Tuesday, August 31, 2010

hooo yeah!!

Cerita dia macam ni, aku beli seluar ni kat singapore tahun 2008 ke, 2007 ke. masa tu, aku kira slimfit lagi la kan. sekali, berat badan aku berjaya meningkat secara exponiential tanpa belas kasihan untuk kurang. Jadi tak muatlah seluar tu akhirnya...

Tapi, sebab aku pun nak berusaha untuk kurangkan lemak yang berlebihan, aku pun berniat untuk muat balik dalam seluar tu pada 27/8/10. Tetapi malangnya, pada tarikh itu, aku masih rasa keketatan yang amat menyedihkan ketika aku sarung seluar itu. So, aku pun ubah la date pergi ke hari merdeka.


Woohoo! aku muat la seluar itu. Ternyata, kalau I put my mind to it, sure boleh!

Lepas ni, aku nak try muat kat baju aku yang bersize S pulak... tengok sampai tak tahap tu :P

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Why is this so trendy?

As the day passes by, the height of those things hidden under the hijab gets higher and higher. I always wonder what is the purpose of that chignon-like thing that is placed under the hijab.

I wonder, if these ladies travel with motorbikes, how do they put their helmets on? When they go for BMI check-up, which height is taken, the apparent height (including the chignon) or the true height?

Does it make the wearer looks much more leaner and more beautiful? Personally, I think it just makes them look weird.

What say you?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

You will not stop surprising me :)

A package was waiting for me on the table today after I woke up from a 4 hours coma. Had a really bad headache and heat intolerance earlier in the day. But as soon as I saw this pack on my table, everything else was forgotten.

Guess which one is my favourite??

And good choice for the blue shades of the earrings as my kurung this year is also blue :)

Thanks Mamak, Nana, Shadi, and Yayah!


Monday, August 23, 2010

GUCCI's twin

Didn't know that GUCCI had a twin by the name of GUCCA, and selling furnitures, no less. Malaysia is so "original".

Remember ADIDAS's counterpart, ASADI?

Damn, branding is so much important than quality.

Save the dates

No, not for my wedding, not yet at least. But those dates that I circled in purple, those are the days that will determine my being a qualified Medical Bachelor, Bachelor of Surgery, in short, a Doctor.

We finally got the dates and it seems all so real now. I am anxiously anticipating for those days to come. It's like I love to hate those days, and at the same time, I hate to love them too.

Let me put some details:
-24th Jan 2010: Medicine, Psychology, Paediatric theory paper
-28th Jan 2o1o: Surgery, OBGYN, Orthopedics theory paper
-7th Feb 2010: OSCE
-9th Feb 2010: Bedside examination (3 short cases)
-10th Feb 2010: Bedside examination (1 long case)

Pray for me :)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Haunted Blackberry or haunted piano?

I was on the phone with a certain someone late last night. We were talking about things and updating ourselves with progresses and the usuals. Usually, my friend will tell me in advance if the phone's battery is going off pretty soon, and that we will be cut off. But last night, maybe I didn't hear those words while I was switching from one ear to the other. But I thought I heard my friend told me to hold on for awhile. Then, out of no where, I heard someone playing the piano. A finger excercise piece that I recognize very well as I do that often when I want to start playing the piano. To my mind, maybe my friend wanted to show me that now my friend is able to play the piano. So, I let the tunes go into my head for about 3 reps of the excercise. Then, I started calling my friend, but there was no answer. So, I decided to put off the line and call back. When I did, the operator said that the number was not reachable.

I was like: "What the hell just happened?"

Usually, when the phone got cut off because of a dead battery, the line just mutes off. But the piano piece that i heard, I was sure that it sounded like someone was really playing it at the moment. And I am far more than certain that where my friend is at, there is no piano in the building. None at all.

Seriously, what did happen? I am 150% sure that I heard the piano playing and I wasn't imagining things.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Anis Anggun Hair Salon

Finally, I did it. I took a drastic step to change my hair style. From the boring wavy and frizzy head of hair, I made it straight and super layered. Many love this do and I have my Mamak to thank for giving her full support.

Did it at a salon that not many know of. The salon is manned by the owner herself and she does not have any other workers. It is a small place, nothing like a hair studio, but it is definitely very customer friendly. It may not be as complete as major hair salons, but as long as I come out looking good, why should I complain, right?

The best part is that the rebonding starts from RM150 onwards and she uses Shiseido hair products. Anis Anggun Hair Salon also boasts that it has warranty that if after 3 days and the first hair wash is done, and the results turn to be not satisfactory, we can come back to her and she will do the whole process again for FREE! She will even SMS you to check the progress and satisfactory of her customers. How cool is that?

