Friday, December 26, 2008

lucky colour: RED

i was in a state of worry (level: sivaji da boss). why? because i haven't got my ticket to go back to SP. $h!t!! we have been calling almost all the transportation companies we know, to ask if there were any tickets left. none. zero. nada!!

"not until the 31st", said KTM Bhd.

"ada pun bus tambahan aje, pukul 11.45mlm 29hb ni", said MARA liner.

"malam ni, esok, ahad, penuh la dik. isnin ada la, pukul 12mlm", said transnasional.

"eff!!", said REd.

at that point of time, we were at the putra station (as it was the nearest to where we were at that moment). i asked around, and i suddenly realized: this station only sells tickets to east coast of peninsular malaysia.

back in the car i went, and off to hentian duta. not forgetting, the "lecture" powerpoint from mama. hey, it ain't my fault ok. i can't decided when to go back, therefore i didn't get the return ticket earlier. now that the exam is confirmed on the 30th and there aren't any briefing prior to that (i.e. monday), then only i know when i should go back. by now, i couldn't care anymore, whatever crap bus company that offers a ride to SP on sunday or saturday at worst, i'll take it.

as soon as we reached hentian duta, we saw the XFRESH STREET SURFERS mobile parked by the curb right outside the station. my heart was torn between running in to get my ticket or stoppng by the 4x4 and win some stuffs. my ability to reason got the best of me and i ran in straight to get a ticket. alhamdulillah. i got a ride for this sunday (28th), but of course, i took the 1730hours ride, not the 1300hours ride. who would want to reach there early, eh?

done with the ticket problem, and as a true contest addict, i went straight to the surfers. yah was there, she already got some freebies but was waiting to answer a question. i couldn't answer the first Q too. so, my ears were peeled for the next one.

and i won this MEDIA mag that was dated October 2008. gawsh!! they are THAT cheap eh? giving away mags that are not on the shelves no more. we used to get the latest CLEO from HITZ people.what happened?

each of us standing there was given a sample bottle of listerine, as well as a notepad from SINAR. i assume that is a publication company. whatever man, i am all for freebies!!

then comes the quintessential task: to type a sentence that they read out, without using shortforms. who is the fastest without any mistakes wins the round. thank God for the frequent SMS-ing, i won this round, hands down! and the prize is 2 movie passes for 'bedtime stories' at cineleisure damansara. i gave them to my sisters since i won't be around as the screening is on the day of my exam!

saje je....hmmppphh....


djambu puadovich said...

nasib baik ada tiket bas...kalo x, yg dikejar xdpt. yg dikendong berciciran. hehehe

SINAR tu bukan satu jenis tabloid ke?

nice, a mouth wash...i juz bought mine 3 days back. ni braces pny pasal la ni :P

redSeptember said...

tu la.. tkt bs company ntah apa2 ntah. biol la company bus ni. dah tau sekarang musim cuti, buat la bus tambahan. kan ke mendatangkan keuntungan. tak nak duit ke apa derang ni?

ntah la, rasa REd macam pernah nampak suratkhabar SINAR. iye kott?

haaa... jaga la gigi bling2 djambu tu. biar sampai berkilat membutakan mata. hehehehe

djambu puadovich said...

duit minyak dah murah dah skrg ni...kalo hr tu, minyak mahal...skrg tokey2 bas tu tak kesah sgt dah kot...huhu

i thot i was d one not in Malaysia for d past 1 year n half? hehe :P

lps ni nk tmbh bling2, biar jd mcm snoop dog ke 50 cent ke nelly ke. haha!

tomato_masam said...

ahahaha..btul..sape tak nak barang free kan? amek ajer~