Saturday, February 28, 2009

Simply Us...

a simple hug (saras - REd)

almost a kiss on the cheek (arul - REd)

preserved but naughty (nivas - jashi)

model and makeup artist (saras - arul)

her first and my new kurungs (arul - REd)

the memories with you lovelies are deeply embeded in my heart....

they said.....

some things that were said during the last 2 weeks that i think is rather cute and witty....i just wanna share this with you guys.

  • standard one pupil to me (was wearing my Diamond-Blakfan): "doctor, awat doctor pakai kasut macam ni?"
  • Thava, when asked if he accidentally fell, as we heard things crashing in the kitchen: "no la, everything else fell, except for me :) "
  • nivas, when asked how come we group of girls have very few luggage: "we are simple people, you see"
  • dinesh, when told to make sure that the pictures turn out pretty: "sorry arr, there is no setting for that :)"
  • thava to me, when i donned the newly made kurung: "is that the new kurung that you made? hey, it is really nice" *blush blush....
  • me to one of the Vektorians who was telling me to not tremble so much while i was smearing the sample for filaeriasis: "yes, doctor" (i so want to see him try!)

there are more actually, but i couldn't quite remember. the memories that we had there was AWESOME, to say the least. i am missing it already....


right now, that is where we are living. remember the 'fishy find'? that was what happened 2 weeks back, just right after i left for kuala nerang. today, as i was about to leave for my friend's house in BLM, i saw a disturbing scene on jo-ee's car. her undies are left on her windscreen and also on the asphalt.

today is laundry day for the both of us. i did my laundry early in the morning and i didn't notice anything perculiar. the gate was closed and i did not see anything on her car, mainly because i wasn't looking that way. after the laundry, i went back to sleep. and when i woke up, i looked outside my window and saw that the gate was wide opened and my clothes were on the grass. so i asked the girls if any of them went out this morning while i was sleeping. none of them did, they were too bz making breakfast and lunch in the kitchen area. now, that was just weird. i went out, picked up my clothes and closed the gate.

but in the noon, as i was going to her car, i saw undies on her windscreen and i asked her if they were hers. she confirmed it and the rush of fear just reigned over us. i mean, it couldn't have blown away as she is the type that hangs out her laundry on hangers and uses pegs to hold them tight. therefore it is IMPOSSIBLE that the wind might have blown it. plus, it wasn't windy at all that morning.

immediately, i took in my undies and told her to bring hers in. infact, we decided to throw away those that were found on her windscreen. we double locked the gate and the grill.

seriously, someone is definitely targeting the house. what other explainations are there?

Friday, February 27, 2009

take a guess.

there are 25 items here.

the items are:

  • 2 bottles of 1.5L sodas
  • one baton of bread
  • 1 box of wheat biscuits
  • 1 packet of noodles
  • 1 packet of cornflakes
  • 1 loaf of wheat bread
  • long beans
  • red big onions
  • thai mangoes
  • 1 small packet of spring roll pastry sheets
  • 3 papayas
  • 1 red seedless watermelon
  • 6 cups of yoghurts
  • fish
  • morning glory leaves
  • lemongrass
  • mustard leaves

please guess how much does ALL of the above cost.

you'll be surprised!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

one last shot

lucky for us, on our last day in pkd Kuala Nerang, the food unit was holding a Typhoid jab day for the walk-in food handlers. i was more than happy to take the jab for myself as a percaution. i know i am not a food handler but i'd rather be safe than sorry.

i requested that the SN allows us to give some jabs to the food handlers. but she wasn't too sure with us. so, fine, let her do all the jabs. then, for my jab, initially, i wanted the SN to do it for me. but in my twisted mind, i asked DD to give me the shot. i was very sure of him to let him do this. boy! was i in for a surprise!!

thank God that SN Sarah was there to guide DD thruout the procedure. i was practically shaking in my chair when i look at DD preparing my shot. he was trembling really bad, mostly because he was nervous and maybe because i was making him nervous. but i kept my mind positive and begin to laugh endlessly at nothing, just to keep my endorphin on high. when it was time for the shot, i didn't even dare to look, which i usually do when i get a poked by a syringe. i could feel that his hand was trembling while giving me the shot and i just pray that everything goes smoothly. TV was bz shooting the moment. in the end, the vaccine went IM in me, with a shot of slight pain.

during lunch, when everyone was bz lunching, i was just sitting down, talking to them. i wasn't that hungry. i saw some food handlers coming for their shots. suddenly, the food unit person looked at me and signalled for me to come into the office and give those shots. let me tell you this: i have NEVER done this and i went into the office with the confidence of a mouse and the theoretical knowledge of the procedure running thru my mind with each step i take. but i kept a straight face. SN Sarah wasn't there, only the food unit person and the 2 food handlers. as i walked in, he said to the food handlers: "ok, doctor dah sampai". my adrenaline went whooooshhh!!!

i washed my hands, and prepared the shots, calmly, or at least i was trying to look calm. throughout the preparation, i was talking to them like as if i was a pro at this. i think they believed me. for the first shot, i asked which arm does he want to be shot as the vaccine will cause slight pain afterwards. he gave me his left arm. i told him to look away, because i was afraid, not him. he diligently did. ok, swab the area, IM the syringe, retract the piston abit, no blood, push the piston in, empty the content of the syringe, hold the entry point with the swab, pull out needle, press for 3 minutes.

REd: "ok, dah siap dah"

him: "huh? dah sudah ke? tak rasa apa pun"

WHOA!!! elated!!!

straight faced REd: "hmmm... ok la tu tak rasa kan :)"

the feeling i had was CRAZY! then for the second guy, i did the same, but i was trembling abit when i wanted to poke him. but he didn't wince at all. he was just looking at my procedure. after i was done, they thank me.

i felt like i was on top of the world for a moment.

i walked out the office thinking: "whoa, did it without guidance. i know i can!"

now, i am just weak with the shot. that is the after effect of taking the inactivated typhoid vaccine....haishh....

"we are very simple people"

that was the exact line that was said by nivas. for the past 2 weeks, i have gotten to know 4 of my classmates much more personally, not including TV, the fifth person that i come to know and was surprised by his cheekiness.

the first week was kinda stressing, i admit. i almost wanted to scream my head off, but i kept all the bottled anger aside and plaster a smile on my face. but after the first weekend of being in Kuala Nerang, things have changed, ALOT! the five girls (nivs, arul, saras, jashi, REd) somewhat got close and many personal untold stories that needed to be cleared up, were done between us. just between us. i never knew that these 4 different girls has something in common, they are actually fun to be with.

yes, initially there was trouble in the waters between us, i do not deny that. infact, i would like to admit my mistake and i apologize to her. after today, i see her in a different light. she has things in her heart that she needs to let go, she has things in her mind that should be put away, and i am glad that i and the other 3 girls, helped her with that and made her a much happier, albeit rather sarcastic (thanks to me) person now.

today, before we left for PKD, we were doing each others makeups. we were commenting on our clothes, we were gossiping, we were laughing, all that girls stuffs. jashi was doing my eyeliner, arul was doing saras' eyeshadow, nivs was commenting on us, it was all pure fun.

i totally enjoyed my moment with the fantastic four. they are simple, they do not seek attention and nivs is my partner in crime for jogging. who would have thought that she does!

thank you girls (saras, nivs, arul, jashi) for putting up with my craziness and myself actually heheh. i really had a good time with you girls in the homestay and i hope that we shall stay like this if not closer, for a long time.....

you girls RAWK!

my moment

this is so my moment, writing a REFERRAL to the MOs of Hospital Kuala Nerang. i was so confused on how to fill in the letter. thanks to the nurses who guided us with the patoents' particulars, we pulled through. we wrote the history, DDx, comments and TROs.

in the end, we signed off with our initials.

this is another of my proud moments as a medical student (the other was when i took an ABG sample in UMMC's A&E department, when i was a second year student).

ma, aren't you proud of me?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

SRJK (C) Kou Hua

law of attraction, law of attraction. i want to follow the school team to do health screening.

but initially that morning, we were told by the nurses that we might not make it because this week is exam week for most schools. but i kept on praying, hoping that somehow we can go. and after a few phone calls, we got a school that was exam free. not many students were to be screened but at least we got the experience.

the screening started off with a small talk given by the staff nurse of personal hygiene and why shots like this are given in schools. the children were very cooperative albeit being naughty. they participated in the talk by answering Qs from the nurses and also from us, doctors-in-training.

right after that, the girls were lined up for the eye check using the Snellen's test, while the boys are lined up for another check, the scrotal feel. some were shy, some were "whatever". it was funny to see the 7 year olds laughing at each other and taking a sneak peak at their friend's privates. after that, the boys were in line to join the girls and the physical check-up begins. since we were around, we did the heart and lungs screening as well. i detected 2 abnormal lung sounds in the standard 1 children and anita detected one in the standard 6 children. the nurses were elated that we detected these cases and they asked us to write a referral for each case to the MOs of Hospital Kuala Nerang (more of this later).

it is weird that there was only ONE chinese girl in the standard 1 group. the nurse had trouble explaining to her what she needs to do and what she needs to inform her parents about her eyesight. but she couldn't quite understand. thank God for my not-too-good mandarin, i tried my level best to explain to her what she needs to do. and she somewhat understood me. she left the room smiling, knowing well that she is ok except for her eyesight. thanks jo-ee for those mandarin tutoring.

towards the evening, we had a talk with encik ali about the new door to pass the thai border, and some other stuffs. i wasn't concentrating because i was using the net :D. once he left us, we started la...clowning around with the mic and all. it was just something to let the pressure out of us :).

at last, before we left the building for the day, photoOP time....

