces swelling
  • increases muscle strength, vitality, and mental stability
  • increases oxygen and nutrients in cells
  • improves and speeds up metabolism
  • improves blood circulation and balance blood pressure
  • improves stress tolerance
  • balances blood sugar levels

seriously, i went jogging today, after the treatment. i ran the same distance that i ran before. and i checked my time. today, i ran faster. sugoi!

note: for ladies only. i have 2 free guests pass for one free trial each, and an offer coupon that allows you to get 2 sessions for the price of one (offer coupon price is rm39. original price is rm80 for one session). if you are interested, mail me your addresses and i will snail mail them to you ;)


djambu puadovich said...

feewittt! presenting REd in red kimono!!! :P

redSeptember said...

tu dah drenched in sweat tu... rasa macam arrgghhh!! tapi takleh mandi, kena tunggu sejam lepas tu.

eliea said...

babe, mcm menarik jer!! how much ek per session n how long total?

redSeptember said...

babe, jom, i bawa you esok nak? you free tak? cause i boleh bawa guest. i have another treatment esok.

eliea said...

babe, i baru baca ur msg!! alahhh dah terlambat :-( realllyyyyy wannaa go!! I pergi kuching nieh from 25 till 31..do sms me if u r going for the next treatment pls:-)