Wednesday, February 25, 2009

KK Kuala Nerang

all these while, we are always posted in the hospitals. never anywhere else. now, that we are in the district health office posting, it is so much different. the equipments are less, they are always short-staffed, they have problems with the buildings, the list of problems are never ending. but no matter what, they still strive to make things work. when we met with the doctors here, they infact told us that they prefer working in the district clinics and hospitals as it is more challenging. i can't see myself working in this kind of setting yet, but i am opening my options to give it a try as soon as i am done with my housemanship. i mean, if we are too used with a routine environment, we will never learn anything right? i admire their efforts and their spirits especially the nurses. they are more calm and collected here as compared to those that i have been working with in HSAH albeit the fact that they have all the facilities there. i guess, when you have less things to work with, and you are forced to make do, you will be more thankful and more happy that you are strong enough to take in the challenge.

i know i can, and i am sure willing to try!

kudos to the health care workers in primary and district settings!!

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