Saturday, February 21, 2009

how do you spell that again?

From Drop Box

have you seen this boxes at the checkout counters of TESCO?

of course you have (if you go to TESCO to shop, that is), because it is situated right beneath the screen that shows the sum of your purchase. but have you ever take a closer read at it? i haven't. not untill jo-ee said: "hey babe, see what's wrong with the sticker here? you should take a picture".

so, you tell me now. can you see it?

they should make proof-reading as a professional occupation these days.


Lang Legar said...
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Lang Legar said...

you fit the job prescription..
always alert haha.

Anonymous said...

looks fine ta me

every cent(sen) helps fight cancer la?

redSeptember said...

jo-ee and i la lang. she oso observant one....

ano, shouldn't it be all in ENGLISH?

ahmdsyhmi said...

tak penting pun,

janji orang faham sudah..

minor la~


Lang Legar said...

owh yup2..
both of you nie..
suppose all the letter should be in English la since they using english from the start..
minor or not, this is still not correct and justice must be served..

13may said...

sengaja atau silap?

ntah laa...apa kata u just komplen kat depa...lgpun komplen amatlah besttt!!! :D

djambu puadovich said...

nothing is wrong.

'Sen' is a 'proper noun' because it refers to the Malaysian currency 'Ringgit' and 'Sen'.

same goes to the Russian 'Ruble' and 'Copeck' (i dunno how to spell КОПЕЁК in english).

also with the British Pound and Pence.

urusniaga dalam ringgit malaysia la REd :)

Mighty Jacksparrow said...

agreed. technically by right it is correct. you should know this by fact, doc.

redSeptember said...

oh ok... baiklah.

makacih la guru2 bahasa sekalian kerana mengajar saya....