KK Kuala Nerang

all these while, we are always posted in the hospitals. never anywhere else. now, that we are in the district health office posting, it is so much different. the equipments are less, they are always short-staffed, they have problems with the buildings, the list of problems are never ending. but no matter what, they still strive to make things work. when we met with the doctors here, they infact told us that they prefer working in the district clinics and hospitals as it is more challenging. i can't see myself working in this kind of setting yet, but i am opening my options to give it a try as soon as i am done with my housemanship. i mean, if we are too used with a routine environment, we will never learn anything right? i admire their efforts and their spirits especially the nurses. they are more calm and collected here as compared to those that i have been working with in HSAH albeit the fact that they have all the facilities there. i guess, when you have less things to work with, and you are forced to make do, you will be more thankful and more happy that you are strong enough to take in the challenge.

i know i can, and i am sure willing to try!

kudos to the health care workers in primary and district settings!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

the carnival

“We must be there (Felda Bukit Tembaga) at 0700hours”, Thava answered my question when I asked him what was our rendezvous time for Thursday’s activity. Now, be clear that FBT is situated 20km away from our homestay in Taman Sri Emas, Kuala Nerang. This means that we must start our journey at least at 0630hours. Imagine what time we had to get up to get ready as there are only 2 bathrooms in our house that has to be used by 11 people!

Anyway, we did make it on time to FBT. The problem was, they were not! We waited there until about 0900 hours, when only then the cars from PKD Kuala Nerang started to show up. They unloaded their equipments and materials that were to be used for the health carnival in FBT that day.

At about 1000 hours, we started the health carnival with an aerobic exercise session that was headed by the ladies of FBT. Surprisingly, they had more stamina than most of us and the moves that they used during the exercise made me feel that I had two left feet! The ladies of FBT that also joined us for the aerobics session let us steal the show by making us stand in the front row. We had a lot of fun during the session and wished that we had much more of that.

After the session, some of us went back to the homestay to freshen up, while some of us stayed in FBT to be freshened with snacks like currypuffs and local kuehs, and warm tea, served by the people of FBT. We also helped them in unloading the carrier vans and moving the furniture to accommodate the health carnival that were to take place in an hour.

The carnival started off rather slow. But as soon as the day turns to noon, more and more people started flooding in. There were stalls that sells locally produce health remedies, they were booths from PKD Kuala Nerang that concentrates on health promotion and health screening, and they were also other booths from private companies that offers free eye checks and many more. Apart from the health related promotion booths, there were also cooking competitions that were held inside the hall. The ladies of FBT conquered this event, hands down. The fried rice that were creatively prepared looked and smelled very delicious indeed. The mixture of fruit juices were also on display to be judged by anyone who was willing to taste.

In the parking lot, we could see the exhibition mobile of Pokok Sena Prison and also a fire truck from the Kuala Nerang Fire Department. The prison exhibition mobile was there to educate people on how the life of a prisoner would be and the equipments that are used to pass a sentence to the criminal. We saw some used canes and hanging rope. We were also shown the video on how the caning takes place. After seeing the video, we were sure to not do anything that will land us in a prison! The fire department was there mainly to educate youths on the job opportunities that they offer. They do also answer any queries that we had on firefighting techniques.

Towards lunch time, we could see more people coming to the carnival, mainly school-going children. They were excited with the carnival as much as we are, which was a sight to see. They moved from one booth to another to gather knowledge and of course the free posters that were given away. They enjoyed themselves during the Q & A session that was done by the AADK (Agensi Anti Dadah Kerajaan).

After we were served lunch, we spent most of the time idling. This was because there weren’t any villagers that were around at the carnival. We were waiting for our briefing session with the UPK (Unit Promosi Kesihatan) of PKD Kuala Nerang. After much waiting, the HOD of the UPK sector finally arrived. He briefed us on the responsibilities and programs that is under UPK and answered the many questions that we had for him.

All in all, it was a tiring day for us as we did not get enough rest and the sun was unforgivingly hot. But the most important thing was that we enjoyed the carnival and found it very interesting. After the briefing session with the representative from UPK, we were allowed to go back, which by the way, was what we needed most at that point of time, to get some much needed rest.

night duty with the Vektorians

i was elated when i heard the news that we were going to take blood samples for malaria and filariasis that night. i wanted to go and do this as this is the only time that we will ever get a chance to do this. i guess my practice of the "law of attraction" did really pay off.

i didn't actually had enough sleep the day prior. if i am not mistaken, my calculations told me that i only had 4 hours of sleep for the past 2 days. my head was spinning out of control and i couldn't open my eyes. but i pushed that aside, plaster a smile on my face, and braved the night. i took over the driving as we were going through a trunk road and we were going fast to get there on time.

as soon as we reached, many of the workers fled the area. mainly because they thought we were from the immigration. but some of them stayed as they had nothing to worry about, permit wise. we registered the workers that stayed on and started the sample collection. at first, we weren't allowed to do the procedure. but being someone that wants to learn, i opened my mouth and asked if were can give it a try. the PKA (pembantu kesihatan awam) then allowed me to have a go.

my head was still spinning. tried my best to concentrate, and i did. they were taunting me on pricking the workers but i just smiled and said: "hey, come teach me la, i want to learn". one of the workers was actually shaking because he was afraid od the needle. i told him not to shake so much as it will be difficult for me to do the procedure smoothly. after the prick, he calmed down. i was assisted by the PKA and the Vektorians on how to go about doing the procedure. they were really helpful.

after the first batch was done, we made a move to the second area. the head Vektorian asked me to do the registration, which i was more than glad to do. at least i wasn't idling. all of the second batch samples were taken by the PKA. we were busy snapping pictures and some were watching the soccer match that was on the telly. we got about 21 samples that night as most of the workers fled the area. we could have gotten more, if they were notified earlier. the workers are from various countries: myanmar, bangladesh, indonesia, malaysia.

the drive back was as challenging as the drive there as my headache was killing me. we made a few stops to send the Vektorians home along the way. the Vektorians also invited us to have a postwork drink with them at one of the eateries along the way. we made a 40mins drink stop. when we drove back, the Vektorians told us to go back on our own as they wanted to hang around in a friend's house. they gave us accurate directions and we found ourselves back in Kuala Nerang town in 15mins. thank God!

the headache persisted. as soon as we reached home, had my shower, got ready for bed.


i slept with happy thoughts. alhamdulillah.....

Saturday, February 21, 2009

how do you spell that again?

From Drop Box

have you seen this boxes at the checkout counters of TESCO?

of course you have (if you go to TESCO to shop, that is), because it is situated right beneath the screen that shows the sum of your purchase. but have you ever take a closer read at it? i haven't. not untill jo-ee said: "hey babe, see what's wrong with the sticker here? you should take a picture".

so, you tell me now. can you see it?

they should make proof-reading as a professional occupation these days.

Friday, February 20, 2009


Remember 2 years back babe? when i couldn't stand your cute2 act and how you so easily be friends with people. when i thought you were pretencious? when you thought that i was very snobby and you were afraid to talk to me? when you thought i was a loner?

those were the good old days.... heheheheh

2 years later, we are connected by this bond that we can't even explain. the bond that makes us think the same thoughts at the same time. the bond that makes feel the same feeling without even knowing it. the bond that finishes our sentences before we even begin. the bond that holds us close even when we were far apart.

iewww, at some point, we sound like a couple of lesbos la pulak :P ehehehheh

the thing is, it is our differences that made us close. the things that we cannot stand about each other that brought us together. now that we share so many memories together, i am glad that i got to know you and i am glad that we are closer than the eyes may perceive. remember? even my friends cakap when i introduced you to them: "yeah, i always see you on her blog"

crazy things, secrets that we keep, walks that we took, challenges that we faced, sadness, happiness.... we shared all these.

and today babe, it is your special day, and i want to share this with the world. your happiness must be projected to everyone so that you will get all the happiness back. remember what The Secret thought us? like attracts like. so happy attracts happy, and hopefully more!

my fav picture of her

"Happy Birthday babe!!"


