Thursday, December 11, 2008

i want to kill that dog

if PETA wants to arrest me, i have hard evidence against it. really, i WANT to kill THAT 8!+ch!!

see, 4 houses away from mine, live a family of hubby and wife and their "children" which are 3 psycho dogs. all their dogs bark for no apparent reason to anything that moves. they even dominate the streets by lying in the middle of the street and wouldn't even move an inch if a car comes by.

and the owner is one very inconsiderate son of a 8!+ch. if he were living elsewhere, i am pretty sure he will get a summon because of his dogs. firstly, he does not train the dogs. the are effing noisy. then, he will routinely bring the dogs out every morning and uber late at night to poo on the streets. i swear, the whole street, front and back, is full of patches of dogshit, dry or fresh.

today, i was cycling out to the nearby town, just out of boredom. i was on my way back to my house when i saw the owner on his motorbike with one of the dogs. the other dog however, was trailing behind. i passed them and i was minding my own business. as i was cycling, i heard barking and i saw the dog trailing me. she was like literally almost biting my feet off! i was so shocked, i steered away from it abruptly and had to lift both my legs away from the pedals. i almost hit the curb!

i wanted to turn into my house already but it was still chasing me. the owner however, was still on his bike, at the end of the road, waiting for that bitch to come to him. like WTH?!?! come get your bitch la! all he did was, called after it, and it didn't even want to move an inch away from me. after much cycling, trying to avoid it, then only it went away.

it is either i report this to the authorities or i will poison the dogs. don't blame me.


Harmony said...

i think u shldnt do that :D

Peeps said...

i totally agree with matter what..i just agree with her.

dayemmmm!! hahahahahha

redSeptember said...

peeps!! hang biaq betul! kang wifey tokak kepala baru hang tau naa :P

Peeps said...

chek tak buat apa pun aiiiihhhhh! chek stuju ja apa yang dia habaq tu. hahahahahahahahah..

chek tak sentuh dia pun...