Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Anis Anggun Hair Salon

Finally, I did it. I took a drastic step to change my hair style. From the boring wavy and frizzy head of hair, I made it straight and super layered. Many love this do and I have my Mamak to thank for giving her full support.

Did it at a salon that not many know of. The salon is manned by the owner herself and she does not have any other workers. It is a small place, nothing like a hair studio, but it is definitely very customer friendly. It may not be as complete as major hair salons, but as long as I come out looking good, why should I complain, right?

The best part is that the rebonding starts from RM150 onwards and she uses Shiseido hair products. Anis Anggun Hair Salon also boasts that it has warranty that if after 3 days and the first hair wash is done, and the results turn to be not satisfactory, we can come back to her and she will do the whole process again for FREE! She will even SMS you to check the progress and satisfactory of her customers. How cool is that?

The salon is located in Taman PKNK, Alor Setar. If anyone is interested, please do call Anis herself at +60175087525. Tell her that Alia recommended her place :)

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