Thursday, February 19, 2009

clean hospital canteens?

third day was rather slow. we had the whole morning filled with sessions of briefing and talks. thank God for the free access of wireless internet, i was keeping myself awake and occupied, not with the talks (which i am supposed to), but with the updates online. as the day progressed, it got more interesting. we were allowed to do an evaluation of food premises around Kuala Nerang.

we were divided into 3 groups: 4 - 4 - 3. i was with the guys and the other girls were all together. they were placed at the stalls by the roadside. my team was told to go to the hospital canteen.

talking about hospital canteens, i would expect the level of cleanliness to be up to par as they are serving not only outsiders and staffs, they are also serving the patients in the hospital. i was in for a surprise. i am a very particular person and when i saw the condition that was beyond the counter of the canteen, i couldn't believe my eyes, nor my nose for that matter, as when i opened the fridge, it smelled like some rotten carcass was in there for a long time. the worker had the cheek to tell me that usually, the kitchen is very well organised and clean. but because we came in as a surprise visit, they weren't prepared for us. so, you tell me, what DOES she actually mean? cleanliness is only when the inspectors come around?

during the final evaluation with the HOD of food safety, i marked the premise as being incompetent to operate. i mean, really, they should have high standards for hospitals. but the HOD said that i was too detail in my inspection. but of course sir, if not, there could be an outbreak of food poisoning that we are actually trying to curb!

after much inspection and evaluation, the day ended up on impulse doings. arul, jas and i went in search for material for arul to make a baju kurung. we didn't plan this at all, but because i was the master of persuasion, it happened. she bought some materials and we hunted for a house that has a very well known tailor. eventhough we were tired and weak of the scorching sun, we did make the day a little better by impulse doings. i hope that the kurungs turned out to be perfect!!

p/s: please don't dine at the Kuala Nerang Hospital canteen. save yourself....

a fishy find

baru aku sampai kat Kuala Nerang hari tu, dalam pukul 10pagi macam tu, aku dapat panggilan dari jo-ee. she sounded distressed about something. she told me that there was a fish lying on the porch, front of the house. aku ingat ikan2 biasa je. i mean, mana la tau, kott2 orang tebuang ke ikan tu kat depan umah. so, i told her to take pictures of the fish and the exact location of where she found it.

and then i came home to see how it looked like. O M G!

From Drop Box

ikan apa ni? it is so HUGE!! aku ingat besar2 ikan selar kuning ke apa. rupanya besar juga! masa aku tgk gambar ni, aku naik takut. rumah kita ni mmg la tak dekat ngan mana2 body of water, let alone do we have a neighbour who has an aquarium. plus, sekarang ni musim kemarau kat sini and everything here is as dry as bone. the drains are only full of dried leaves and stones.

so, where in God's name did it come from?

From Drop Box

serious aku takut tengok ikan ni. ikan jenis apa pun aku tak tahu. but it sure does look evil. aku takut je kalau2 ada orang nak buat2 benda jahat kat kami or kat tuan rumah ni kan. tapi jo-ee dah kasi tau sama tuan rumah la. but he did not say anything. and so far, sejak kejadian tu, nothing bad has happened, alhamdulillah....

we are still worried tho....

macam mana nak handle ni?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

a foggy accident

as the evening came yesterday, we were all very excited to join the Vektor team for fogging to eradicate Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus in Felda Lubok. the felda is situated 40km away from Kuala Nerang. i was riding with her, but she was driving too slow that the other team members had to wait. this has slowed our journey by a fraction and at one point, we had to change drivers, which means, i had to change rides. i was more than glad to change rides as i had the chance to ride with the big boss of the Vektor team in the Hilux. gawsh, i was so relieved to be riding with the Vektors!

it took us about 40mins to reach to the felda. we passed a few siamese settlements and we could see the evidence that we were very near the border already. as soon as we reached, the Vektor team started their work. unloading the equipments and placing the members in their designated areas.

not more than 10mins after arrival, the fogging started. they look so effing cool with their equipments and suits. they move to each areas as sleek as armies slithering their way through the forest to the enemy lines. the differences are, Vektors are more noisy (because of the equipments) and they are fighting a war against those that are so annoying!! mosquitos!

as we were all too engrosed with the fogging activity, an accident occured. immediately, thanks to quick reaction, i ran towards the accident area. a teen had fallen off his bike when he was hit by someone who opened the car door. the teen wanted to move but i didn't allow him until he was sure that his limbs are not broken or terribly hurt. but he was adamant to ride home. people were crowding in, and i was worried that he might feel faint due to the shock and the crowd. i asked for a first aid kit from the Vektor team and started handling him with the help of others. he suffered some minor cuts, a rather deep cut on his upper lip, a nasty bruise near his left eye. he wouldn't listen to anyone, he wanted to ride home. but after much persuasion (see, i told you i am good at it), i made him go to the clinic in the fogger mobile.

now that's settled, we were in for some fun. the girls decided to climb on top of the rover and take a ride around the felda. i was elated by the idea and joined in the fun. we were brought around the felda and for about 5 mins, we felt like celebrities. heheheh anything to keep our spirits high. i guess, after this, the village will be dengue-free because they will take extra percaution not to see the scene that we made when we were on top of the rover, again!! ehhehehe

and on the way back to Kuala Nerang, i was car hopping. from the Hilux, i went to dinesh's car because the Hilux had to make a pitstop. and some good Vektoritans offered a seat in the rover. i was the first to take the chance! so, on the way back i was in the Vektor rover all the way. it was nice of them and i had a great chat with the Vektors. they were so careful with me. but i said, hey, bring it on...!

where am i?

yeah, i have not been updating my entry frequently for somedays now. this is because i am posted near thai border, undergoing part II of community medicine. i've never been here before, let alone know that this place ever existed. i am very grateful that i am here, studying in malaysia. it gives me the chance to experience all these and understand the works of the health system in malaysia. all these while, i used to think that doctors are to be in the hospital most of the time and deal with patients only. there is my mistake. now, attached with the health district office of Kuala Nerang, i realized that doctors are not all about clean white coats only, there are many more to being a doctor actually.

DHO (district health office) is all about field work. yes, some may perceive this as work for the health-related workers only but not the doctors. but what we tend to forget that the main person behind a DHO is actually a doctor. yes, he may not be in the field all the time. this is because there are many areas and sections that the DHO handles. so, it is fairly impossible for the doctor to be at each place all the time. but when an area mandates his presence, he will go to the field, to man the work that is going on.

as a doctor-in-training, we are brought to all the areas to experience the programmes that they are doing. everyday there are programmes that are taking place under the watchful eye of the DHO. we are fortunate enough to follow these teams and have a hands-on experience with the works that are taking place.

yesterday, we were following the BAKAS (bekalan air dan kesihatan alam sekitar) team. for the first time in my life, i actually see a hand water pump. had a go on the pump and the water that flows was clear!! i think our piping system in KL cannot beat that water from the pump! we also saw some wells and were introduced to the Gravity Feed System that was situated in Puncak Janing. i have never seen all these systems before and now that i've seen them, i thank God for the easy water access that we have in our homes and we shall learn how not to waste.

and of course the trashing system. that is still something that i squirm at when i take a look. yes, i understand that they are villagers and the mindset is different. but of course they know something about hygiene right? the housing area itself looks like a dump and i am so saddened by this. they have been educated and they have been told of the consequences if hygiene is not kept. but they couldn't be bothered. how else can we ensure a healthy community if they themselves do not want to accept? no matter what, we shall not give up. at least we know that we tried....

half of yesterday was mainly on the road and in the jungle. we came back to the house, tired and tried. everyone was on their bed, fast asleep, taking their noon naps. but as tired as i am, i can't. i was too pumped up for the evening programme...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

jalan ke mana?

clearly PAKAR MATEMATIK bukan la PAKAR BAHASA.....

kelas tu BERJALAN ke mana?

cikgu bahasa, sila baiki masalah ini.

you are filthy rich

the third day and i am still surviving here, alhamdulillah. bukan la salah tempat ni yang membuatkan aku rasa nak terjun masuk lombong. tapi disebabkan oleh housemate2 yang aku sangka ok, tapi sebenarnya KO. omg!!! where do i begin??

on the way here, aku mengambil kesempatan mengambil tahu hal2 dan kehidupan2 mereka ni. where do there come from, how they actually are, what family background. i mean, i came in late kan and i didn't have the chance to get to know them properly. so now, ada la sikit inkling of who they are.....

