Wednesday, February 18, 2009

a foggy accident

as the evening came yesterday, we were all very excited to join the Vektor team for fogging to eradicate Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus in Felda Lubok. the felda is situated 40km away from Kuala Nerang. i was riding with her, but she was driving too slow that the other team members had to wait. this has slowed our journey by a fraction and at one point, we had to change drivers, which means, i had to change rides. i was more than glad to change rides as i had the chance to ride with the big boss of the Vektor team in the Hilux. gawsh, i was so relieved to be riding with the Vektors!

it took us about 40mins to reach to the felda. we passed a few siamese settlements and we could see the evidence that we were very near the border already. as soon as we reached, the Vektor team started their work. unloading the equipments and placing the members in their designated areas.

not more than 10mins after arrival, the fogging started. they look so effing cool with their equipments and suits. they move to each areas as sleek as armies slithering their way through the forest to the enemy lines. the differences are, Vektors are more noisy (because of the equipments) and they are fighting a war against those that are so annoying!! mosquitos!

as we were all too engrosed with the fogging activity, an accident occured. immediately, thanks to quick reaction, i ran towards the accident area. a teen had fallen off his bike when he was hit by someone who opened the car door. the teen wanted to move but i didn't allow him until he was sure that his limbs are not broken or terribly hurt. but he was adamant to ride home. people were crowding in, and i was worried that he might feel faint due to the shock and the crowd. i asked for a first aid kit from the Vektor team and started handling him with the help of others. he suffered some minor cuts, a rather deep cut on his upper lip, a nasty bruise near his left eye. he wouldn't listen to anyone, he wanted to ride home. but after much persuasion (see, i told you i am good at it), i made him go to the clinic in the fogger mobile.

now that's settled, we were in for some fun. the girls decided to climb on top of the rover and take a ride around the felda. i was elated by the idea and joined in the fun. we were brought around the felda and for about 5 mins, we felt like celebrities. heheheh anything to keep our spirits high. i guess, after this, the village will be dengue-free because they will take extra percaution not to see the scene that we made when we were on top of the rover, again!! ehhehehe

and on the way back to Kuala Nerang, i was car hopping. from the Hilux, i went to dinesh's car because the Hilux had to make a pitstop. and some good Vektoritans offered a seat in the rover. i was the first to take the chance! so, on the way back i was in the Vektor rover all the way. it was nice of them and i had a great chat with the Vektors. they were so careful with me. but i said, hey, bring it on...!


alhaqimi said...


mmg ada gaya dr cemerlang la...

Anonymous said...

its Aedes aegypti that causes dengue and not Anopheles aegypti

plz don't embarass ur college name and ur microbiology dept... hehehehe

very sorry to say...... hehehe

redSeptember said...

thanks Qimi!

anonymous, that was a TYPO. my mistake. yes, aedes aegypti is the vector for DENGUE HEMORRHAGIC FEVER, and the aedes albopictus is the vector for DENGUE FEVER.

there is no such thing as Anopheles aegypti.

anopheles is a vector for malaria.

very sorry to say, i didn't embarassed myself like how you'd hope i did.

it was an honest mistake and i am not EMBARASSED to admit that. plus, we learn better from our mistakes than our successes. didn't you know?