Sunday, February 1, 2009

between yee sang and lasagne

last friday, out of the spur of the moment, we decided to have a potluck dinner with ucu and the girls, and pott and sha. yah, as the excellent chef-in-training that she is, made lasagne upon the request of quida, one of our favourite cousins. yah also made her famous sardine rolls that are much loved by the socialite circle of philantrophists. seriously, i ain't kidding! ucu on the other hand, being the great cook that she is, made sambal sardine, tauhu bakar, and nasi goreng bodo. yes, that is another type of nasi goreng to be added in the list of available nasi gorengs.

it was a lovely dinner. not mainly because of the dishes that were served. but definitely because of the company and the closeness that we felt. the conversations that we had were endless. we didn't run out topics. from whatever that is happening around the world at the moment to the downright embarassing moments that occured in out childhood.

that house where the dinner was held, that is a really old house. it was around even before my brother was born and it is still standing albeit the many changes that was done to the house. changes were made to keep up with the restoration of the house. but that does not change the memories that the four walls (and gates) held. we were laughing at the things that we did when we were young. how our late grandparents loved us more than life itself (of course there were times when they wanted to just crush us to crumbles because we were too much to handle). how much fun we had and the things we learned about life.

as the night grew on, the stories too started to get more exciting. but of course we had to leave. another good memory for the house to keep and hold.

if the chinese have yee sang to keep them together, we have lasagne. but then again, it is not the dish that matters. it is the people that we share it with that means a whole lot.

i love you guys....and hope there are many more of this to come ;)

P/S:ucu, jangan lupa our next get together when everyone's back!!

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