dengar cerita, ada anak orang kaya la. bapak ada business besar la. dok kat mansion la. dapat allowance tak ingat la. ada kereta mahal la. macam2 ada. nak compare to me, aku orang2 biasa je. average, that is what i am. so, i assume that anak2 orang kaya yang pakai hebat, image cantik/hensem, barang2 semua designer, akan mempunyai kebersihan yang bagus la. ye la kan, they must be fussy with their cleanliness because they have to have a good up keep to maintain the class kan?

boy, aku sungguh salah.....

tengok ni? nak muntah tak? aku rasa macam nak pengsan. lepas guna meja, takleh nak lap ke? lepas makan, tak boleh nak kemas ke? takkan kat umah tak buat tu semua. takkan sanggup nak hidup macam ni?

siap ada soalan lagi: "here don't have housekeeping arr?" adoiyayy..... bayar setakat baper hinggit je, ko expect housekeeping ke? tolong la!! kalau kau nak housekeeping, ko pergi dok 5-star arr. tapi kalau ada housekeeping macam mana pun, kalau korang ni pengotor, takde beza juga kan? kalau aku tak buang sampah, sampai berlalat, bersemut pun, derang takkan buang. masak kat dapur tu, minyak2 kat sink ke, sampah kat sink ke, tak reti nak buang. pinggan mangkuk main letak macam tu je. tak reti nak susun ke?

ieee geli aku....

lantai dapur tu dah melekit and banjir, takde saper kisah nak bersihkan. aku lepas mandi pagi tadi, aku la tukang bersihkan. padahal aku tak guna sangat pun dapur tu. periuk nasi yang dah berkerak yang derang guna, tak reti nak rendam ke? aku tak makan sekali pun, aku amik, tolong rendamkan. nak sound? dah sound dah. aku siap cakap lagi yang keadaan umah tu mengalahkan umah pendatang haram. semua pun buat don't know je.

ntah arr... dari luaran semua nampak lagi high class dari aku sebab i am very simple. takyah nak makeup ke, takyah nak pakai memahal ke... tapi tgk, pengotor macam apa pun aku takleh nak describe.

tolong la weiii. kata nak jadi doctors. takkan kotor macam ni kott?


Sunday, February 15, 2009

bad news (and it is not opposite day)

we were driving back just now when i had a phone call from mama. she said she had bad news. i thought she was joking, and instead i hoped that there was actually good news that she actually wanted to tell me.

but my hopes were marred.....

it was really bad news.

"alia, he has cancer of the nose and throat and is currently in stage 2"

i was shocked beyond belief. somethings just didn't register at that moment and i was starting to think that mama was speaking in another language. i told her to slow down and repeat everything again. and sadly, the news is true.

he is not doing well even that the chemo and radio has started. getting weak by day and look as if he is on the verge of giving up.well, you know what, with family like ours, we are not going to allow you to give up and you very well know that we are always by your side no matter what. so get off the sad train and fight it. we will win this battle....insya'Allah....

guys, please pray for him to get better and to not give up.


Saturday, February 14, 2009

pricy love and all that confusion

yes, the day that couples and lovers all over the world are waiting for has finally come. the day to celebrate love. Saint Valentine's Day.

personally, i think it is too much hyped, no?

so, when i say this, there are people who will retort back and say:

"you don't have a BF, you wouldn't know what it feels to celebrate today"


"ahh.. you're just jealous because you have no one to celebrate it with"


"we're madly in love. so what is the problem?"

and i will go: "yeah, whatever. as long as you are happy", to all of the above retorts.

i used to celebrate SV day too, back when i had a BF. but after awhile, we didn't celebrate it anymore because i didn't want to celebrate it and i felt like we were just following a trend.'everybody is celebrating it, lets join in the fun!'. and being a person who does not really follow most of the time, i just felt like it ain't right to celebrate it. and now that i am single, i couldn't care anymore.

on this day, everything mushy is overpriced. and i mean OVERpriced. a single stem of rose can come up to about rm12, without the nice packaging. just a stem of rose that would wilt and die in 3 days time.what is the point? and then there are dinner packages for couples in hotels. i was reading a brochure the other day in the students' affair office. Swiss Inn Hotel is offering a package dinner for couples priced at rm150++. i read through the menu and i almost regurgitate my bile when i read the names of the dishes:
  • nothing is gonna change my love for you.....PRAWN SALAD
  • endless love..... CREAM OF CARROT WITH CROUTONS

gawsh! don't they have any other better, or more original names than those? and talking about special as today is supposed to be a special day, the dishes looked very blunt, very usual, and i think my sister (chef-in-training yah) can do much, much better than that. the setup of the dinner is candle lit dinner with romantic songs playing in the background (what else is new?) and couples who don't actually eat the food that are served but merely play around with it, to show that they are classy and not gluttons???, and in the end the food will go to waste. think about the starving people in palestine, africa, sri lanka, what would they do to even get clean water to drink and you are wasting food just like that?!?! sheesh!

and then the chocolates, the teddy bears, the lingeries, the perfumes, the almost everything has a special lovey dovey name to it, for today. they will be priced sky high and these people who celebrate, don't mind spending on them, just to impress the better halves of their lives. but i thought we are facing the ever famous condition, 'recession' nowadays? well, that is what everyone has been complaining. but i still see money being thrown to vendors of this pricy celebration like as if recession wasn't even a word that existed. now, that is weird, don't you think?

what people tend to forget is that SV day is around to celebrate love. yes the big 'L' word. of course as the lyric which reads, 'love makes the world go round', i totally agree to that. but in these trying times, with so many wars, so many political disturbances, so many innocent lives killed because of hate, i quote BLACK EYED PEAS in asking: "where is the love?"

most that are left in the world today, is hate. so what is the point in celebrating 'love day'?

btw, do you even know how and why SV day was celebrated? have you ever read the history of it? or are you just celebrating it because you are 'in love'? before you go to dinner tonight, before you go and meet with the love of your life to give that present to celebrate SV day, before you make yourself smell like a perfume shop just to impress that special someone, take sometime to read the history of celebration of SV day. if the history does not make any difference in your opinion of SV day, well at least you are more knowledgable today about something, eh?

anywho, for those you are celebrating "love" just for today, or maybe especially today, happy V day!!

and oh yeah, that is not V for vandetta.

Friday, February 13, 2009

nak kena tembak?

From Drop Box
nampak ni? macam sakit kan? mmg la sakit. cuba bayangkan kalau korang kena attack macam ni. perempuan ni kena gigit ngan capuchin (bukan kaypoci) monkey yang dia bela sejak binatang tu baby lagi. she fed the monkey, made sure monkey tu dapat semua yang it needs. in the end, dia balas jasa tuan dia dengan menggigit tangan tuan dia macam menyiat daging lembu tua.

From Drop Box
sebab tu la aku nak sangat ngan benda ni, the ULTIMATE BB gun. kat malaysia mmg la tak jual kan. and worst of all, kat malaysia tak boleh milik benda ni pun sebab illegal katanya. pihak berkuasa risau kalau disalah gunakan. unless ada lesen, baru la bleh beli benda ni. kat mana arr korang rasa bleh dapat lesen? REd nak sangat. bukan apa, untuk protection maa. bukan nak sengaja main tembak je sesiapa yang lalu atau melepak depan umah ni.

p/s: aku tulis post ni sebab ahad ni aku start posting dekat ngan border thai. jadi, kalau free, aku nak cross border arr nak cari BB gun. shopping2 ke sket... heheheh. tapi mengikut jadual aku, rasa mcam tak mungkin je dapat cross. punya la pack jadual, ngalahkan vacuum pack!! huhuhhu

From Drop Box
kalau ngan manusia, bleh la lagi aku cuba protect diri aku. tapi kalau ngan binatang haram ni, mmg aku tak berani. sebab aku takut kan kuman yang dia bawa dalam air liur dia tu. kalau la aku ada BB gun sebiji, boleh aku bawa masa gi jogging. sekali dia datang nak gigit, aku kasi sedas kat dia, baru dia tau kan.

pastu, habis satu geng monyet tu serbu aku sebab tembak rakan taulan dia.

adoiyayy.... either way, macacque ni memang akan menang punya la....

takpe....takpe... hari aku akan tiba.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

nasihat untuk mat pit

sebelum masuk gua tempurung hari tu, eliea cakap dia ada borak ngan encik kat gua tempurung tu. encik tu kata, nak masuk gua ni, pakai kasut buruk aja sebab tapak kasut nnt senang tercabut. so ok la, semua pun pakat nak pakai kasut buruk (lama). macam biasa aku ngan aku punya Diamond-Blackfan, eliea pakai Skechers, Ain pakai Dunlop, and Rozel pakai her old pair of Adidas.

masa kami masuk gua tu, banyak juga kami nampak tapak2 kasut yang tercabut dan dibiarkan di dalam gua. jalan sikit lagi, kasut yang terbiar pun ada juga, tapi tinggal sebelah je la. kami pun pelik la. macam mana leh tercabut kan. apa rough sangat ke pathway dalam gua ni.

the first part of the journey, semua ok aja. semangat bapak tak ingat la. but after the start of the second part, muka ain dah semacam je. tanya kenapa, dia kata tapak kasut dia dah nak tercabut. cek tengok, mmg iye pun. so, dia cabut terus arr sebab susah dia nak jalan. then we continued on. makin lama, makin ramai lagi group members yang dah start buka kasut and tapak derang tercabut. rozel pun kena juga. dia punya lagi teruk, dua2 belah ok!. habis hancur. in the end, ada yang jalan barefeet je dalam gua tu. gila tere! ada yang jalan ngan stokin je. aku takleh bayang rasa sakit pijak batu2 dalam gua tu. sian kat derang.

