Thursday, February 26, 2009

"we are very simple people"

that was the exact line that was said by nivas. for the past 2 weeks, i have gotten to know 4 of my classmates much more personally, not including TV, the fifth person that i come to know and was surprised by his cheekiness.

the first week was kinda stressing, i admit. i almost wanted to scream my head off, but i kept all the bottled anger aside and plaster a smile on my face. but after the first weekend of being in Kuala Nerang, things have changed, ALOT! the five girls (nivs, arul, saras, jashi, REd) somewhat got close and many personal untold stories that needed to be cleared up, were done between us. just between us. i never knew that these 4 different girls has something in common, they are actually fun to be with.

yes, initially there was trouble in the waters between us, i do not deny that. infact, i would like to admit my mistake and i apologize to her. after today, i see her in a different light. she has things in her heart that she needs to let go, she has things in her mind that should be put away, and i am glad that i and the other 3 girls, helped her with that and made her a much happier, albeit rather sarcastic (thanks to me) person now.

today, before we left for PKD, we were doing each others makeups. we were commenting on our clothes, we were gossiping, we were laughing, all that girls stuffs. jashi was doing my eyeliner, arul was doing saras' eyeshadow, nivs was commenting on us, it was all pure fun.

i totally enjoyed my moment with the fantastic four. they are simple, they do not seek attention and nivs is my partner in crime for jogging. who would have thought that she does!

thank you girls (saras, nivs, arul, jashi) for putting up with my craziness and myself actually heheh. i really had a good time with you girls in the homestay and i hope that we shall stay like this if not closer, for a long time.....

you girls RAWK!

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