The salon is located in Taman PKNK, Alor Setar. If anyone is interested, please do call Anis herself at +60175087525. Tell her that Alia recommended her place :)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Of abortions and discarding of babies

Baby with sacrococcygeal terratoma in JB Hospital (courtesy of Cheah Ping Ping)

Lately, Malaysia has been plagued with the news of newborns being discarded in dumpsters, on riverbanks, beside the roads, and many more inhumane areas. Some of the lucky and tough babies survived the ordeal and were promptly rescued by do gooders and sent to shelter homes. They will then wait until the day that they are adopted by parents who actually want children but can't have them on their own, or sent back to the families that . And some, the less fortunate ones, end up growing up in shelter homes not knowing who their real families are.

Premaritual sex is rather a common thing nowadays in Malaysia although it is still the biggest taboo and the stigma that haunts the minds of many Malaysians about single mothers are rather demeaning. Therefore, put 2 and 2 together, the equation will end up with another baby dead or alive somewhere out there without anyone tending to it.

How could someone carry a child for 9 whole months and discard of the gift from God, just like that? Have they no sense at all? Fine, they are panicked and do not know what to do of the child, but really, is that the way to act? To let the baby die on its own in a bag, or eaten by stray dogs, or rotten by bacterias and maggots? There must be something wrong in their heads, somewhere.

Recently, Malaysia has come up with the genius idea of having a baby bank i.e. babies that are born out of wedlock may be deposited at the bank, where the babies will be cared for until someone wants to adopt them. OK, it is well and good that we will see less of babies being discarded inhumanely. But with this baby bank, would there be more babies born out of wedlock? More premaritual sex? More incidence of sex-related diseases? And what if the bank is so full but the rate of adoption does not tally? And what if there are babies that are born with congenital defects or HIV infected? Who wants to adopt those babies? Then what happens to them? Honestly, I don't think the baby bank does any more good than harm.

What should be done instead is Malaysia should start the DNA bank. Yes, it is a tedious and expensive project, but it is well worth it. Not only that we can trace the parents of these discarded babies, but with the DNA bank, we can solve crime of rape, murder and etc. Infact, any immigrants that enter the county, should also be registered under the DNA bank.

So, what is your opinion on this issue?

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Recently had a work-related accident in the health clinic which caused patient's blood to splash into my eyes. So the next step is for me and the said patient to have our blood taken simultaneously and to be sent for HIV and HepB testing. Because I trust that my colleagues are well-versed in blood withdrawal, I let one of them take my blood while the staff nurse takes the patient's blood.

This is what I got. A bruised entry site that is still very bruised after 5 days post withdrawal.

No, I do not siffer from bleeding tendencies.

Like the concentric layers of an onion

I peeled and peeled and peeled each layers with much love. And finally....

A lovely gift from Mamak and Shadi, all the way from Wien.


p/s:sila jangan jeles :P

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Can you keep a secret?

Many times people that I know ask me THAT question: "Do you have a boyfriend?". My simple answer is: "No".

So, am I really single and available or am I not? Let me clear your minds that the answer to that question is for me to know and for you to find out, not anytime soon, though. I don't like, like some people I actually know (admittedly shameful to say, related to), LOVES to popularise their love lives on the net, on Facebook, no less. I mean, what is the motive really? Isn't it supposed to be personal and confidential? But when the question like: "When can I save the date already?", arise to their ears, they will be so hesitant to answer it, like as if the question was so acid to take.

I don't know, the way I bring myself, I am sure that many might think that I am snobbish at the first glance. Once I start talking, then they'd really know who I am. I am rather reserved to people whom I am not closed to.

Many a times, guys are bound not to come and approach me simply because I have a strong aura, so they say. Well, yes, I do agree I am confident of myself or at least I try to be, simply because I don't want people to belittle me. But deep inside, I am just an ordinary girl, minus the bimbo hooty crap.

Guys, they like to ask me about my status but only a few that went further and ask me out. I don't usually take the offer because somehow I know that we won't click. Well I am not choosy, I just don't like to waste time.

Let me just declare my status here that I am flirty.



Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wild me

OK, so what if I have like 10 piercings on each ear?
OK, so what if I have RED hair?
OK, so what if I don't wear the hijab?
OK, so what if I don't speak the local language that fluent?

Does that make me different?
Of course it does.

Does that give you the right to call me a social butterfly (i.e too social) kind of girl?
No, that ain't right.

Get to know me first before you judge me. At least I know I am true to myself and I don't talk behind people, I tell them straight to their faces.