From Drop Box

as for me and eliea, kasut kami ok aja. aku rasa aku nak jadi duta untuk CROCS arr. dah berapa banyak tempat aku bawa Diamond-Blakfan, dia ok je. masuk hutan la, masuk laut la, masuk gua la, masih elok lagi. eliea punya skechers pun hidup lagi.

pada mat pit yang suka curi kasut kat umah orang/masjid, sila lah masuk gua tempurung tu, gi kutip semua tapak2 kasut tu and kasut2 yang terbiar pastu korang modify la kan kasut2 tu, tampal balik ngan tapak yang korang jumpa tu. then boleh la jual balik. kan ke kurang sikit dosa korang dari mencuri kasut orang. tapi kena ada modal sikit la. bayar rm22 sekepala untuk masuk gua tu (trip 4). tapi untungnya berbalik. kira ok la tu kan....? hhehehehe... haa... jangan lupa bawa plastic bag untuk kutip tu nnt k.


statement # 2

"but what if i don't want to be happy? what if i want to be miserable?"

"then, be miserable, if that makes you happy".

-Andrew Matthews

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

a public secret date

ingat tak cerita 'seniman bujang lapok'? babak masa sudin dating secretly sama GF dia tu. then tetiba ayu, adik GF sudin, datang kacau and ugut nak buka mulut kat mak kalau derang tak sogok dia 20 sen? mesti ingat kan. ala, tu semua dating zaman dulu, tapi takpe arr. derang pun dah adults kan. they know what they are doing.

hari ni, REd nampak benda yang sama depan mata REd. apa yang disturbingnya ialah: mereka ni bebudak, siap bertudung dan berbaju kurung lagi, yang si perempuan tu.

REd mmg tak tahu pasal couple ni until jo-ee yang kasi tau. she said be careful with my shoes yang letak kat luar sebab ada couple selalu lepak depan rumah tu. ok la, REd ingat lepak sesaje je. she said that budak2 ni dah start macam ni about 2 weeks back, masa dia balik kedah lepas raya cina. sebelum ni mmg takde. and they will be there at the same spot from 1430hours until 1745hours, every single day without fail. biarpun sekarang ni musim panas and the terik matahari mmg la hebatnya, mereka sanggup bersidai kat tepi tembok rumah aunty depan ni. semata2 nak dating. bercinta sakan la nampak gayanya.

jo-ee pernah nampak derang berpeluk, main usap2 belakang, bermanja2 kat tepi tembok tu. derang sangka orang tak nampak kott. ada sekali masa jo-ee nak hantar laundry, dia siap tenung lagi kaple ni but they buat2 bodo and start laughing at each other. tapi bila dah manja sangat tu, and ada kereta atau motor lalu, tau pulak nak pull away from each other. sanggup derang duduk atas jalan tar yang panas tu, just sebab nak dating.

hari ni aku nampak the guy main2 pukul bontot the girl. pegang tangan. jo-ee nampak laki tu kiss pipi budak perempuan tu.peluk belakang. perempuan tu bersidai kat peha laki tu. i was like... whoa! get a room!

bukan nak cakap apa la kan, apa gunanya pakai tudung, baju kurung kalau nak buat gaya ni? buat spoil nama baik orang lain je. kalau kau nak buat macam ni, open arr terus. kan ke takde bezanya? nak ditegur? dah kami pandang derang pun, they buat don't know je, nak tegur macam mana lagi kan? agaknya, orang2 macam ni la yang Mr. Pelik nak kott. pakai sopan gila tapi perangai macam ni. maybe this is the way that people can accept you here, eh?

i wonder apa alasan budak2 ni kasi kat parents derang untuk kuar umah kan? i mean, they barely look 15!

so, apa korang rasa aku patut buat? hari2 tau macam ni.... gila arr...


after much fun in Gua Tempurung, we made our way up north. this time, the journey took us to eliea's grands' place in batu 6, changkat jering. we made a pitstop in sungai perak R&R because our sugar level was almost empty.

as soon as we reached the kampung, i was like a bag of worms, all jittery and excited to be in a new place. we met her grands and her cousins. they are lovely people. i am still amazed by the house. i mean, they are only 2 old people but the keep of the house is so good, i can't seem to stop smiling about it.

then we took a tour around the house. not knowing of what was to be seen. OMG!! there literally was like a mini bird park there. and the birds looked really healthy (except for wahab). opah was feeding the birds with her own secret mix. no wonder those animals look better than the ones in the zoo. i especially like the male peacock. that is so effing gorgeous!

the next day, we planned to go to bukit maxwell. no hiking because we were short of time, therefore taking the trooper up is the only option. we took our time to leave the kampung in the morning as we thought that not many people would actually go to maxwell. little did we know that that is a famous tourist spot. the tickets were sold out!! rihanna, eat your heart out girl! bukit maxwell sells like hot cakes!. so instead of being sad, we spent the time in maxwell, making the uncle who sells fruit a little richer. spent on him and off we went. continuing our journey to penang.

before that, we did stop at the famous Taiping Lake Garden. the trees there are amazing! i have never seen that before!. they grow, crossing over the stretch of road and they lean towards the lake. i mean, not one or 2 trees, but the whole stretch! God is so great!

penang bound: time was limited. the girls had their dose of nasi kandar and shopping in chowrasta market (which we only found after about 5 times asking where the hell it is!!).

finally, to kedah, where they left me to start my new year.

this was so fun, i can't wait for the next crazy trip that we haven't plan. so girls, where next??

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Gua Tempurung

this is another trip that was done with prior planning that went haywire,which made us 'go-with-the flow'. in the end, we had crazy fun.

the initial plan was to accomodate 5 of us. but because kings can't make it, we had to let her go and continued with the journey. the finalization of the trip was made just a few short hours before the journey actually took place. i was stoked. i didn't really sleep that night and i got up at 0500hours to pack my things since this journey too will take me back to kedah.

we started the journey to perak half an hour later than the estimated time. i was worried already. afraid that the timing would not fall into place. we made several pitstops along the way, taking our time to reach perak and refreshing ourselves, now and again. although i have travelled that same road many times to go up north, when i was with my closest friends in the car, it felt different. the scenery looked more beautiful, the road seems more free, the company was just amazing.

we decided on the trip up to stop at Gua Tempurung. it was really on impulse. eliea wanted to go there, i wanted adventure, ain wanted to be safe, rozel was ok with anything. as soon as we reached there, we found out that the last trip into the cave has already started. initially we weren't allowed in as the last entrance for trip 4 is at 1100hours. but after much sap stories and almost begging, we were lead in by a ranger to join the last group.

we entered the cave with adrenaline rushing through the roof. the first few metres, we had to do it in a fast pace, in order to catch up. i was already running my way up the steep steps. knee problem (yes, my knee was killing me)? what knee problem? after 5 mins of running, we joined the said group.

the first part of the journey was fairly easy. walking through paved pathways, nothing much to it. we saw some weird rock formations, we stood at the only spot in the cave that had wind flowing. that spot is so cool. sometimes, the wind is too strong that it could reach up to 100km/h. we went to the highest point of the cave that overlooked a pitch black, somewhat endless bottom. the ranger that was guiding us was explaining the facts of the cave. i wasn't listening, naturally. i was too bz taking in the greatness of God seen in nature. it was too much for me to handle at that moment.

after the end of the first half, we were lead out into an opening where we were allowed to take in some sunlight and rest. i was too pumped that the rest made me jittery and i wanted to continue on. but it's ok. the time was then used for shutterbugging, posing crazy, and laughing our hearts away. after about 15mins, we were lead back into the cave to start the 2nd half.

the second half was crazy fun albeit a little dangerous. but with the guidance of the skilled ranger, we were in safe hands. we climbed up the rocks, we walked in streams, we crawled on earth and in water, we slid down walls of rocks, we went in holes, and all that. bumps and bruises and scraping of skin were taking place in full throttle. but that does not deter our spirits. what did deter the spirits of rozel and ain was that the soles of their shoes came off during the journey through the cave and they were utterly pissed by it. of course they do because it is not easy to walk barefoot on those rocks and stones. but they made it through anyways. hontonii sugoi!

we spent 5 hours (some of the time idling due to the previous groups infront of us) in the cave. 5 crazy fun hours. this is something that i can cross of my list of 'things to do before i die'. would i do it again? of course!! this is just a survey round so that next time, i would come prepared. or maybe, next time, i shall try another cave?

of course i would!

p/s: hey you, you coming?

