Thursday, February 26, 2009

one last shot

lucky for us, on our last day in pkd Kuala Nerang, the food unit was holding a Typhoid jab day for the walk-in food handlers. i was more than happy to take the jab for myself as a percaution. i know i am not a food handler but i'd rather be safe than sorry.

i requested that the SN allows us to give some jabs to the food handlers. but she wasn't too sure with us. so, fine, let her do all the jabs. then, for my jab, initially, i wanted the SN to do it for me. but in my twisted mind, i asked DD to give me the shot. i was very sure of him to let him do this. boy! was i in for a surprise!!

thank God that SN Sarah was there to guide DD thruout the procedure. i was practically shaking in my chair when i look at DD preparing my shot. he was trembling really bad, mostly because he was nervous and maybe because i was making him nervous. but i kept my mind positive and begin to laugh endlessly at nothing, just to keep my endorphin on high. when it was time for the shot, i didn't even dare to look, which i usually do when i get a poked by a syringe. i could feel that his hand was trembling while giving me the shot and i just pray that everything goes smoothly. TV was bz shooting the moment. in the end, the vaccine went IM in me, with a shot of slight pain.

during lunch, when everyone was bz lunching, i was just sitting down, talking to them. i wasn't that hungry. i saw some food handlers coming for their shots. suddenly, the food unit person looked at me and signalled for me to come into the office and give those shots. let me tell you this: i have NEVER done this and i went into the office with the confidence of a mouse and the theoretical knowledge of the procedure running thru my mind with each step i take. but i kept a straight face. SN Sarah wasn't there, only the food unit person and the 2 food handlers. as i walked in, he said to the food handlers: "ok, doctor dah sampai". my adrenaline went whooooshhh!!!

i washed my hands, and prepared the shots, calmly, or at least i was trying to look calm. throughout the preparation, i was talking to them like as if i was a pro at this. i think they believed me. for the first shot, i asked which arm does he want to be shot as the vaccine will cause slight pain afterwards. he gave me his left arm. i told him to look away, because i was afraid, not him. he diligently did. ok, swab the area, IM the syringe, retract the piston abit, no blood, push the piston in, empty the content of the syringe, hold the entry point with the swab, pull out needle, press for 3 minutes.

REd: "ok, dah siap dah"

him: "huh? dah sudah ke? tak rasa apa pun"

WHOA!!! elated!!!

straight faced REd: "hmmm... ok la tu tak rasa kan :)"

the feeling i had was CRAZY! then for the second guy, i did the same, but i was trembling abit when i wanted to poke him. but he didn't wince at all. he was just looking at my procedure. after i was done, they thank me.

i felt like i was on top of the world for a moment.

i walked out the office thinking: "whoa, did it without guidance. i know i can!"

now, i am just weak with the shot. that is the after effect of taking the inactivated typhoid vaccine....haishh....

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