Saturday, August 28, 2010

Why is this so trendy?

As the day passes by, the height of those things hidden under the hijab gets higher and higher. I always wonder what is the purpose of that chignon-like thing that is placed under the hijab.

I wonder, if these ladies travel with motorbikes, how do they put their helmets on? When they go for BMI check-up, which height is taken, the apparent height (including the chignon) or the true height?

Does it make the wearer looks much more leaner and more beautiful? Personally, I think it just makes them look weird.

What say you?


hasni said...

agree with u
it is not the right way to wear the hijab
padahal ada laranan nabi y melarang popuan memakai tudung hingga menampakkan jambul seperti bonggol unta!

Anonymous said...

IMHO, macam mangsa2 vacuum delivery je masa baby...dapat kepala berbonggol camtu haha.