Monday, February 9, 2009

wahab dan rambutku

ini wahab. dia tak sihat. kepak dia macam tak bermaya. kadang2 lihat dia muntah, walau dia tak makan pun. kesian kat wahab kan. dia sakit sebab dia patah hati. dia patah hati sebab makwe dia dah mati. ni bukan cerita tipu. opah yang cakap. masa makwe wahab mati, dia mencari2 makwe dia. wahab tak makan, wahab tak minum, wahab mencari aja kerjanya. sekarang, wahab sangat kurus dan sakit.

ini kawan2 wahab. mereka pun turut menumpang rasa sedih wahab sebab mereka sayang wahab juga. wahab ni dulu hensem angasanya. sampaikan kawan2 wahab boleh terjatuh hati dengan nya. kini, mereka hanya mampu bersedih dengannya.


cerita lain.

lihat di bawah.

ni semua rambut aku. aku potong habis tadi. just before aku balik kerumah aku di sungai petani. padan muka aku. sekarang dah rasa macam haram pun iye juga. haisshh... this is what happens when you do things on impulse.

tapi tak la buruk sangat.

ain kata, ada rupa rambut faizal tahir. i like.... :P

Saturday, February 7, 2009

gila ahh KDU!!

jumaat lepas aku hantar chef-in-training yah ke kolej. masa tu jam 9++ pagi la. aku cukup benci sama security yang jaga college tu. baru aku sampai kat foyer tu, tak sempat nak put my gear to 'neutral', dia dah nak tiup2 wisel, bagai tengah mengadili game bola antara brazil dan itali.

aku rasa macam nak carut je. tapi toksah la kan. tambah dosa aku, tambah pahala dia lak. baik aku diam diam sudah.

tapi pagi tu, mmg la aku terkejut beruk (bukan ala2 macacque monkeys arr). aku park depan foyer tu. tekan click, tanda buka lock pintu. yah dengan chef suit dia, turun dari kereta. sambil tu, ada satu guard dah menuju kearah kereta kami. siap pakai glove la pulak hari tu. aku dah tenung je dia, pehal la kan, adik aku nak turun je.

owh~~ aku sangat mistaken.

guard tu, siap tolong buka kan pintu untuk yah. then bila yah habis angkat barang dia from backseat, siap guard tu ttp kan pintu lagi. alah, macam valet people buatkan kat hotel or private hospital tu la.

uisshh... melampau KDU sekarang. siap ada service macam ni lagi.

don't turn a deaf ear. she's awesome...

when i heard this song, i couldn't believe my ears. she has an amazing voice and damn! she's good.

just put all the other recording artiste to shame.

oh, her name is Yuna(lis) btw. she's an indie.



"Idiots are always so damn sure of themselves. It is the wise that doubts."


so true.

Friday, February 6, 2009

my sister said....

...."thank God that we aren't allowed to have tattoos. i know you too well that if we are allowed to have them, you'd be covered with tattoos!".

yes, i guess she knows me too well :) don't blame me, i think tattoos are cool. anyway, i don't have any. so don't worry.

but today, i managed to talk jo-ee into having one. one that she has been thinking about for the past 6 years but never got around into doing it. so now that her birthday is coming and she has become a much stronger and happier person now, i told her that having this tattoo is like a gift for her from herself and also to signify her strength.

it took her much deliberation, and in the end she had it.

pretty ain't it? this is what the tattooist designed for her, based on the idea that she had.

damn awesome!

and as for me, well, i got my tragus pierced again to replace the one that came off! well, at least that is something i did in the tattoo shop :)

gawsh....that is so embarassing!


i was jogging in the pitch dark of the morning when..."trett.... trett" signalling an incoming SMS. quickly, i opened it (while still running) and read the msg. at that point i was jogging somewhere near petronas in ttdi. i usually jog faster there because i don't like people looking at me while i jog.

as i was reading the SMS, a smile slowly formed from ear to ear (owh, talking about ear, my piercing on my tragus came off because my tragus is too short. nevermind, maybe i'll try it again today ;) ).

imagine this: while you are running, and trying your level best to read, it is kinda hopeless as the text seems to swerve up and down, left and right. but somehow i managed. or so, i thought.....

the text was saying something abt getting up early and the shortform that was used made me think that it was a nick name made for me as i am an ardent fan of owls. ok i know it is confusing, but bear with me. so, while still jogging, i texted back and said that that nick was cute. and i left it at that and continued my jog.

but somehow, in my mind, i know that something is not right. so, as soon as i finished jogging, i reread the SMS. OMG!!! i am so effing mistaken by the word!!

now, where la to hide my face?? huhuhhu.....

....crap..... malu gila....

Thursday, February 5, 2009

tangga-tangga kehidupan

tangga kat rumah REd.

tangga kejayaan: iye, semua orang sibuk race naik tangga ni. semua mesti nak berjaya dalam hidup kan. saper nak melingkup iye tak? even mat pit pun nak berjaya meng'high'kan diri tahap langit ketujuh ye tak?

buat masa kini, REd masih lagi mendaki tangga ni. dah 2/3 ketinggian tangga ni REd conquer dengan jayanya. dengan kepercayaan dan support family REd, especially mama, yang tak pernah doubt kebolehan REd dalam bidang ni. insya'Allah. sikit je lagi, REd jua akan join rakan seperjuangan yang lain dalam dunia kedoktoran ni.

lepas tu, mesti la nak daki lagi. takkan nak stop kat sana. nak buat specialization lagi. nak branch out buat benda lain lagi. buat masa ni planning nak specialize in general surgery, alah, macam Dr. Bailey tu. walaupun Mr. Pelik dah buat REd ni macam sampah, itu tak membunuh semangat REd. infact, he will see that i can be better than him, God willing.

tapi, byk parents kepada patients REd masa REd kat paeds posting tu cakap that i should specialize in paediatrics. simply because the children are comfortable with me and i know how to handle them. i didn't even realize that. i never actually liked the posting. but i guess because tak suka punya pasal, i tend to put more effort into it and it made me better towards the end.

rumah tangga: erkk... yang ni susah sikit nak cakap. kalau pergi wedding mana2 je, soalan wajib: "you bila lagi?". e eh, kalau la aku ni pak nujum, mungkin aku boleh jawap soalan tu. no, wait. kalau aku ada calon dah, boleh juga aku jawap: "tanya dia".

"dia" pun tak wujud lagi, macam mana la aku nak jawap soalan ni. haisshh... gila tak suka k. kadang rasa macam geram lak bila kena tanya. kalau ko nak tgk sangat aku berumah tangga, ko gi la cari untuk aku, ok? siap buat alasan lagi: "sementara kaki nek lang ni elok lagi, cepat2 kan la temu jodoh. boleh nek lang datang". aku ngan muka selamba baba menjawap: "haa... takpe nek lang, marlyne kan ke doktor. nnt marlyne treat nek lang ok. insya'Allah ok punya. jgn risau"

asal aku buka facebook, ada je jemputan. asal aku masuk email, ada je jemputan. haishh... seru derang dah sampai kan. takkan nak halang lak. tapi yang sedih pasal kahwin muda ni, ada yang tak pasti sebenarnya. just did it out of the blue. blom sempat aku nak hantar kad congrats, tau2 dah cerai. tu lagi la parah. nasib takde anak. kalau tak, sian kat anak tu kan.

sebelum nak amik leap of faith ni, kena la fikir bebetul dulu....

rukun tangga: ni sama ke ngan rukun iman, rukun islam, atau rukun negara? tak sama ekk? atau rukun tu sama dengan buah sukun yang orang buat jadi kuih makan petang tu? alamak.... tak sama juga ke?

