Friday, February 20, 2009


Remember 2 years back babe? when i couldn't stand your cute2 act and how you so easily be friends with people. when i thought you were pretencious? when you thought that i was very snobby and you were afraid to talk to me? when you thought i was a loner?

those were the good old days.... heheheheh

2 years later, we are connected by this bond that we can't even explain. the bond that makes us think the same thoughts at the same time. the bond that makes feel the same feeling without even knowing it. the bond that finishes our sentences before we even begin. the bond that holds us close even when we were far apart.

iewww, at some point, we sound like a couple of lesbos la pulak :P ehehehheh

the thing is, it is our differences that made us close. the things that we cannot stand about each other that brought us together. now that we share so many memories together, i am glad that i got to know you and i am glad that we are closer than the eyes may perceive. remember? even my friends cakap when i introduced you to them: "yeah, i always see you on her blog"

crazy things, secrets that we keep, walks that we took, challenges that we faced, sadness, happiness.... we shared all these.

and today babe, it is your special day, and i want to share this with the world. your happiness must be projected to everyone so that you will get all the happiness back. remember what The Secret thought us? like attracts like. so happy attracts happy, and hopefully more!

my fav picture of her

"Happy Birthday babe!!"



Peeps said...

happy birthday to whoever that is..miauu..


Anonymous said...

Alia, please wish Happyu Belated B'day to Jo-ee....=) -ain

miao_jo said...

Hey Ain n Peeps~~
Thank u so much for ur birthday wishes!!!
btw, peeps... how do u noe its me?

Peeps said...

i didnt...