Wednesday, February 25, 2009

SRJK (C) Kou Hua

law of attraction, law of attraction. i want to follow the school team to do health screening.

but initially that morning, we were told by the nurses that we might not make it because this week is exam week for most schools. but i kept on praying, hoping that somehow we can go. and after a few phone calls, we got a school that was exam free. not many students were to be screened but at least we got the experience.

the screening started off with a small talk given by the staff nurse of personal hygiene and why shots like this are given in schools. the children were very cooperative albeit being naughty. they participated in the talk by answering Qs from the nurses and also from us, doctors-in-training.

right after that, the girls were lined up for the eye check using the Snellen's test, while the boys are lined up for another check, the scrotal feel. some were shy, some were "whatever". it was funny to see the 7 year olds laughing at each other and taking a sneak peak at their friend's privates. after that, the boys were in line to join the girls and the physical check-up begins. since we were around, we did the heart and lungs screening as well. i detected 2 abnormal lung sounds in the standard 1 children and anita detected one in the standard 6 children. the nurses were elated that we detected these cases and they asked us to write a referral for each case to the MOs of Hospital Kuala Nerang (more of this later).

it is weird that there was only ONE chinese girl in the standard 1 group. the nurse had trouble explaining to her what she needs to do and what she needs to inform her parents about her eyesight. but she couldn't quite understand. thank God for my not-too-good mandarin, i tried my level best to explain to her what she needs to do. and she somewhat understood me. she left the room smiling, knowing well that she is ok except for her eyesight. thanks jo-ee for those mandarin tutoring.

towards the evening, we had a talk with encik ali about the new door to pass the thai border, and some other stuffs. i wasn't concentrating because i was using the net :D. once he left us, we started la...clowning around with the mic and all. it was just something to let the pressure out of us :).

at last, before we left the building for the day, photoOP time....

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