REd rajin tengok cerita P.Ramlee kan. biasa tgk ahli rukun tangga tu pergi rounding kampung la, cuba cari penyamun la, apa la. macam best je. tak pernah lak aku volunteer jadi ahli rukun tangga. nak juga merasa. tapi masalahnya kat sini takde rukun tangga. kat sini ada security guard je. lalu sebelah pondok dia: "adik manesssss" adoiyayy.... mau lari naik tangga jadinya.

anak tangga: anak tangga tu siapa sebenarnya mak apak dia? selalu tak orang tanya dia: "anak sapa la ni?". rasanya kalau REd buat specialization dalam paediatrics, boleh tak REd practice merawat kat anak tangga? macam tak boleh jekk....

REd takut juga ngan anak tangga ni sebenarnya. especially yang licin dan/atau yang narrow. iye la, dah la kaki aku ni besar macam sampan. kalau salah pijak tak ke naya? kalau yang licin tu pulak, takyah cakap la. masa winter kat russia dulu, sampai kematu bontot arr sebab jatuh je.

serious, aku ngan anak tangga bagai sworn enemies.

P/S: cuba korang sebut tangga banyak2 kali. macam pelik kan jadinya. silap2 haribulan jadi sifu dan tongga (nabil, kenapa la kau berlakon dalam citer ni?? sedih REd tau...) pun iye juga. ni suggestion je.

uggghhhh pelik...

ehm, ehm, ehm....

hello kawan2!! (serious terkenan pak nil dalam TOM TOM BAK!, ye aku tak malu nak mengaku)

hari ni kan, macam pelik la. tapi tak le pelik teramat sangat. cuma pelik je. naper ekk korang ingat aku rasa hari ni macam pelik? meh, meh, dok diam2 depan PC tu, aku nak cerita ni. kalau rasa nak terkucil, gi dulu. ni kang dah start baca, mau dok sampai habis entry ni (cehhh... gila confident macam entry best pulak).

hari ni pelik sebab:

  • rimau dah lepas kandang!! dah tak kena gari dah. wah! ni sangat pelik bagi aku. ko terasa ke apa? bagus la kalau kau sedar. syukur alhamdulillah. yang lagi peliknya, rimau tu dibiar berlegar ni. aku langsung tak teruja. kang ko takut mati pulak aku kerja kan rimau tu kan. takpe, asal kau ngan dia bahagia ;)
  • aku tak decide pun nak pergi morning walk. so, lepas aku hantar barang kat tempat recycle tadi, aku pun berjalan la kuar. sekali pusing belakang, tengok muka si cash lak!! adoiyayy.... jiran la pulak. aku punya morning walk yang ntah kemana tu, dimulakan dengan barang 5 mins berjalan sama si cash. cerita ceritu sama dia. best juga arr... dia soh aku jalan ngan dia gi bank. k la.... pastu aku pun ciao dengan pesan: "kuarkan duit tu lebih2 sket arr"
  • sambil aku berjalan kat kawasan ttdi ni, aku nampak lak beberapa umah yang nak dijual/disewa kat kawasan pinggir zaaba. aku teringat pula kat abang aku. dia tgh cari umah kan? aku ingat nak tangkap gbr umah tu, nak send kat dia. tapi sebab kawasan tu dijaga oleh guard TTDI, tak berani arr. silap haribulan, aku kena soal lak nnt. tapi kalau abang aku nak tgk umah2 tu, meh tanya aku. aku leh tunjukkan. kawasan ok gaks.
  • masa aku punya mata sibuk melilau tgk umah2 tu, tetiba aku nak menjerit and lari pulak sebab aku terkejut. ni aku tak tipu ok. aku mmg dah nak 100m dash dah tadi. sebab apa tau, sebab aku nampak macacque monkey tgh lintas jalan. padahal, bukan macacqus monkey pun, yang melintas tu adalah kucing warna kelabu!! gila arr... aku dah tahap phobia dah ni....
  • lepas aku dah tak tahu nak gi mana lagi, aku pun berjalan la pulang. aku ikut jalan yang aku tak pernah lalu. adoiyayy... macam maze pun ada juga ttdi ni. ntah kemana la aku melalut. last2 jumpa jalan kuar, aku ikut balik la jalan yang familiar. serious nak kena reprogram aku punya GPS untuk kawasan ttdi ni.
  • aku baca emails from my girls, ya rabbi!! habis gelak guling guling macam emoticon dalam YM tu. padahal takde menda yang jadi subject lawak pon except aku di suruh panjat tower telepon dan tower eletrik. boleh aja. nak dare ke apa ni?

kan ke aku dah cakap, tak le pelik sangat. pelik je.

ni semua berlaku sebelum pukul 11.30 pagi k.

tak sampai tgh hari tapi macam macam ada... :P

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

cute ke?

disclaimer: award terpaksa bawa turun sebab it is blocking international viewing of my blog. sorry.....

thanks athena!

Describe the person who gave u this award:

athena AKA faizah (serious baru tau nama real dia). got to know her through lang. derang ni satu geng. athena ni lawa juga and suka/addicted to make up!! she is a fashionista and loves heels. bf dia macam orang jepun sinchan pun ada juga. hehehe personally i think she is a sweet kind of girl :)

Describe yourself - 10 facts/ hobbies:

  1. loves jogging in the morning
  2. just lost her owl pendant
  3. loves to eat kacang hijau
  4. has big feet
  5. adventure crazy
  6. shy
  7. gets uber excited at plans that are great
  8. wants to go bungee jumping
  9. very calm nowadays
  10. doesn't eat fried food

Nominate 3 of your friends/bloggers:

  1. nad
  2. tati
  3. merahitujambu

p/s: guys takyah la k. blog anda tak cute :P

The Gift

right before my mother went down the escalator in KLIA, making her way towards the immigration counter, she hugged a teary-eyed me and whispered some words of wisdom into my ears. i was too busy feeling sad that most of what she said turned into nothings in my head. except for one line: ".....and be grateful for the gift of fear".

after we part ways, those words were still in my head. there was once in the car, while i was driving with yah, she said to me: "remember what mama said? she told you to be grateful for the gift of fear". and then i was thinking to myself: how could yah have heard that when mama was only talking softly to me. hmmpphh... now we know who has been eavesdropping huh? :P

so, why does my mother say those words to me? simply because many people have this misconception, especially my family, that i am fearless. like, i take safety for granted and do things recklessly without thinking of the consequences. yeah, kind of, actually.

see, the problem is. i used to be a very safe, under the covers type of person. i won't do things that are not routine. i won't take chances. i won't try anything new. i just refused to. but as i grew up, i have gone through many situations in my life that mandates me to be a stronger person. a person that has to react even before the situation occurs. i have to be on my toes. i have to be independent. and because of that, i became somewhat fearless.

many times, i did things without my mother's prior knowledge (like the amazing trip to langkawi. jo-ee, when is the next one??!?). it is not that i don't want her to know. it is just that she loves me to death that it'll kill her with worry if i were to do things that might put me in danger. so, to spare that, i'd rather let her know later, when i am back, safe and sound. somehow, at the back of my mind, i trust that i will be safe, minus some minor setbacks.

i feel that if i take what's coming (or in my case: i , myselfs get into the dragon's den) straight in the face, i will learn more. mistakes or not. first hand experiences/lessons are better than the ones that you heared or told about, don't you agree?. sometimes, in the midst of my adventures, i do feel the fear. i do think of my mother, what would she feel if anything bad (God forbid) were to happen to me. and because of that, i take extra percaution. see, i do try to be safe, somehow.....

and now, let me get that misconception out of your heads. i do have fear. and i am thankful for that gift. here's a list of things that i fear and i bet you never thought that i'm fearful of these:
  • i fear but love God
  • i have fear of crossing the streets/roads
  • i fear being in a turbulance in midair. i once had a panick attack when we were enroute to australia (ask my mother, she knows)
  • i fear macacque (maybe all others as well) monkeys due to recent events
  • i fear the definitely to occur Apocalypse
  • i fear certain dogs
  • i fear failing/not passing my exams (maybe i am just kiasu)
  • i fear not being good enough (ok this is just insecurity)

i know there are more. but this is just to show that i am not fearless.

i am just....normal....

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


ni la dia snapshot dari malam berkaraoke tu.

ada gaya tak?
gila excited dapat nyanyi lagi sampai syurga from Faizal Tahir.
yang kurang malam tu, kipas nak buat effect rambut terbang aja... huhuhuh

saper nak karaoke?

p/s:thanks for the pic eliea!

rain of fire

these pictures were taken at a school that was burnt down by the rain of phosphorus fire.

now, why would you want to burn down a school that is meant for innocent children to learn and study?

are these children making bombs under their tables? are these children carrying a rifle to school? are these children taking sniper lessons as their extra-curricular studies?

or are the Israelis that did all these, stupid?

i think so too.

be aware.

come or go long as you be there.

my cousin Tati will be opening a booth selling handmade items. she is doing this to donate to the Gaza Aid Fund.

show your support. learn something. be aware.

