Friday, August 19, 2011

HO survival kit: One rotten apple makes the whole basket looks bad.

After posting my last post, I got this hate reply:

"Why you complained? When on call, you or your colleagues complained too much work, to tiring, etc. Now that the shift system is being implemented, you complained that it is way to cut your salary. What do you want? I bet that you just want to stay at home and continue to draw salary, right?"

My reply is:
I challenge you (whoever you are) to check all my punch cards, the times that I spent in hospital; ask all the staff nurses from all the wards that I have been posted in; and then only post a comment.

My advice is:

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

HO survival kit: Your voice does not matter, ever.

Have you heard? The shit, I mean, the shift system will be starting soon. Every single hospital in Malaysia that has housemen are FORCED to start the shift system for the housemen. This is so that the housemen have enough rest and a better quality of life..... yeah, right.

This is just a cover up because they do not want to pay us if we do calls. So, like it or not, the shit, I mean shift (sorry, it has become a habit to say shit system as many can foresee the failure of this system) system, MUST take place.

The pros:
-less working hours
-the government can save money
-better quality of life for housemen (I am not sure in what way is this true as even though we are allowed some days off in the week for the shift system, we still have to come for continued medical education on our off day).
-seriously, I can't think of any more pros.

The cons:
-confusion during passing over
-no ownership of patients, therefore the HO that really don't have passion don't even care about the patient.
-very limited hands on experience and very short learning and training time
-we will not know the daily progress of a patient
-no more extra income
-no training for critical time when we are supposed to handle cases when we are alone during on call
-some of will really become like nurses
-there will be confusion when a HO changes from one discipline to the next because of the sudden influx or outflux of HO

Really, the people who asked for this and enforced this system should just quit their jobs now because they really don't know what they are asking for.

And worst of all, we can't do anything because when they say it MUST be enforced, it MUST. And then we are shunned by the seniors saying that we are so spoiled, when the seniors do not actually know that I am so damn against the shift system and I voiced my opinion to the authorities but no one heard me.

What else is there left for me to do?