Monday, February 2, 2009

order here

at Starbucks:

"I'll have a 'For Here, Grande, Non-Fat, Sweetened with two Splendas, No Water, 180 Degrees, Extra Foam, Tazo® Chai Tea Latte' in ceramic, please"
P/S: how in hell do you make a drink without water?

at mamaks:

"Mamak! 'teh tarik panas, kurang manis, tarik lebih' satu. minum aa"


at Starbucks:

"I'll have a 'to go,Double Ristretto Venti, Nonfat, Organic Chocolate Brownie Frappuccino, Extra Hot with Foam and Whipped Cream Upside Down Double Blended' with the cup half-capped, please"

at mamaks:

"ne, 'neslo panas, kosong, tarik lebih' satu. bungkus, ikat tepi, letak straw aa"

no wonder there is always a long line in Starbucks (just passing by), and not many people. and no wonder people are always late with Starbucks in their hands. because by the time you finished ordering, it's 'time's up' for you to get to work or wherever.

instead, if you go to a local mamak, you'd get a more caffeinated coffee with taste so rich, it'll keep you going the whole day. and besides, no chai latte can beat mamak's teh tarik. don't you agree? plus, it is way cheaper than the "designer" coffees.

still opting for Starbucks?

no more

call me disgusting, but i have been sleeping with the same blanket since 3 weeks ago. reason being, i can't bear to wash it because it smells of nana. at the back of my head, her smell (or what is left of it) on the blanket made me feel that she is here. yes, i am delusional.

but today, i had to put the blanket in the laundry, it's been too long already. it will soon be ready, and when it comes out of the washer, it won't smell like her anymore. it'll smell like maxkleen 9 and AVA ocean spray fabric softener. no more nana.

i thought the day won't get any worse, but it did.

i went for a great morning jog today. as soon as i got back, i got into the shower. same old routine. but after shower, while i was drying my hair, i felt around at my neck area. i could feel the string that i made into a necklace to hold the owl pendant that i recently bought in mv the other day. although, i couldn't feel the pendant resting on my suprasternal notch. hmmm... that is weird. i thought maybe it moved to the nape of my neck. i felt around for it. it's not there! eff!

it's gone.....

no more owl necklace.

2 things gone in one day....what else?

Sunday, February 1, 2009

between yee sang and lasagne

last friday, out of the spur of the moment, we decided to have a potluck dinner with ucu and the girls, and pott and sha. yah, as the excellent chef-in-training that she is, made lasagne upon the request of quida, one of our favourite cousins. yah also made her famous sardine rolls that are much loved by the socialite circle of philantrophists. seriously, i ain't kidding! ucu on the other hand, being the great cook that she is, made sambal sardine, tauhu bakar, and nasi goreng bodo. yes, that is another type of nasi goreng to be added in the list of available nasi gorengs.

it was a lovely dinner. not mainly because of the dishes that were served. but definitely because of the company and the closeness that we felt. the conversations that we had were endless. we didn't run out topics. from whatever that is happening around the world at the moment to the downright embarassing moments that occured in out childhood.

that house where the dinner was held, that is a really old house. it was around even before my brother was born and it is still standing albeit the many changes that was done to the house. changes were made to keep up with the restoration of the house. but that does not change the memories that the four walls (and gates) held. we were laughing at the things that we did when we were young. how our late grandparents loved us more than life itself (of course there were times when they wanted to just crush us to crumbles because we were too much to handle). how much fun we had and the things we learned about life.

as the night grew on, the stories too started to get more exciting. but of course we had to leave. another good memory for the house to keep and hold.

if the chinese have yee sang to keep them together, we have lasagne. but then again, it is not the dish that matters. it is the people that we share it with that means a whole lot.

i love you guys....and hope there are many more of this to come ;)

P/S:ucu, jangan lupa our next get together when everyone's back!!

to vege or not to vege?

confused about the mystical life of vegetarians? here's a rough guide.

VEGETARIAN: Overall term for people who live on a diet of grains, pulses, nuts, seeds, fruit and vegetables, with or without eggs and dairy products. Does not eat any meat, poultry, fish, or shellfish.

LACTO-OVO-VEGETARIAN: Most common type of vegetarian, who eats eggs and dairy products.

VEGAN: Does not eat dairy products, eggs or any other animal product.


LACTO-VEGETARIAN: Eats Dairy products

PESCO-VEGETARIAN: Eats fish and non-mammalian seafood but does not eat any other meats.

POLLO-VEGETARIAN: Eats poultry but does not eat red meats such as beef and lamb.

FLEXTARIAN: Eats mainly vegetarian food but will eat animal meant occasionally for cultural, social and nutritional reasons. <~this is me

Source: July27, 2008 thesundaytimes

P/S:Buddhist Vegetarians are forbidden to consume the five pungents (onions, chives, leeks, shallots and garlic), hence please omitted these ingredients in the recipes.

aku tak tipu, hati aku memang dah kena rembat

disclaimer: entry ni takde kena mengena (or mungkin ada) dengan tajuk tu. saje je nak buat statement propa yang panazz. tapi, ada benarnya actually....;) (ye ke ni? uisshhh propa sungguh)

kelmarin mmg la hari yang best. start agak slow la cause aku dah jadi sloth kat rumah atas sebab kebosanan. jadi, aku angkat kaki (bukan lagu dangdut tu), gi OU. lepak lama gak arr kat OU. survey benda. cari benda. aku balik2 tengok ada iklan yee sang tu. aku mmg nak cuba. and aku teringat lak: kan ke best kalau aku dapat share yee sang tu ngan kawan aku sorang tu. tapi malangnya, dia takde la pulak. haishh... takpe la. lain kali ada lagi kan.

lepas tu, rozel amik aku dalam kul 1815h. nak gi randevous kat umah eliea. meet up sama ain and kings sekali. takde plan apa pun. main calling calling aja. kami nak pergi makan steamboat. lama dah tak hangout ramai2 macam ni. perut aku plak dah lapar tahap budak ghana. masa jalan2 kat OU, aku boleh terlupa pulak aku blom makan. ahh... bagus juga. boleh diet sikit :P.

pelik ke tak pelik. tuan rumah tak sampai lagi sebab dia kuar sama kings. yang sampai dulu kat umah dia, ialah rozel ngan aku. tunggu la dalam kereta, malu nak masuk umah. sementara tunggu, "jom ajak jennah nak?" tanya rozel manja. "ajak arr" jawap aku macho. calling punya calling, casper (bf jennah) lak yang jawap. cerita ceritu ngan dia apa kehalnya kami call, pastu ngan si casper sekali kena ajak.

bila eliea sampai, dok kat umah eliea dulu. tunggu waktu solat. sementara tunggu, boleh nak calling lagi ni. si rozel la, sibuk soh aku ajak khalid. haaa... calling khalid pulak. dia kata tgk arr macam mana. sekali dia pun confirm nak datang. haa... amik kau, dari lima, terus jadi LAPAN ahli parliment malam tu. kami gi makan steamboat. gila best. lama dah tak makan tu. lepak punya la lama. maklum la, semua nak catch up ngan cerita masing-masing kan. lepas makan, 4 balik umah sebab dah kepenatan and ada hal esok nya. 4 lagi, continue merayau, termasuk la aku.

kami gi ke OU (lagi sekali!) nak tengok movie midnite. gila ramai la pulak manusia malam2 hari tu. ok la. eliea sama kings gi beratur beli tiket. aku sama rozel kebosanan. dari jauh aku mengintai, aku nampak tempat karaoke. gila arr... tak pernah dibuat!! aku cadang kat rozel: "jom layan lagu sedas dua sementara tunggu derang". "jom" jawap rozel cool.


sempat layan satu lagu. eliea sama kings datang join. lepas lagu kedua, boleh pergi nak tambah lagu ni! siap tukar cubicle lagi sebab orang lain dah book cubicle kami tu. ahhh lantak, janji dapat karaoke. lagu semua kami amik yang rancak (boleh bakar kalori). pitching semua kelaut, tone takyah cakap la, bunyi ringtone monophonic tu lagi sedap dari suara kami. tapi takpe. yang penting we all enjoy. tengah karaoke tu, aku fikir, kalau dia ada mesti fun kan.

serious, lain kali, tak nak plan la. main calling2 aja. last2 everyone enjoyed themselves.

ain, kau jangan jeles arr!! :P

p/s: nnt REd letak gambaq.tgh tunggu from eliea.